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fcorreaHello there, I don't know who is playing with zope.lifecycleevent but Its seems to be bugy. While trying to install the tarball, because there's not egg, it gives me an error while trying to read CHANGES.txt00:28
fcorreaAnd I just noticed that it was just uploaded to cheeseshop. Not sure if this is correct in ppix00:30
philiKONfcorrea: read the mailinglist00:32
philiKONthis is a known problem00:32
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fcorreaok. Just read that. That happened while creating a new grok project. Thanks00:34
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brandon_rhodesMy attempts at buildout are being halted by an inability to install 'zope.lifecycleevent'; is that happening to anyone else?06:26
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NederhoedI'm adding a contact form to my z3 web app, could use some help, anyone around?16:18
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wiggyask specific questions, not meta-questions16:19
wiggynoone answers those generally16:19
NederhoedOkay, thanks. I succeeded in adding a static page 'contact.html', but now I need to catch the result of the form submit and send of an e-mail16:21
Nederhoeddon't know how to do that16:21
wiggywhy not use an edit form?16:21
Nederhoedon a persistent contact object?16:22
wiggyan edit form is just an edit form16:22
wiggyit doesn't need to have anything persistent16:22
Nederhoedpreferably :)16:22
NederhoedI'll dive into that, thanks16:22
wiggyjust override it's action handler to send mail instead of apply changes to the context16:23
wiggyand you can use a schema for the contact form, so you no longer need to hand-edit html16:23
NederhoedSo I define a component (non-persistent) and show the edit form by default?16:24
wiggyyou don't need to define a component16:24
wiggyjust create the form and traverse to it16:24
wiggyplone 3 has lots of examples for the pattern16:25
Nederhoeddo you have a link?16:26 or so16:26
wiggythere's a lot of formlib based stuff in there16:26
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kleistam i crazy, or does the .zcml parser not respect xml comments?18:10
kleist<kleist> i have wrapped a viewlet definition in <!-- --> but the viewlet is still created18:10
naroyou are crazy :)18:16
kleisti'd prefer that to such a blatant bug in z318:17
kleisti'll triple check, it could be that the viewlet definition is cached somehow18:17
kleistor stored outside the --- ähum.... Plone --- site18:18
naroand what happens if you remove the declaration ?18:18
kleistwill do that too18:18
kleistsuch a bug is unlikely of course18:18
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NederhoedI use comments in zcml all the time18:25
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