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whithey all00:54
whitare there any api do like inspection tools for subscribers?00:54
whitor can I find their regs via
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radixDocTestFinder doesn't work if a function with a doctest has a decorator. Is there a usual workaround for this?02:08
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projekt01agroszer, everything fine?13:47
agroszerhi Roger13:47
agroszeryep, looks like13:48
projekt01hi, I'm looking forward to the sprint13:48
agroszerI just entered a new topic13:48
projekt01Do you have already ideas what you like to work on?13:48
agroszerit's query language and engine13:49
agroszerproposal and high level plans to follow in a few days13:49
projekt01What do you mean by query lang and engine?13:50
agroszerIt's kind of OQL, but I don't want to shoot the poem in a few lines13:51
agroszerOQL and more13:52
projekt01Sounds great13:52
agroszerand it's modular -- who has the time and need can improve it13:53
projekt01what do you think about finising python 2.5 support?13:53
projekt01modular, that sounds like a good idea13:53
agroszerI personnally am happy with 2.4, ATM, but we should move forward definitely13:53
agroszeras Guido is pushing hard the 300013:54
projekt01Yes, defently, it's no option to hang arround because of Zope2, we defently will take a look at all the problems we have because of Zope2 and Zope3 at the sprint.13:55
agroszerTheuni, ping13:55
projekt01We shouldtake a closer look at the Python 3000 discussion thred and find aout what this does mean for Zope and Zope3 sharing libraries.13:55
projekt01We defently what wait to move to PYthon 300 just because of z213:56
agroszerI read the thread, it won't be easy to move Z2+Z3 at the same time13:56
projekt01That's no reason to wait with z3 to move13:56
agroszerWe'll see, ATM I'm developing only with z3 but that might change...13:57
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projekt01I guess sometimes we have to make a descision if z2 and z3 fit together if they are not able to share it's coding language (version) in a long term. But that's probably a question for the next year.13:59
agroszerI wonder that nobody from zope corp is attending14:00
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projekt01faassen, hi14:02
projekt01faassen, do you have time to join the next sprint? There is also space for a grok track there.14:04
wiggyz3 has become essential in z214:04
wiggyyou can't split them apart again14:04
projekt01wiggy, you mean should, right?14:05
agroszeras I remember, Jim wanted both to join in a kind of z514:05
faassenprojekt01: which sprint is this?14:06
agroszerFoliage, in Boston14:06
faassenprojekt01: I mean, for me 'the next sprint' is the Neanderthal sprint in early october.14:06
projekt01faassen, In the boston area14:06
faassenprojekt01: okay, I'll google for it. :)14:06
projekt01faassen, wasn't that fast ;-)14:06
projekt01agroszer, z5 means also let some part stay on python 2 and move with some parts to py3000 it's just a better naming.14:09
faassenprojekt01: yes, thanks. :)14:10
faassenprojekt01: oh, this sprint just comes at a really unfortunate time. the week after that I'll go to the Neanderthal sprint.14:11
wiggyprojekt01: no, I mean has14:11
wiggyprojekt01: all current zope 2 projects use lots of zope314:11
faassenwiggy: why is a split being discussed?14:12
wiggyI sure hope it's not14:13
projekt01wiggy, Can you give me good reason why I workd with and on Zope3 the last 4 years and no to stay on python 2.* if there is a way to move forward?14:14
wiggybecause the vast majority of people who use zope use zope 214:15
projekt01wiggy, I don't say we should do this and cut the relation between z2 and z3. But we serious have to find a concept that we can move forward with z3.14:15
wiggyand I mean use in the sense of 'use a zope application'14:15
wiggynot 'people who develop for zope'14:15
Theuniagroszer: pong14:16
agroszerTheuni, here14:16
Theuniwhere? :)14:16
agroszerAm I right that,14:16
agroszerSebastian is working for you?14:17
agroszerSebastian Wehrmann14:17
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agroszerI think he would be interested in that I'd like to introduce some plans about a query language at the Foliage sprint14:18
projekt01wiggy, btw, I don't say that we should move right now or in a half year etc. I just like to see a timeframe before we speak about not moving forward now or anytime.14:19
projekt01wiggy, I only say we need a concept before we say we don't move forward.14:19
projekt01wiggy, probably lobby by Guido doing a smother transfomation path is a part of it. But counting on that is not realistic right now.14:21
projekt01wiggy, I guess we have to solve our problems by ourself.14:21
agroszerprojekt01: we'll have to move forward sometime, definitely14:22
projekt01It's good t see that some Zope2/Plone cracks joining the spirnt too, I guess this will give us a good base for discussing this part.14:23
wiggywho's joining?14:23
projekt01agroszer, did you ever see a active opensource project which stays on a old version?14:23
projekt01that's the end of it14:24
Theuniagroszer: would be nice to see some slides of that then :)14:24
agroszerTheuni: yes, some appetizers shall come in a few days14:24
projekt01even KDE changed it's code base in a not backward compatible way 2 times over the last 10 years.14:25
wiggyprojekt01: X comes close14:27
projekt01what do you mean by X?14:27
faassenprojekt01: the C language hasn't changed a lot in a few decades. :)14:28
wiggyprojekt01: X is a loooong running and active open source project which still has almost all old version support14:28
projekt01fassen, it's not a question if we like to change, python 3000 changes and it's aquestion if we take this trak. And I think we have to.14:29
wiggyhow similar is to to perl vs perl6 ?14:30
projekt01I'm also not happy to change all the existing things, but seriously we have to think about that and I guess we have to take this train.14:30
faassenthe perl 6 people intend to have it run perl 5 code too. somehow. :)14:31
projekt01What I don't like is to get a outdate zope3 which is one of the latest framework which works with the old python.14:31
faassenprojekt01: python 3000 is forcing a change on us, yeah. :)14:31
faassenprojekt01: yes, go tell the Python 3000 developers that and ask them to stop? :)14:31
faassenprojekt01: they're the ones causing your problems, aren't they?14:31
projekt01and we have to find a way to move forward and that z2 and z3 developer can agree on.14:32
projekt01I guess it's not a question if we should move or not, I guess it's a question of find a way that doesn't hurt to much ;-)14:33
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faassenanyway, it will be about a year before Python 3.0 will be released.14:34
faassenwe also need to wait for Python 2.6 to be released.14:34
faassenthe first step will be to make Zope work on python 2.6.14:34
projekt01faassen, I really like to see you at the sprint, any chance to join it?14:34
faassenthen it's time to experiment with conversion of individual libraries and see how well it works.14:34
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faassenprojekt01: no, no chance, I'm going to germany for a grok sprint the whole week after, that's too many sprints. :)14:35
faassenprojekt01: sorry.14:35
faassenanyway, it's very likely there'll be a Python 2.714:35
faassenthere's also theq uestion of our dependencies - are they porting? twisted isn't going to port quickly if at all, for instance.14:35
faassenand perhaps we can eggify zope 2 enough so it's a less daunting task.14:35
faassenbut we're still facing breaking all python scripts.14:36
projekt01faassen, I see, probably I should join a grok sprint in the near future.14:36
faassenwhat I'm hoping for is that someone will invent Python Five, which combines a Python 2 and Python 3 runtime in an interoperable fashion.14:36
faassenif you'd have that, everything would be a lot easier.14:36
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faassenprojekt01: that'd be cool. we have one the first week of october in Cologne. :)14:36
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projekt01faassen, I agree with all, that's why I think we have to discuss this in a wider range and show people some possible concepts for that. Not just saying we don't move.14:37
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projekt01faassen, I saw that but I have to wait for the sprint after that.14:38
projekt01faaseen, probably we should find some other python framework developers e.g. twisted and all other framworks out there and do a migration with as many developers as possible14:40
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projekt01faassen, probably the euro python is a good palce to build such a interest group and do some python Five work or help others with small projects like pysqlite etc. to move to py 300014:42
faassenprojekt01: right now as to python 3000 after getting burned badly voicing my worries on my blog I'm taking a wait and see attitude.14:47
faassenprojekt01: I think we'll first worry about Python 2.6.14:48
faassenprojekt01: that's the recommended path anyway from the python 3 developers. :)14:48
projekt01faassen, agreed, take it slowly but still keep going forward.14:48
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faassenprojekt01: since currently there's no way to go forward (no python 3 or python 2.6), it means we don't have much to do. :)14:51
projekt01except release Zope3 with python 2.514:53
faassenprojekt01: yes. :)14:53
faassenprojekt01: and zope 2. :)14:53
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projekt01what's the issue with python 2.5 and zope 2?14:54
wiggyrestricted python probably14:57
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markusleistanything changed in intid/catalog or what's wrong:15:15
markusleistprint [i for i in my_catalog.searchResults(oid_index=u"66b4d69f5ff63c83b54f028d6ca472745")]: *** TypeError: 'Net' object is not callable15:15
markusleistin intid:15:15
markusleistuidutil.refs[772093803]: < object at 0x905cbac>15:16
markusleistbut with ()15:16
markusleistuidutil.refs[772093803](): *** TypeError: 'Net' object is not callable15:16
Theuniagroszer meet Basti_, Basti_ meet agroszer15:19
Basti_hi :)15:20
agroszerhi Basti_15:20
agroszerhave to go for a meeting, I'll be back15:21
Basti_Theuni: I think he is the guy from the mail I forwarded some last week15:21
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Theuniagroszer: sorry we didn't get back to you. Basti_ forwarded me your mail, but I'm so darn busy ... :(15:23
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Theunioh wait,  mixed that up, that was some other mail15:24
Theuniah there it is15:24
agroszerTheuni, Basti_: be back, have to go! boss is in my back15:24
agroszermeeting time15:24
Theuniyou're actually waiting for two replies :)15:24
Theunienjoy your meeting!15:24
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mgedminmarkusleist: I think uidutil.refs[xxxx] is supposed to have objects that provide IKeyReference and return the actual content object when called15:31
markusleistmgedmin: ok, but, id): return self.refs[id]()  will produce the shown error. i will use my own initid-call .regs[id] _without_ () - thanx15:36
mgedminyou're sweeping a bug under the rug and hoping it just goes away15:37
mgedminthe question is *why* the refs of the intid utility suddenly contains real objects instead of key references15:37
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markusleistmgedmin: you are right, but i dont't have any time untill next monday ...15:41
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markusleisthmm, no time will be a lame excuse, right?15:59
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markusleistin zope/app/intid/
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markusleistkey = IKeyReference(ob) but after step through:16:00
markusleisthash(ob): 169130604 / hash(key): 16913060416:01
markusleistso refernece and object are the same16:01
mgedminwhat does IKeyReference.providedBy(ob) print?16:01
mgedminit prints 'mom'?16:02
markusleist(Pdb) print IKeyReference.providedBy(ob)16:02
mgedminyou have a lying object on your hands then16:02
mgedminIKeyReference is supposed to provide __call__, but your object doesn't16:02
CrippsFXdoes anyone have any idea how widely used (which is a newer version on or are?16:02
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markusleisti will step into "IKeyReference(ob)"16:03
mgedminI wonder if your content object explicitly declares that it provides IKeyReference, or if it gets that from some (proxy?) magic16:04
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mgedminIKeyReference(ob) returns ob when it claims to provide IKeyReference, that's by design16:05
mgedminI don't think you'll learn much from stepping into the adapter16:05
mgedminwhat's the class of ob, by the way?16:05
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CrippsFXmorning mgedmin, naro16:09
mgedminyour Superclass class implements IKeyReference16:09
mgedminno idea why16:09
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markusleistmgedmin: hmmm16:11
CrippsFXon site instantiation, I have a Pluggable Authentication Utility added to my site manager, and I add a principal folder, and a "session credentials" utility to the pau ... how would I programatically get the pau to use the principal folder as the default authenticator plugin, and the session credentials utility as the default credentials plugin?16:13
markusleistmgedmin: seems to be a copy-paste-"phenomenon", my error - thanx a lot16:16
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CrippsFXahh ... I got the answer to my own question from reading some *other* source code .... pau.credentialsPlugins = (); pau.authenticatorPlugins = ()16:52
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agroszerTheuni, Basti_: I'm back17:13
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CSWookieIs there a writeup somewhere on how to convert browser:pages based stuff to equivalent views?17:16
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CSWookieTheuni: I've got some code here I'm cribbing off of, but since it use browser:pages and browser:page, I'd like to figure out how those things work, and make my stuff not use them...17:25
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Theuniwhy not?17:31
Theunii like them.17:31
Theuniwhat do you want to use instead? zope:view?17:31
Theunii mean, they are convenience things that work pretty well17:31
CSWookieTheuni: I don't understand how they work, and I find them hard to debug later.17:32
CSWookieTheuni: Do you know where the directive is implemented?  I'm perfectly willing to read up, but they're a fairly complex directive set.17:32
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gstrattonCSWookie: Have you seen Philipp's proposal: ?17:34
gstrattonI found it was useful for understand what browser:page does17:34
CSWookiegstratton: Yes, I'm reading it now, in fact.17:35
CSWookieI'd still like to see some code.17:35
Theunihmm. i'd guesstimate
Theunibut grepping for "ibrowserpagedirective" might help too17:37
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CSWookieExcellent.  Now that I know what to grep for, I'm off to the races.17:40
CSWookiegrepping for 'page' is sort of like googling for 'boobies'.17:41
bigkevmcdinteresting idea17:41
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derek_richardsonis there a Zope3 replacement for Globals.package_home() ?18:23
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wiggyit's not that hard to write yourself18:30
derek_richardsonalready did that, just wanted to know if it was necessary. ;) when porting from zope2 to zope3, what should happen to ZopeTestCase references? Is there now an egg that contains ZopeTestCase? Or should I be doing something entirely different?18:33
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CrippsFXCSWookie: lol. Have you tried that before?18:41
* CSWookie whistles innocently.18:42
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benjiTheuni: I just put an 0.3 of zc.sourcefactory on; can you update PyPI for me?23:34
* Theuni wonders23:35
Theunilet me give you write access23:35
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Theunibenji: you got a username on PyPI?23:35
*** ktwilight has joined #zope3-dev23:36
benjiTheuni: "benji"23:37
* benji sees what's coming. <wink>23:37
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benjiyou're going to make me an owner of that package23:38
Theuniack :)23:38
TheuniI did.23:38
*** ktwilight has quit IRC23:38
TheuniNow it has two parents. ;)23:38
* Theuni wonders whether 'parent' has the same singular/plural weirdness as in German23:39
Theunino it doesn't23:39
*** ktwilight has joined #zope3-dev23:39
benjiNo, but German adoption laws must be more liberal than the US's ;)23:39
Theuniwhat happened in sourcefactory 0.3?23:40
benjitwo mail parents?23:40
philiKONzc.sourdcefactory now has two fathers23:40
Theunioh cool23:41
Theuniyou fixed that bug23:41
Theuniotherwise i would have had to fix it tomorrow23:41
Theuniit sat on my list since the weekend23:41
benjidarn, my lazyness failed me; I'll have to work harder on not working so hard23:41
*** ktwilight has quit IRC23:41
TheuniDon't work so hard on that.23:41
TheuniI wonder whether that fix works out.23:42
Theunistrings will not implicitly be converted to unicode using ascii.23:43
TheuniI intended to keep the str() but not touch unicode strings23:43
TheuniThe current bug IMHO was to convert unicode strings to str()23:43
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TheuniI've gotta go to bed. If you don't it's worth touching that I'll be fine (until it actually bites me). Thanks for fixing!23:45
NederhoedGood evening, I'm looking to hire a zope3 freelance programmer. Is there a register online? I did find the consultancy page on, but those are all companies.23:46
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philiKONNederhoed: write to zope3-users23:47
Nederhoedok, thanks23:48
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