IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2007-09-10

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CrippsFXmorning folks ... it's been awhile.15:48
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arnarlIs it possible to register a view for strings? One that can be applied like this in tales:  somevariable/@@viewname16:06
projekt01arnarl, yes16:07
arnarlnice, where can I find an interface for the string?16:08
arnarlah, so the type acts as an interface?16:08
projekt01probably there is a string type, try it with string as name in the for="string IBrowserRequest"16:09
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arnarlprojekt01: I'll try that, thnx16:09
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projekt01arnarl, could be wrong, but I'm sure that this will work in some way16:10
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projekt01arnarl, use adapts, this will work16:11
projekt01e.g. zope.component.adapts(string, IBrowserRequest)16:12
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__gotchawhat is the pattern in Z3 to forbid the removal of an object for business model reasons ?16:52
__gotchaiow, is there anything similar to BeforeDeleteException of Zope 2 ?16:53
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hazmat__gotcha, afaik, container constraints are modeled by different means17:02
__gotchahazmat: Ican understand about container constraints17:02
__gotchabut what if the object itself does not want to be removed17:02
__gotchalike an image used by a page17:03
__gotchais that also expressed at the container level ?17:03
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__gotchahazmat: ?17:08
benji__gotcha: I strongly suggest you not use the ZMI in your app, and put these constraints in the application code instead17:10
jsadjohnson__gotcha: what type of container are you using?17:12
jsadjohnson__gotcha: you can override the __delitem__ method.17:12
__gotchajsadjohnson: I am trying to understand Zope 2 code17:12
__gotchawhich has some sort of Z3 events setup since 2.917:13
jsadjohnson__gotcha: can't help you there. :)17:13
__gotchaI am trying to understand patterns in Z317:13
__gotchato see how they apply to the code I am reading17:13
__gotchajsadjohnson: iow, Iam trying to understand the 'standard' way in Z3 to do logic coherence at the object level17:14
__gotchathere is maybe an API/interface that you need to fullfill in order to block removal17:15
__gotchafrom a container17:15
jsadjohnsonIn z3 my experience is either the constraints in the interfaces or overriding __delitem__.17:15 and IContainer plus using and contains are the ones I use the most.17:17
jsadjohnsonAt the Interfaces level.17:17
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__gotchaJ1m: hi17:18
__gotchawhat is the pattern in Z3 for an instance to make its constraint checks and refuse to be removed17:19
J1mYou register a subscriber for a removal event and raise an exception to veto removal.17:21
arnarlWhat is the correct way to make a javascript function run once the document is loaded in ZMI? The skin seems to insert 'loadtree' directly on <body>. Any way to plug in a new function?17:23
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arnarlnevermind :-)17:25
__gotchaJ1m: iow removal event happens before actual removal17:27
J1mI don't remember.  It doesn't really matter thanks to transactions.17:30
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__gotchaJ1m: ok, thansk17:32
ignasJ1m: where can i find the most up to date version of
benjiignas: svn cat svn+ssh:// > bootstrap.py17:37
ignasbenji: thanks17:38
ignasit does not work if setuptools-0.6a9 are available though17:39
benjiI can't help you there. :)17:39
ignaswould it make sense to try requiring a version that is higher than 0.6a9, instead of trysting whichever setuptools version is available17:39
benjiwhy is your setuptools not being upgraded automatically?17:40
ignasbecause i don't have root on the machine17:41
ignasand the script tries import pkg_resources17:41
benjioh, you're beeing EVIL, EEEVIL :17:41
ignasand only downloads setuptools if it can't find pkg_resources17:41
benjiI guess you're using the system python17:41
ignasyes, but i need to bootstrap buildout if i want to build my own python17:42
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benjiI don't understand that; why do you need buildout to build python?17:42
ignasand how would i have my setuptools upgraded automatically?17:42
ignasin non-system python17:42
benjibuildout upgrades it (if it's not nailed) just like any other egg17:43
ignasbut i don't have buildout, because i can't bootstrap it17:43
ignasbecause i have a buggy version of setuptools17:44
* benji takes deep breaths.17:44
benjiI suggest you build your own Python, then use it to bootstrap a buildout (bootstrap will download the newsest setuptools)17:45
ignasi just thought that it would kind of make sense fixing, to download setuptools if the available version is too old17:47
* mgedmin waits for the fireworks17:47
benjiit might; I wasn't really commenting on that, just trying to get you unstuck17:47
ignasbenji: thanks17:48
benjino problem17:48
ignasat the moment, i know at least 2 ways to work around broken setuptools17:48
ignasi just want to find a way that would do that automatically17:48
ignas(for less technically proficient users)17:48
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* ignas is trying to make a foolproof script to get schooltool development sandbox going17:51
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ignasi guess the most foolproof way in this case is to wget setuptools egg, extract it and put it in pythonpath when running bootstrap.py18:04
benjiI haven't thought about it much, but could you instead make sure there is nothing in the Python path when you run, that way it'll get its own copy of setuptools?18:05
ignasas i don't want to get into writing python/shell script to download and build python business18:05
ignasbenji: hmm, but i would have to modify bootstrap.py18:05
ignasthough as i have my own copy18:05
ignasi can't18:06
arnarlIs there any way to make sure that browser:resources are checked for updates? A bit annoying to have to restart all the time.18:06
ignasbuildout will try installing the egg into system site-packages anyway18:06
benjiarnarl: if you turn dev-mode on, it'll do that18:07
arnarlbenji: I think I'm in dev-mod. At least it says so when I start up...18:07
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markusleistdoes anybody has ported philikon's pricipal-member-information-form (example 22.4.3) to z3c.form?18:16
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ignasbenji: sys.path[:] = [path for path in list(sys.path) if 'setuptools' not in path] was enough to make bootstrap download and successfully install a newer version of setuptools18:17
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WebMavensrichter: hi19:28
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WebMavensrichter: hi19:44
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