IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2007-09-06

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WebMavenwiggy: AYT?00:31
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WebMavenwiggy: you did the OpenID stuff for Plone, right?00:32
WebMavenwill it work with Zope3?00:32
wiggythe auth stuff is not tied to plone though00:32
wiggyno, it uses PAS00:32
wiggybut it should be simple to port00:33
WebMavenwiggy: are you attending the Foliage Sprint?00:33
wiggyplone.openid does not use anything from Plone, only pure Zope00:33
wiggynever heard of it :)00:33
wiggyah, no00:34
wiggythat's a bit too far and costly to attend00:34
WebMavenToo bad.00:35
WebMavenwiggy: assuming I or someone else were to try and port this to Zope3, how should that be done?00:45
wiggyyou can reuse the store directlry00:46
wiggybut you'll need to port the auth thing00:46
wiggy has the complete source for that00:46
wiggyit's really quite simple00:46
wiggythe extractOpenIdServerResponse and initiateChallenge methods should be reusable directly00:48
wiggyand the rest should be a simple change for PAU00:48
wiggyWebMaven: if you want to work on that I'ld love to help00:48
wiggyI suspect we can support both PAS and PAU in the same package00:48
WebMavenOK. So forking should not be necessary, though it will be a bit odd having plone.* dependency for a Zope3 app.00:50
wiggynot any more odd than using zc.* in plone :)00:50
wiggyplone.* stuff is mostly written to work outside of plone00:50
wiggyonly* requires plone00:51
wiggyplone.portlets and plone.contentrules probably run on zope3 out of the box00:51
WebMavenwiggy: I want to work on this, and I'd like to propose it as a Sprint project. That would be easier if you were there, but I guess if you can offer help remotely that would be enough.00:51
wiggyplone.session would be a very useful thing to port to PAU00:51
WebMavenI'm not familiar with it.00:54
WebMavenAnyway, there's time between now and the Sprint.00:55
WebMavenI'll probabaly ping you again between now and then.00:56
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romanofs1imoin :)09:38
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baijumbenji, I was checking your benji-zope.testbrowser.real ... really cool !11:45
baijumbenji, can you add /ncr at the end of google url while opening otherwise it is re-directing for me11:47
lisppaste6baijum pasted "Patch for src/zope/testbrowser/real.txt" at
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benjibaijum: that test is very preliminary, but sure, I'll add /ncr12:30
baijumbenji, ok12:30
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benjibaijum: committed, can you try it to make sure it works?12:33
baijumbenji, I tested, its working, thanks !12:35
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baijumbenji, This is failing here: browser.execute('tb_take_screen_shot()')13:46
* baijum just found benji's commit and run test again13:46
benjibaijum: the output path is hard coded to /tmp/1.png at the moment, so if you can't write to that path (you're on Windows, for example), then it will fail13:48
baijumah. ok13:48
benjiif you don't mind, change that path in your working copy any let me know if it works for you13:49
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gstrattonWhat's the best way to implement a counter in my zope app?13:52
benjigstratton: what do you want a counter for?13:52
gstrattonTo generate human-friends ids13:52
benji"human-friendly ids"?13:53
gstrattonInvoice numbers13:53
benjiin that case, I'd probably implement a variant of the IIntIDs interface (spelling or capitalization may be a bit off there)13:54
benjiit lets you give it an object and it'll assign it an integer ID, then you can come back later and ask it for the object that goes with a particular ID13:54
benjithere is already one available, but it uses 32-bit numbers, probably a bit too big to qualify as human-friendly13:55
gstrattonbenji:Is there no counter utility for zope, I'd have thought it  common requirement?13:56
gstrattonI found a couple of references to lovely.counting, but I think that uses an RDB13:57
gstrattonbenji:Thanks for your advice!13:58
benji"counter" is not very well defined; it could be as simple as an integer attribute of an object13:58
benjiyou're right, lovely.conting does use a RDB13:58
benjiglad to be of service13:58
benjigotta go get the kids up for school; later all13:58
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fcorreaany z3c.formdemo hacker around? Trying to buildout it but it is failing while trying to get lxml from pypi. Would it be better to add a find-links in buildout.cfg?16:12
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wiggymake it depend on lxml <2.0dev or whatever its latest release is16:19
wiggythat's breaking stuff left and right16:19
fcorreawiggy: will do16:22
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benjithat sort of thing is why I like versions nailed in the buildouts16:28
fcorreawoggy: the issue is that buildount'n z3c.formdemo depends don z3c.form, so in that case I would need to make z3c.form depend on lxml <2.0dev and not z3c.formdemo16:29
fcorreas/woggy/wiggy :D16:29
wiggyif you add eggs = lxml < to [buildout] it should work as well16:29
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fcorreawiggy: it seems to work. thanks16:41
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