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WebMavensrichter: ping00:05
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rockyanyone know what topics are being planned for the FoliageSprint ?15:29
jsadjohnsonsrichter is preparing those.  I think some stuff related to eggs and system administration among others.15:31
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rockyi'd like to know what i'll be working on :)15:33
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jsadjohnsonI think we need to wait for srichter to wake up. :)15:35
* baijum think working on "reducing the package inter-dependencies" would be good15:36
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mgedminagroszer: huh?15:54
agroszermgedmin, sorry15:55
agroszerwanted to ask you where will you stay during the sprint?15:55
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mgedminthe hotel, afaiu15:55
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afd__anyone knows how to integrate pydev with buildouts & eggs? When pointing to the eggs folder (where all the zope eggs are downloaded) as a source folder in pydev, it will interpret the egg name as package16:01
afd__I wonder if there's anything to make pydev aware that those are eggs, beyond adding those eggs to site-packages (not something I want)16:01
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afd__eclipse + pydev extensions16:16
ignasand by site-packages you mean the configuration in eclipse or the actual site-packages directory?16:17
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afd__ignas: system site-packages16:17
ignascan't you just add eggs to pythonpath in eclipse?16:17
afd__as far as I have seen, pydev can import eggs when they're in site-packages16:17
ignashmm, i see, well i don't have pydev so i can't debug the problem16:18
afd__ignas: I have tried, adding a new source folder which points to the eggs folder, but it takes the egg folder as package name16:18
ignasbut you must add the path as "site"16:18
ignaswhich is easy to do in python16:18
ignasbut i don't know how to do it in your project configuration16:18
afd__ignas: pydev has a mechanism to add different folder as python site paths16:19
ignas"import site; site.addsitedir(os.path.join(here, 'eggs'))"16:19
afd__it just interprets wrongly the way the eggs are structured16:19
ignaswhen eggs are in python path makes it work on python side16:19
afd__and the eggs are just too many to add manually16:19
afd__ignas: ok, let me try your solution, I'll report back16:19
ignasif configuration files are not binary (XML for example)16:20
ignasyou can always write a small script16:20
ignasthat would export python paths into the xml16:20
afd__ignas: yeah, that's what I did last time16:20
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ignasafd__: when you say "as python site paths" you mean "as entries in sys.path (a.k.a. PYTHONOPATH)" or "sites"16:26
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afd__ignas: I think it's entries in sys.path16:27
afd__I've tried adding the egg folder to pydev's PYTHONPATH, but didn't make any difference16:27
ignasi haven't seen anything related to sites in screenshots16:27
afd__the idea is to get autocomplete/autoimport support16:27
ignasand just adding egg folder to python path will not help you16:27
ignasit must be a "site"16:27
afd__ignas: oh, I see16:28
ignasas in "site.addsitedir" site16:28
ignasor your ".pth" file/files will be ignored even though they are in there16:28
afd__my egg folder doesn't have a pth file16:29
ignasthere are more things16:29
ignasmaybe site.py16:29
ignasand stuff16:29
afd__nope, nothing but eggs16:30
ignashmm, interesting, then i am not sure making it a site will help you16:30
ignasyou might want to try anyway16:30
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ignasare these eggs downloaded using buildout?16:31
afd__ignas: yes16:31
afd__a comlete zope buildout application16:31
afd__zope though-buildout application instance16:31
ignasa problem16:32
ignasbuildout manages eggs that are included by itself16:32
afd__yeah, it adds the write paths to sys.path in the runzope/instance script16:32
ignas(look at bin/ for examples)16:32
ignasso you could in theory make the eggs/ directory a site16:33
ignaswithout breaking buildout16:33
ignasbut still, you'd have to manage eggs yourself as buildout would not update anything in there16:33
ignasas egg sets for different scripts are different16:33
ignasand using different configuration when running the script and when developing it would be a bad idea16:34
ignasthe only thing i might suggest is creating eclipse configuration out of the script you are using to start up your application16:34
ignasso you will be sure that configuration matches, and will be able to update your eclipse setup every time you run "bin/buildout -N"16:35
afd__ignas: yes, that's what I did the last time. I might also add a recipe to buildout to generate that pth file from the installed eggs... what do you think?16:36
afd__I'd still have to run the python modules reimport in eclipse though, so it's won't be a lot of automation...16:36
ignasafd__: you see - eggs available are not the same as eggs used16:37
ignasyou might have 5 versions of some egg in your eggs/16:38
afd__you're right16:38
ignasso all of them will be available16:38
ignasbut buildout will have the *right* version set16:38
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timteThe required version of setuptools (>=0.6c7) is not available,17:20
timteI always get this  :/17:20
timtenot always, but very often17:20
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rockywhen i override the [buildout] section for a buildout is there anyway i can do "parts += anotherpart" rather than having to list all the parts again?18:10
rockythat feature would be just dandy :)18:13
benjirocky: we've talked about something that you could use to the same effect (and other effects, too); the ability to reference the value you're currently redefining.18:16
benjiso you could do "parts = $parts anotherpart"18:17
benji(with perhaps different syntax)18:17
rockybenji: oh yeah... that would definitely be more powerful than what i suggested18:18
hazmatand very useful18:29
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edgordonis there a way to tell formlib to render a field as hidden, w/out doing it in the page template? i see the 'hidden' method, but I want to do it in the python, like how i can set the displayWidth on a text widget20:34
jsadjohnsonI like the way z3c.form handles this.  But I'm no expert.20:38
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jhauserinstead of simple calling the widget, you can call the hidden method on the widget21:52
jhauseredgordon: ah in python you can simply overwrite the type attribute21:54
edgordonyeah, i just decided to do the whole thing as a custom widget anyways. the hidden thing was just one part of what I am trying to do21:55
edgordonso, I am good now. Thanks though21:55
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jhauserdoes the generated class name make problems with styling?21:56
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jhauserid="form.fieldname", is the referencabel from css?21:57
jhauserI think "." are not allowed in css-identifiers21:57
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edgordoni have had some problems w/ that, in css and js22:01
edgordonI have wondered if using periods in a lot of the names is more trouble than it is worth22:03
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WebMavenjsadjohnson: ping23:32
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