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markusleisthi all, anybody working with ze3.form/password-widget? In the actual z3c.formdemo (widget-demo) the field is empty after typed in some text and applied by 'Apply'. Next change on an other attribute will then store an empty password. Same in my application. Which methode i have to use for a "Preset" of my Password-Field/Widget?15:14
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projekt01markusleist, hi15:16
projekt01you have to implement a own widget wich doesn't store empty passwords15:16
projekt01parhaps a widget with a additional confirm password input field which double checks the confirmation.15:18
markusleistproject01: any example code, out there? this is an usual practice, or?15:18
projekt01not yet, we only have such widgets based on z3c.password for the formlib15:19
projekt01I guess we need to port this to the new z3c.form sooner or later15:19
projekt01If I port this I'll publish it in z3c15:20
projekt01How long can you wait?15:20
markusleist1-2 weeks15:20
projekt01Ok, let me know if till then is nothing there.15:21
markusleistfor a simple preset of an password-field, which location in z3c.form-code i have to examine?15:22
projekt01you mean set a value in <input type="password" ...>?15:23
markusleistyes, maybe i try this for my part..15:24
projekt01It's not possible, this is restricted by browsers15:24
markusleistaaaaaah, aua15:24
projekt01I guess I'm wrong, it's only true for fils uploads15:24
projekt01I guess I'm wrong, it's only true for file uploads15:24
markusleistthe widget then must preset by javascript or so, right?15:25
projekt01Can you test this in pur HTML? If you can set a password we can fix this in z3c.form.15:25
markusleist~ 1h15:26
projekt01Try to set a value in the password widget in a pur html file first15:26
markusleistok, 1h ...15:27
projekt01Ok, and can you read the HTML specification? If this is possible I'll fix this later15:27
markusleistcall you later15:28
projekt01Probably I disabled the password value set functionality as I implemented this part. Probably it was in the middle of the night then ;-)15:28
markusleistyou are working at night? ;-)15:29
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markusleistprojekt01: ok a fast hour ...15:39
markusleistmozilla firefox works and15:40
markusleisttalks about value as optional for all input fields (must have in "radio" or "checkbox"-type)15:41
markusleistIE6 seems to work, too15:42
projekt01Ah, I remember, we didn't set the value(password) because it will get sent to the client15:42
projekt01I think this is correct15:42
projekt01But we need another widget which allows us to "not" store emtpy passwords15:43
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markusleistok, but for security reasons you have to secure up- and dowdload, or?15:43
projekt01You can't anyway set a value if it's md515:44
markusleistat the moment, you delete you password-attribute when edituing another property without a typed in password, i think.15:45
projekt01Yes, that what you like to do if you show a password widget.15:45
markusleistok, when stored as md5 or sha.15:45
projekt01Your probelm is only because you liek to use it with other fields in one form15:46
projekt01that's only possible if the password widget is smarter15:46
projekt01probably the dfault password can be smarter and offer a property e.g. allowNoneAsPassword or something else and do't store emtpy passwords by default.15:48
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markusleistwell then you don't have the alternative to delete the password-attribute by the form15:51
markusleistin my use-case the form is an editor for some properties which are used to build a kind of security-proxy. that's why passwords are stored by cleartext.15:52
projekt01password=None means you can't login anymore15:54
projekt01you mean password=u''15:54
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markusleistaah, you are right15:54
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markusleistwhich way the z3c.form machinery will differ an empty passord field (value="") on 'Apply' between  None or u'' - i don't understand right now16:01
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markusleistin i don't find any 'value='16:02
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markusleistok, what's the plan for now?16:04
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projekt01markusleist, use a form with only the password field if you need to change the password. I'll recommend a thinkbox for this.16:09
projekt01Later we can think about improvements for the default password widget.16:10
projekt01And I'll implement a optional password widget with a additional confirm password input field too.16:10
projekt01But I have to double check this with the existing z3c.password lib as well.16:11
projekt01btw, this is a great password implementation16:11
markusleistwhat exactly is a 'thinkbox'? Any example in formdemo?16:12
markusleistz3c.password looks great, ... but a "little" oversized for my usecase16:15
markusleistprojekt01: thanx so far16:15
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srichtermarkusleist: z3c.password was written for a bank ;-)16:21
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projekt01markusleist, sorry I mean thickbox; see
projekt01markusleist, btw the 3rd. biggest bank in switzerland uses this password implementation ;-)16:48
projekt01and Zope3 it's the first and only application which they allowed to run outside the bank building16:49
markusleistzope3, it's cool16:50
markusleistprojekt01: thickbox is some kind of javascript code. I'm using yui in front of my zope3-app and will look there first...16:51
projekt01markusleist, do you need the password widget for the ver.di project?16:52
markusleistno, I'm not involved in a ver.di-projecz16:53
agroszerhi projekt0116:53
projekt01markusleist, Ah Ok, I saw some public comments at xing ;-)16:54
projekt01agroszner, hi16:54
projekt01agroszer, I was waiting for you ;-)16:54
projekt01agroszer, are you comming to Boston next month?16:54
agroszerHungarians need a visa for the US :-((16:55
projekt01we need to sing on via internet and register us 2 days before we travel to US.16:56
agroszerI'm not sure that I'll get it, there are some unspoken rules16:56
agroszera chance could be if a US company has some relations with the gov16:57
agroszer(at least the story is that it helps)16:58
projekt01They have such a stupid politic over there and everybody accepts it and waits till the next elections.17:00
agroszerwould be good to talk about a lot of things17:01
projekt01a endless story ....17:01
projekt01the bad thing is only that the belive they do it right17:02
projekt01srichter, is there a chance to get agroszer over there with the help from JSA?17:02
srichterprojekt01: I'll have to ask David17:03
agroszerhi Stephan17:04
agroszer(hi srichter)17:05
srichteragroszer: hi17:07
agroszerprojekt01: any European sprint in sight or plannig?17:10
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srichteragroszer: is hungary not part of the EU?17:11
agroszersrichter: sometimes yes, sometimes not17:12
agroszerIt's going the yes way, but takes time17:12
zagyhow do I set the encoding of a doctest file? Or what is the encoding?17:13
zagyrtfm helps17:14
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zagyi hate unicode17:24
agroszerzagy, it's still better that the codepage-hell17:24
zagyonly if the testrunner doesn't die ;)17:25
zagyhmpf... the fails because it tries to compare a str with a unicode17:34
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agroszerprojekt01, srichter: I'll try to ask my boss for help, but it's quite a huge company18:01
projekt01agroszer, whould be cool to see you at the sprint18:04
agroszerwould be good to come together again18:05
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ChrisWhow do I put a test in a different level18:20
ChrisWand how do I run tests at a certain level?18:20
agroszerChrisW, you mean layer?18:21
ChrisWno, I mean level18:22
ChrisWI have soem tests which are *really* slow and I only want them to run in an overnight test run18:22
agroszerI see, sorry, can't help you with that18:23
benjiChrisW: --at-level=LEVEL to run tests at the specified level or below, --all to run them all18:28
agroszerhi benji18:28
agroszerregarding the testbrowser stuff18:29
agroszershall I delete the mechanize and Clientfrom from the trunk?18:29
benjido the testbrowser and Zope 3 trunk tests pass if you delete them?18:30
agroszerI hope so, if I install the two separately18:30
agroszerBut will check again18:30
benji"install the two separately" doesn't sound good; what does that mean?18:31
agroszerget the eggs18:31
benjivia buildout, or by hand installing them?18:31
agroszersorry, havent tried buildout yet18:32
agroszerjust the manual way18:32
benjiinstalling testbrowser should install all dependencies18:32
agroszeryep, clear18:33
agroszerI'll try that18:33
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benjirunning the testbrowser tests from the testbrowser buildout, built with a *clean* python is the easiest way to test that18:34
agroszeryes, sure18:35
agroszer(benji: please forgive my beginner things regarding buildout -- I'm on win32)18:37
japfat finger syndrome, sorry ;)18:42
projekt01agroszer, I implemented win support in the zc.zope3recipe this recipe should made it possible to install zope based on buildoput for win32 too.18:42
agroszerprojekt01: I think a saw that in a mail, I'll try it18:43
agroszerI read the zope3-dev list properly, but don't always have the time to try out new things18:46
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WebMavensrichter: AYT?19:05
ChrisWbenji: thnks for that, I also managed to find what I wanted (give testcase class a class-level "level" attribute of 2)19:05
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CrippsFXokay, right now I'm setting up a userdemo for our webapp, it doesn't have to be secure (yet) ... I'm looking for a way to programatically add three users and (statically) assign their roles ... I'm after readin chapter 22 of phil's book, but that delves too far into the authentication machinery et al; I just want to use the default pau and create 3 local users with the local roles/permissions. How would I go about doing that (I assume it's pr19:49
CrippsFXetty much all zcml)?19:49
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fcorreaUsually there is a principals.zcml that you can stick with19:51
CrippsFXfcorrea: I see that now ... in zope/etc ... I assume that I can probably make a *local* (i.e. just for my app, instead of an instance wide) copy of the file and specify those users in there.19:52
CrippsFXfcorrea: thanks for pointing me to that though :)19:53
fcorreaI am not sure if you can use the same principals from that in your app because I never did it. I think it registers principals/groups for the zope default pau19:54
fcorreaYou will need to check that19:54
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CrippsFXfcorrea: yeah, the principals I'm going to be using are custom for the app, so it shouldn't conflict with the instance's principals.zcml configuration.19:55
CrippsFX%s/"custom for the app"/"custom for the demo"19:56
fcorreagotcha. You should take a look at schoolbell app. They have some good use cases in there19:57
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nathanyI'm porting an app to z3 that uses a ?lang=xx query string to override the target locale for i18n20:12
nathanydo I need to do anything other than register an adapter for IUserPreferredLanguages20:13
nathanyI've done this, but in some instances it seems like things only work if I call request.setupLocale() manually (and I thought that was called as part of the constructor on the request)20:13
srichtermmh, strange20:14
srichterproviding the adapter should be enough20:14
srichterI would consider it a bug, if it is not done correctly; this might need some digging in the publisher20:14
nathanyhrm... i'm providing an adapter for IHTTPRequest to IUserPreferredLanguages20:15
nathanydoes that sound sane?20:15
srichteris this adapter picked up?20:16
nathanyyeah... calling .setupLocale() manually sets up the locale as i'd expect20:16
srichterbecause I think the original adapter is registered for IBrowserRequwest20:16
nathanyhrm, interesting20:16
nathanyi should look @ that...20:16
srichterdo you have a specific skin?20:16
srichterregister your adapter for that specific layer, so that it will definitately be picked up20:17
nathanynope (err, I don't think so... )... I haven't specified one at least20:17
nathanydo you happen to know where the original adapter lives?20:17
srichterphew, no20:17
nathanyok, I'll do some digging around for it20:17
srichterI would do a find-grep as much as you will do it in a sec ;-)20:18
nathanysrichter: just saw your email re: the sprint; I think I'm supposed to be speaking @ an open education conference in SLC, UT that week, but I'll see what I can do20:18
nathanysprinting sounds like more fun20:18
srichternathany: come for as much as you can; any number of days > 0 is better than 0 ;-)20:19
nathanysrichter: will do20:22
nathanysrichter: I wonder if it's important to also implement an adapter for IModifiableUserPreferredLanguages --20:32
nathanyI see the default registration for that subclasses a class which implements IUserPreferredLanguages20:32
srichterwhee, I don't know anymore;20:33
srichterRoger Ineichen (projekt01) is the right person to talk to20:33
srichterhe has done very complex setups with setting the locale20:33
srichterI know he has written custom adapters too20:34
nathanyok, cool; thanks20:34
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CrippsFXalright ... time for office moving ... I'll be back in awhile.20:42
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xbeanxIs there any easy way to specify an input widget's cssClass?20:47
xbeanxlike in zcml or something?20:47
xbeanxbasically I am converting a template into a skin, but I can't figure out how to change the look of my text input widgets.20:48
srichterxbeanx: zope.formlib or z3c.form?20:50
srichterI dunnoi then20:52
srichterI think you can set the cssClass attribute20:52
srichteryou have to do this in updateWidgets soemwhere20:52
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xbeanxI noticed that attribute, was wondering if there was an easy way to change it....  I'll keep poking, I'm sure I'll figure it out.20:53
nathanysrichter: i tracked down at least part of my problem -- i'm trying to introspect the form for a key to get the preferred lang21:20
nathanybut the iuserpreferredlanguages adapter gets called before request.processInput21:20
nathanyso .form is empty @ that point21:20
srichterthat's too bad21:24
srichternathany: is it a matter of simply switching the order of calls?21:25
nathanyyeah... which explains why the second call worked before -- the form was populated by then21:25
nathanyi don't think so21:25
srichterbut I think this is fixable21:25
nathanyi think there are a couple of layers between the two21:26
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srichterbecause it really should be done later21:26
nathanythe getpreferredlanguages call should be?21:26
nathanythe thing is .processInput handles the form, and it's called *just* prior to publication in .publish (iirc)21:27
nathanywhile the locale is set up when the request is created21:27
srichterthen that's clearly too early21:27
nathanyso i don't know how it'd impact things if the locale wasn't configured until publication time...21:27
srichterI would try it out and see how many tests fail21:28
nathanygood idea :)21:28
srichter(btw, I just thought about a hack how to get it working)21:28
nathanyi did too -- add an additional call to setupLocale in my browserpage subclass21:28
srichtertoo intrusive :-)21:29
srichterThere is an event called BeforeTraversalStep or so21:29
nathanysubscribe to that?21:29
srichterwrite a subscriber for that21:29
srichteryep :-)21:29
nathanygood idea21:29
srichtermake sure you only do it once, by looking at the object you are currently at21:30
nathanyi'm not sure i follow... you mean decorate the object somehow to make sure i only do it once?21:30
srichterno, the BeforeTraversalStep event is called for each traversal step21:31
srichterin foo/bar/blah for foo, bar, blah21:31
srichteryou do not want the subscriber to do all the work at each step21:32
srichterbut only at the first one21:32
nathanyah, go it21:34
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philiKON_nathany, srichter: BeforeTraverseEvent22:02
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CrippsFXwhen using the <grant role="" principal="" /> directive, do I specify multiple roles by using a comma delimited list i.e. <grant role="zope.ManageContent, zope.View" principal="zope.FullUser" /> (I know zope.ManageContent and zope.View would be redundant, but this is just for the sake of example) ?""23:24
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philiKON_CrippsFX: i don't think so. you need multiple grant statements23:38
CrippsFXphiliKON_: okay, thanks, I'll give that a shot.23:38
CrippsFXphiliKON_: yep ... that seems to have done the trick. Now I just have to do the local overrides ... oh well, that's something to "look forward to" for monday ... time for me to go home and eat ... then relax, because it's the weekend!23:44
CrippsFXciao all!23:44
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