IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2007-08-22

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wiggy  Module zope.interface.adapter, line 430, in add_extendor00:25
wiggyAttributeError: type object 'ICurrencyManager' has no attribute '__iro__'00:25
wiggyhas anyone seen that before?00:25
faassenJ1m_: I'm trying to make Zope and Grok work on windows. I have the problem that it keeps trying to build the ZODB 3.9-dev egg on windows, which fails, even if I specify that I want ZODB 3.8.0b2 in setup.py00:35
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faassenJ1m_: on linux, it builds the ZODB 3.9-dev egg too, and then builds the ZODB 3.8 version and then uses the latter.00:36
faassenJ1m_: but on a platform without a compiler I can't really afford the situation where it tries to build both..00:36
J1m_You must have a part in your buildout that is requesting ZODB without any restrictions.00:37
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faassenJ1m_: hm. how do I find out which part?00:38
J1m_run with -vv and you should be able to see who else is requiring zodb.00:38
J1m_It reports why it is getting things.00:38
faassenokay, I'll run that again.00:38
faassenShould I be looking for 'Installing' output?00:40
faassenJ1m_: ah, wait, there it is. must be00:41
faassenJ1m_: but what is requiring, which part?00:41
J1m_Whatever part is being installed or updated when you see that message.00:42
faassenokay, so you scroll up to the 'Installing' output.00:42
J1m_It may be requiring it indirectly.00:42
J1m_yes, or updating.00:42
faassenJ1m_: if it requires it indirectly, and my buildout.cfg section says I want this version, would it still get the other version too?00:43
J1m_what buildout is this?00:44
faassenit's grok's buildout.00:44
faassenI think it's 'grokdoc' which is doing this somehow.00:44
faassenit depends on zope.pagetemplate  and, and I think that might then be doing the nastiness.00:44
J1m_grrrr, I wanted something I could check out.00:45
* J1m_ figures it out...00:45
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J1m_hm, I should have suggested -v00:48
faassenJ1m_: :)00:48
faassenJ1m_: anyway, it looks like it's grokdocs, I'm trying it with a hardcoded ZODB bit in the buildout.cfg now00:48
J1m_right, in the docs part.00:49
faassenJ1m_: thanks!00:49
faassenJ1m_: hopefully I can make it work on window snow.00:49
faassenJ1m_: it's frustrating that one has to repeat the requirements in multiple parts, is there a way around this?00:50
J1m_well, you have a few months to do that.00:50
faassenJ1m_: I was placing version requirements in to that purpose, but of course this one didn't use that :)00:50
faassenJ1m_: a few months?00:50
J1m_until windows snow00:50
faassenJ1m_: windows now, I meant.00:50
J1m_oh! ;)00:50
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J1m_faassen, the versions sections lets you specify a specific version.01:12
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J1m_That applies to the whole buildout.01:12
faassenJ1m_: ah, I didn't realize that existed, thanks.01:15
faassenJ1m_: still would be valuable to reuse this between buildouts.01:15
faassenJ1m_: i..e if I have my application that wants to use the versions grok specifies.01:15
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J1m_I'm not sure what you mean.01:16
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faassenJ1m_: if I have someone who uses grok.01:17
faassenJ1m_: I don't want to have to explain to them that in order to make their application work on windows01:18
faassenJ1m_: they should list the exact same version listing as in grok's buildout.cfg in their own versions section.01:18
faassenJ1m_: instead I want to say, we maintain this information for you.01:18
J1m_Does grok work with zodb 3.7?01:18
faassenJ1m_: I have no idea.01:18
J1m_try using prefer-final = true in your buildout section.01:19
faassenJ1m_: we tried that, that will fail.01:19
faassenJ1m_: we depend on various 3.4b eggs that don't have a final yet, I think.01:19
faassenJ1m_: I mean, we could then make this part of the
J1m_well, for those, you could require >=3.4dev01:20
faassenJ1m_: anyway, I think there is value in being able to share these listings easily.01:20
faassenJ1m_: yes, but then all the people who use grok applications will have to repeat this information.01:20
faassenJ1m_: in their own buildout.cfg01:20
faassenJ1m_: right?01:20
J1m_well, buildout can load configuration files from urls.01:20
faassenJ1m_: what about from python packages?01:21
J1m_Let's switch to skype...01:21
faassenJ1m_: if you specify this stuff in you almost have this reusability, but then you lose the flexibility.01:21
faassenJ1m_: actually I should stop, I don't have time. :)01:21
faassenJ1m_: it's just something that came up tonight.01:21
J1m_Then lets discuss this later.01:21
faassenJ1m_: we'll discuss it some other time.01:21
faassenJ1m_: we intend to figure this out after this grok release. it's clear we have some stuff to figure out still.01:22
faassenJ1m_: so it's good to know I can discuss it with you in the future. thanks!01:22
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pcarduneis there a way to query for subscribers? i.e. get all the subscribers without actually calling them?05:34
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pcardunenvm, i figured it out05:39
pcarduneI love how the act of asking the question, is 90% of the time shortly followed by the act of realizing the answer05:39
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markusleistHi, which is the best way to traverse to an object in zope3 in my obj-methode outside the publisher?14:44
markusleistI have an object-path to obj2 (like '/a/b/c/obj2') via XML-RPC-call for obj1 in which I must check an attribute from obj2.14:44
markusleistIs there an adaption of "IPublishTraverse" for this purpose?14:44
projekt01markusleist, just call the url of the view at the right context/url14:46
projekt01traversing is the same as with browser views14:46
projekt01you don't need to do something special14:46
markusleistI'll try it14:47
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witschphiliKON_: ayt?16:00
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witschah, hi J1m16:01
J1mhi, on the phone16:01
witschJ1m: i think i found a little problem in the latest version of zc.buildout16:01
witschah, sorry16:01
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witschok, when you're ready...  in zc/buildout/, line 976 it reads: "self._buildout._logger.warn("Couldn't clean up %r.", p)", but self has no attribute '_buildout' (see for a log output).  it seems this should be just "self.buildout._logger...", shouldn't it?16:04
J1mOh right, I'm aware of that.16:05
J1mI haven't had time to work on a test so I can fix it. :)16:05
witschJ1m: ah, okay.  just thought i'd let you know16:05
J1mwanna make sure there's a launchpad issue for it?16:05
witschi got to leave in 10 or so minutes, but i'll be back online later today and will check16:06
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witschok, later... :)16:24
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markusleistprojekt01: sorry, I don't find "the right context"? I'm in my Browser-View of obj1 and wants to find obj2 by path '/a/b/obj2'. in my view of obj1 i have to use self.request to get (secure) access to obj2, right? But there is no 'url'; where my mistake?16:43
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faassenJ1m: is it possible the mailman is wedged or gone?17:52
faassenJ1m: it won't let me into into the web UI17:52
J1mIt seems OK to me.17:53
J1mwhat are you trying to do?17:53
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edgordonwhat module autognerates names for objects being added to a container?18:57
agroszersomething like from import NameChooser18:58
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fcorreaOr a adapter for
fcorreabetter ;)19:02
agroszerthis is the place to look around19:02
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wiggyJ1m: do you know it if could be that the new simple index is mangling URLs?20:56
wiggyah, no, it just sorts differently20:56
* J1m ignores wiggy20:57
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wiggyI feel like I don't understand the package index anymore21:11
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J1mwiggy, why is that?21:17
wiggyif I look at z3c.zalchemy on the cheeseshop I see 1.0.1121:17
wiggybut if I do ==1.0.11 in my dependencies buildout can't find it21:18
J1mPlease be specific about where you are looking.21:18
J1mwhat url?21:18
wiggyok, now I feel stupid21:19
wiggyobvious zalchemy and sqlalchemy are not the same :(21:19
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J1mThat's what you get for using alchemy.21:20
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wiggyadding prefer-final = true to buildout.cfg makes it abort on zope.component:
wiggyguess I get something else to poke at now :)21:21
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J1mDo you understand what the problem is?21:22
wiggyI have a rough idea21:22
J1mIt is using an old version of zope.component because all of the newer versions are non-final.21:23
wiggyI suspect something depends on a declared feature that is not in a final version of zope.component21:23
wiggythat means a final-something depends on a non-final something21:23
J1mwe really need to get final versions of eggs out.21:23
wiggyis there a quick method to se what has that feature requirement?21:24
J1mrun with -v.21:24
J1mThat it tell why it is looking for releases.21:24
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J1mextras are handled oddly though.21:25
J1mwhich is one of the reasons I hate hate hate hate extras.21:25
wiggyheh, a list of 8 things to check21:25
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J1mArguably, you should get a non-final release if none of the final releases satisfy your requirement.21:26 I think21:26
wiggyand and
J1mso it looks like the prefer-final check is broken. :(21:27
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J1mBut to fix it, I'll need to check extras, which I bet there aren't clean ways to do.21:27
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wiggyif you fix that having a separate require-final flag may be useful21:27
*** nathany_ is now known as nathany21:28
wiggyI'm still trying to find my way in pure zope 321:29
wiggyhaving everything happily working together in a zope 2 was just so easy21:30
J1myeah.  The transition to eggs is painful.  I think it will be worth it in the end.21:30
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wiggyI have a situation here where grok requires, which buildout finds21:31
wiggybut later it processes z3c.zalchemy which has an unversioned requirement for and upgrades it to 3.5.0b121:32
wiggyand in the end notices it now has a conflict and aborts21:32
wiggyis there a way around that?21:32
wiggyexplicit mention in buildout.cfg ?21:32
J1myes, specify the version you want in the buildout.21:33
J1mwither in the eggs spec for the part of interest or using a versions section.21:33
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J1meither in the eggs spec for the part of interest or using a versions section.21:33
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wiggycan you use >=1,<=1.999 there as well, or only exact versions?21:36
J1mno, only exact versions.21:36
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wiggyneeded to add a version pin for ZODB3 as well and everything finally seems happy now21:39
wiggythanks for the help!21:39
J1mThanks for the bug report.21:39
J1measy_install has a similar problem.21:40
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wiggyI wonder if it would be useful to download the package metadata from pypi to a machine so you can do dpkg/apt-like things with dependency analysis21:42
*** wreutz has quit IRC21:43
J1mThat's what will be needed to handle extras properly.21:44
J1mFor handling conflicts, some sort of backtracking mechanism will be required.21:44
J1msetuptools doesn't do that, but I plan provide backtracking in buildout ... when I find the time.21:44
wiggyit's still too bad none of dpkg, apt and rpm have a real modular dependency solver21:45
wiggywe could have just reused that21:45
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J1mno, we need something that is cross platform.21:53
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wiggya dependency solver is platform neutral21:55
wiggyit takes a very complex graph and works through it21:55
J1mYeah, I suppose that there are libraries for that sort of thing.21:56
wiggyless than I'ld have thought last time I checked21:56
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J1mIt's complicated by the fact that we don't want to load all of the data at once because it involves downloading distributions we might not use to fond their dependencies.21:57
wiggythen again the relations in pypi are much much simpler than what dpkg and rpm have to deal with21:57
MacYETdoes anyone know the location of Jim's alternative python-index implementation?21:57
J1mIt would be nice if pypi exposed more meta data so it coudl be read without downloading distros.21:57
J1mis pypi down again?21:58
wiggyisn't everything in the DOAP record? I never looked inside that21:58
MacYETno, i just could not remember the name21:58
J1mdoap record? What's that?21:58
J1mMacYET, btw, it will eventuallt be replaced by
*** agroszer_ has quit IRC21:59
wiggythere is nothing useful in there it seems21:59
J1mand setuptools doesn't read that.22:00
J1mIt's not part of the setuptools index api.22:00
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timteIf I create a thread and pass the root object to the thread, will that somehow open a new connection to the database?22:56
timteI'm getting "CRITICAL ZODB.DB has 190 open connections with pool_size of 7"22:57
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