IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2007-09-05

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benjisrichter: svn+ssh://
srichterbenji: cool, I am checking it out now01:02
benjiyou'll have to change the hard-coded IP address in real.txt, but after starting MozRepl, it should work (except for the last line in the test)01:02
benjibin/test --all -t real.txt -101:02
srichterbenji: there is something hard-coded; buildout fails01:06
srichterokay, it was a link to your develop eggs01:07
srichterwhy did you specify all the versions on th epackages?01:07
srichterand where can I get the mozrepl package?01:08
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srichterbenji: ok, got it to work01:18
srichterbenji: I will make some time working on it ;-)01:18
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benjisrichter: cool; hopefully I'll be able to as well; the one big thing left is to make getControl work01:52
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wiggydoes anyone know how you can get testbrowser to add custom http headers to a request?02:03
benjiwiggy: zope/testbrowser/README.txt, line 3102:04
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romanofskimoin :)09:45
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wiggywhat would be the recommend way to use a source for an autocomplete widget?12:55
wiggya source factory which takes the substring/prefix to look for as a parameter to the constructor?12:56
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wiggybah, you can't use zc.sourcefactory in zope213:01
wiggyit pulls in all zope3 eggs which make zope2 explode13:01
timtewhat if you just svn co it?13:02
wiggybuildout still needs to process it to hook it in as a develop egg13:02
timtemaybe you can put it in lib/python instead?13:03
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wiggythere is no lib/python in a buildout13:04
* wiggy decides to skip sources and just hand-code the thing13:06
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benjiwiggy: you can check it out from svn and add it to your path (after satisfying it's requirements)13:53
benjigotta go13:53
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timtewiggy: there are (parts/zope2/lib/python and parts/instance/lib/python) but perhaps it's not possible to put stuff there14:35
wiggythat gets blown away automatically14:36
wiggysure, there are ways to get it included14:36
wiggybut they're all workarounds14:36
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benjircrafton: good to see a fellow ennessean21:02
benjircrafton: good to see a fellow Tennessean, rather :)21:03
rcraftonAre you in Tn?21:03
benjiVA now, moved out of TN after living there all my life about 3 years ago.21:04
benji(hmm, that sentance wasn't constructed very well) <wink>21:04
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spythonhi, i'm trying to use hurry.query without versioning22:41
spythonehm.. hurry.workflow22:41
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spythoncan i just override the initialize in WorkflowState..22:42
spythonto not check for IWorkflowVersions22:43
spythona bit confused about versions overall..22:44
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edgordonanyone know of a widget for phone number formatting?23:17
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strichteredgordon: there is nothing in Zope 3 to do that; phone numbers are hard to internationalize23:21
edgordonyeah, i was just hoping somebody had come u w/ something23:21
edgordoneven if it wasn't perfect23:21
strichterusing z3c.form's data converters, you could very quickly do this though23:28
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WebMavensrichter: ping23:50
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