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spythonhi, i'm trying to install z3c.form from svn but failing.. downloaded the trunk, ran setup and now it starts installing stuff like ZODB as well16:32
spythonso.. i'm gonna stop guessing how to do things16:33
spythonbtw, i ran svn co svn://
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philiKONspython: naturally it depends on the ZODB16:49
philiKONand develop or install will install dependencies16:49
spythonso it can't use the ZODB that is already installed with Zope 3.3.1?16:52
spythonand a shitload of other packages :)16:52
philiKONz3c.form is written against zope 3.416:53
philiKONit might work on zope 3.3.116:53
philiKONbut then i suggest you don't install it using setup.py16:53
philiKONif you're confused about and dependencies, i suggest you read up on eggs16:53
philiKONbecause that's what zope is using nowadays16:53
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spythondon't think i'm adventurous enough to use 3.40b1 :(16:57
philiKONyou're not supposed to use the tarball :)16:58
philiKONbut if you consider a beta adventurous, then i suppose eggs are waaayyy out there :)16:58
philiKONif you're interested, though, check out
spythonhmm, more like "dont think my webhosting provider is adventourous enough"17:00
spythonyeah, i looked at that zopeproject17:00
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wiggyfaassen: did the lxml svn repo change structure?18:14
faassenwiggy: not that I know of, but I haven't tracked it.18:19
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wiggy  Getting distribution for 'lxml'.18:19
wiggyError: Can't download 404 Not Found18:19
wiggybuildout started doing that recently18:19
faassenI think that branch is merged into the trunk.18:19
* wiggy wonders what is referring to it18:20
wiggybuildout doesn't really say, but it happens when it tries to get a lxml egg on OSX18:20
faassendon't know why it wants the 2.0 branch.18:20
wiggythe buildout recipe tries to get lxml 1.3.318:21
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faassenis it trying to pick up 2.0 as there's a hyperlink to it on this page?18:22
wiggyperhaps buildout finds the 2.0alpha1 version form pypi18:23
wiggythere is an unversioned eggs = lxml in the recipe18:23
faassenwhy it goes around and root into svn I don't nkow though.18:23
faassenexcept if tha thyperlink somehow confuses things.18:23
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dobeefcorrea: ayt?18:29
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fcorreadobee: yup18:50
dobeefcorrea: ithe lovely.memcached buidout will be fixed in 10 min18:51
fcorreadobee: cool! Thanks for fixing that. I could provide a patch or even patch it but I don't have write access in either pypi or svn.zope.org18:53
dobeefcorrea: its done18:53
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fcorreadobee: what kind of time unit are you guys using there? 10 min was very fast in my usuall time :D18:54
dobeehehe - i thought i give myself enough time ;-)18:56
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fcorreadobee: Anyway, thanks for that. Really good stuff coming out of lovely18:57
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NederhoedI have created a schema and subclassed formlib.form.Form23:01
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Nederhoedin zcml, I made a page directive for it to be shown23:01
Nederhoedal works fine23:01
NederhoedThe next step would be to have some instu\ructions above the form, asking the user for information23:02
Nederhoedhow can I get the rendered form (from schema) in some template?23:03
Nederhoeda reference to an example would be helpful23:03
NederhoedOr in general, how to embed a form from schema in a page?23:05
instantfoojust write a template, the widgets can be accessed like..  tal:repeat="widget view/widgets"23:07
Nederhoedwill try that (though I think I'm not using widgets...) merci23:08
instantfoohmm, there should be a simple example of this somewhere :)23:08
NederhoedI would think so, searched quite a lot23:08
instantfoowell, you _are_ using widgets :)23:09
Nederhoedcool ;)23:09
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instantfoodownload the worldcookery package.. the chapter on browser forms has some example of this I think23:11
Nederhoedi will, merci23:11
spythonwait, i can check23:12
spythoni have the book :)23:13
spythonNederhoed: do you have the book?23:13
Nederhoedat work, so tomorrow, yes23:13
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spython08forms/browser/ in the examples package23:14
Nederhoedfound it, that's what I need!23:15
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jsadjohnsonnederhoed: see z3c.forms23:26
jsadjohnsonThere was a recent post on the Zope3-dev board.23:27
Nederhoedokay, on my todo23:28
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Nederhoedgood night, cu23:53
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