IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2007-09-04

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norroHey guys. I have a problem with Zope3's authentication system12:09
norroI use the basic authentication system, that ships in with the Zope3 skeleton (Zope 3.3.1)12:09
norroI added the loginlogout snippet to my custom skin, so people can login and logout, but there is some strange behaviour12:10
norroWhen I login and then I logout, I can login a second time, but I can never logout a second time. If I want to do that I am just linked to a page that redirects me within two seconds or so to the previous page ... without doing anything else. Still logged in12:10
norroDoes anyone of you know this behaviour or has a hint, what i do wrong?12:10
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agroszerprojekt01: ayt?14:29
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markusleistwhat will be the correct way to ask in python-code if is "devmode on"14:41
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markusleistmgedmin: fine, thnx14:43
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markusleistit is possible to trace all ZCML-includes while startup zope3, or should i use "strace ...| grep xxx"15:28
projekt01agroszer, yes15:30
markusleistok, "strace | grep" works for me15:33
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wiggystrace -e file15:36
wiggysince I'm at 5 billable hours or so:
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wiggyheh, wrong window15:39
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cbcunclove that last link even if it is wrong window15:49
wiggyit's so very true15:49
cbcuncit fits my experience pretty closely15:50
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markusleistHow do I disable the "------" in zope3 via logging without changing the code? Any option?16:08
markusleistah: src/ZConfig/components/logger/handlers.xml16:10
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markusleistit is possible to overload such ZConfig.components...XML.. settings with own vlaues?16:13
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afd_markusleist: I think it's possible to define additional loggers in zope.conf17:07
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benjisrichter: ayt?18:38
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srichterbenji: yep18:40
benjiI have a very alpha version of testbrowser that controls Firefox, if you still have a need (it'll require quite a bit of work to be useful, but is a good start)18:41
srichterbenji: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!18:41
* benji turns down his IRC client. <wink>18:42
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* srichter hopes he has expressed his feelings about this well enough :-)18:42
benjiI'll check it into tonight and send you a link.18:42
srichterbenji: perfect18:42
srichterbenji: if I won't find time beforehand, I probably work on this during the sprint18:42
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agroszerhi srichter, benji19:22
agroszerbenji: is the testbrowser-firefox working on win32 also?19:23
srichteragroszer: from the approach benji outlined to me, yes, it should be no problem19:25
agroszerwooow, that's great19:25
srichterbenji basically wanted to use a firefox plugin that allows us to telnet into firefox to execute JS commands19:25
agroszergood idea19:26
agroszertaking control over FF through telnet19:26
srichteryeah, I thought this is clever too19:27
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wiggyscary idea20:04
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benjiagroszer: yep, it'll work on Windows; as a matter of fact, I'm running the doctests on my linux box and FF on windows, works great20:16
srichterbenji: did you use the mozlab plugin?20:19
srichter(I had forgotten the name)20:19
benjiyep, that's it20:19
srichtercool, I just watched the demo and it looks really powerful20:20
srichterI am so looking forward to your code20:20
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benjiyep; one thing I want to do is the ability to take screenshots of the current page; it should let me do that20:20
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srichterI am definitely going to work on the tutorial runner again too, once the implementation stabalizes20:22
agroszerbenji: great!20:26
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agroszersrichter: ayt?21:43
srichteragroszer: yes21:44
agroszerwe're digging here for some query language for zope/zodb21:44
srichterthe query language is called Python ;-)21:45
agroszerI found your ZOQLmethod :-)21:45
srichterno seriously, there is nothing like SQL;21:45
srichterohhhh, this is something really old21:45
agroszermight not be polite to ask, but why did you stop that?21:45
srichterI still think it is cool ;-)21:45
srichterno time, no interest by the community and at the end of the day I did not have use cases21:46
srichterPython is much nicer ;-)21:46
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srichterNote that you could hook the OQL syntax easily into hurry.query21:47
agroszeraha, didn't dig that deep (yet)21:47
srichteryou would to update the package for Zoep 3 though21:48
srichterit would be definitely a manual job21:48
agroszermight be a good theme for the sprint?21:48
agroszerthere's a guy at gocept writing a thesis about ad hoc queries also21:49
agroszerand I have here an analyst ready to write some use cases ;-)21:49
srichtercool, I would talk to the gecept guys then :-)21:50
agroszermailed them already21:50
srichterwe can also have a look at it during the sprint21:50
agroszerI saw a package from Roger for some filtering also21:51
srichterthat's a UI component on top of hurry.query that Roger and I developed for a client21:52
agroszerI see21:53
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agroszerok, let's hope I get the visa21:54
agroszerso we can discuss in person21:54
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srichteragroszer: did David send you an updated version of the letter?23:10
srichteragroszer: did you have your interview already?23:10
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agroszersrichter: I just told him my address23:19
agroszerinterview is on the 6th 7.30CET23:19
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