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NederhoedI can't get my new z3 skin working00:13
Nederhoedwhenever I try to reuse a macro from Rotterdam, I get a system error00:14
NederhoedUnsubscriptable object in; self.index.macros[name]00:15
Nederhoeddoes anybody have a clue?00:15
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philiKONhow are you reusing a macro from Rotterdam?00:25
NederhoedI seem to have it working. I did 2 things wrong00:26
Nederhoedto answer your question:00:26
philiKONdon't bother if it's working :)00:27
Nederhoed<metal:block define-macro="page">00:27
Nederhoed    <metal:block use-macro="context/@@skin_macros/page" />00:27
philiKONbut lemme give you one piece of advice00:27
philiKONdon't bother with rotterdam :)00:27
philiKONi know my book sets a bad example00:27
philiKONone that will be rectified eventually00:27
Nederhoedmy wish was to only see the rott skin when using management views00:28
Nederhoedalmost there00:28
Nederhoedthanks for the respond00:28
instantfoowhat's wrong with rotterdam :)00:28
philiKONit sucks00:28
philiKONwell, if it works for you00:29
philiKONgo ahead00:29
instantfoocare to elaborate?00:29
philiKONbut people should be aware that it's just an example application for zope 300:29
instantfooI like it so far.. writing small apps wile learning00:34
instantfoobut making a "real" app I will probably want something else00:34
Nederhoedwhat's the alternative?00:36
philiKONyour own skin00:36
NederhoedI thought the idea was to layer over rott00:36
NederhoedI use it for adding contentobjects to a folder, for example00:37
philiKONyou *can* do that00:38
philiKONi don't :)00:38
Nederhoedbut you know how to00:38
Nederhoed(not that adding a layer over rott is a breeze)00:38
philiKONcontainer[name] = obj00:39
philiKONhow hard can it be :)00:39
Nederhoedis there a page with a list of macros and slots that my templates should provide?00:40
philiKONand that's the point00:40
Nederhoedyour book states 4 macros are required: page, view, dialog and addingdialog00:40
philiKONrotterdam makes you feel like you need to provide a certain set00:40
philiKONagain, my book doesn't set a very good example in this regard00:41
philiKONi apologize00:41
Nederhoedno problem00:41
philiKONthey're usually all macro aliases00:41
NederhoedI feel comfortableble with "a certain set" :)00:42
philiKONjust write your own skin macro and use it00:44
philiKONwhich slots you define and use is all in your hands00:44
instantfooi should try writing my own skin macro :)00:49
instantfoobut i don't know where to find any good docs on that :O00:51
instantfoobut I guess i could just check
NederhoedYou could use:
Nederhoedit would be nice to know if this is the way to go now00:52
instantfoohmm, does it create a totally new skin? or reuse some rotterdam00:52
Nederhoedit was probably written for the X3 release00:52
Nederhoednew skin00:53
instantfoosweet, gonna read it.. even though it's a bit dated00:54
NederhoedI think most of it is unchanged functionality00:55
NederhoedI ran into trouble when rewriting conf to reuse rott functionality :S00:55
instantfooyeah, otherwise i can just check how it's done in
NederhoedI also used:00:55
Nederhoedalso 2 years old, but handy00:56
instantfoothx, I'll bookmark these :)00:57
philiKONinstantfoo: my book demonstrates writing a skin template from scratch01:01
philiKONinstantfoo: wc.worldcookeryskin (availalbe on pypi) is the code01:01
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Nederhoedgood night all01:19
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agroszersrichter: ayt?18:32
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