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J1mphiliKON, done00:27
philiKONJ1m: thx00:27
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derek|coffeeshopphiliKON: if you get a free minute, I made another post to the thread on zope3-user. I am looking for a bit of validation before I move forward with my solution to running on both z2 and z3.02:45
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derek|coffeeshopphiliKON: Thanks for the response! But, given that I have a hard requirement to support zope 2.10 + plone, is what I outlined the best way to do that? Or si there a better way?03:03
philiKONwell, if you want to support zope 2.10, then you're f****03:03
philiKON\whatever you described sounds so complicated, i will refuse to even waste any brain cells with it ;)03:04
philiKONyou're better off with two branches, really03:05
philiKONone for zope 2.1003:05
derek|coffeeshopeven if I didn't want to support 2.10 (which I don't, but I must), wouldn't the egg dependencies be different for z2.11 and z3.4?03:05
philiKONone for zope 2.11+03:05
philiKONhuh, no03:05
derek|coffeeshopoh, ok03:05
philiKONzope 2.11 just uses the zope 3.4 eggs03:05
derek|coffeeshopso, Five goes away in z 2.11?03:05
derek|coffeeshopah, but I use things like intid, which is different in Five than in z3, right?03:06
philiKONzope 2 has always shipped with zope 3 libraries ever since five was included03:06
philiKONyou're confusing things03:06
philiKONthe zope.* libraries have always shipped with zope 2, since version 2.803:06
derek|coffeeshopso, the idea is, if Five.intid is a dep on zope 2.11, I add it to and it gets pulled down into z3.4 but not used?03:07
philiKONi don't understand this sentence at all03:07
philiKONthere's five.intid03:08
philiKONit's not part of the zope 2 distribution03:08
philiKONit's a separate package03:08
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* derek|coffeeshop thinks03:09
derek|coffeeshopright, five.intid is orthogonal. i see.03:10
philiKONi have no clue what you're talking about, but i'm glad i answered your question :)03:10
philiKONanyway, i think you should make two branches of your package03:10
philiKONe.g. 1.x is for zope 2.1003:10
philiKON2.x is for zope 2.11, fully eggified03:11
derek|coffeeshopwith two and zcml setups. All my packages are already eggs, it's the other packages that are the problem...03:11
philiKONwhich ones?03:11
derek|coffeeshopthe ones that comprise zope proper. If I'm on z2.10, I don't want to pull down the z3 eggs, right? or does it not matter because they're redundant?03:12
philiKONyou don't want to pull them down in zope 2.1003:13
philiKONso that's what i said03:13
philiKONyou have a 1.x version of your package with no zope.* dependencies in setup.py03:14
philiKONthis one can't be buildoutified03:14
philiKONand you have a 2.x version of you rpackage that's completely eggified, with all the dependencies, it's buildoutified, etc.03:14
derek|coffeeshopright, just echoing to make sure I have it right. two branches. got ya. Though I'm using buildout for z 2.10 now with the plone recipes to grab a non-eggified zope 2.10.03:15
philiKONthat's ok03:15
philiKONjust don't depend on zope.* when on zope 2.1003:15
philiKON(or zope 3.3 for that matter)03:16
derek|coffeeshopright. ok, got it. I'll go fix my project now. Thanks for all the help, as usual!03:17
derek|coffeeshopbtw, brandon_rhodes who keeps bugging you about grok is my coworker. I persuaded him to try grok. I hope his participation is helpful.03:18
philiKONyeah, it is03:18
philiKONthanks :)03:18
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gabrielmonnerat hi!! somebody can help me with gcc and zope3, ocurred this error "error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1"08:14
baijumgabrielmonnerat, may be you didn't installed python development libraries, what OS/distro you are using ?08:16
gabrielmonneratubuntu 7.0408:16
baijumtry installing python-dev08:17
baijumor better compile your own Python08:18
gabrielmonneratpython2.4-dev is installed08:19
naroeven better post full build log to pastebin08:19
naroexit status 1 is useless08:20
gabrielmonnerati had installed for apt-get , but this problem also ocurred with grokproject08:21
baijumgabrielmonnerat, as naro said paste your log to a pastebin :
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lisppaste6gabrie monnerat pasted "problem with gcc" at
naroI'd use 'make' for build process, but I'm not sure if this is the problem. btw, you should include some part of correct build process before error is displayed. This part contains a lot of useful info08:31
naroin build process, starting error lines contains the most important info, not end of report.08:32
gabrielmonneratI go to place then the error all, with this can analyze better08:37
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gabriel_naro, now ocurred other error , i installed zope3 for apt-get next the grok , but when i create the grokproject ocurred an error similar09:05
lisppaste6gabriel monnerat pasted "zope error" at
narothis is the most important: src/zope/security/_proxy.c:19:20: error: Python.h: No such file or directory09:05
naroyou are missing pyhon2.4-dev09:06
gabriel_i had installed python2.5-dev and 2.4 not is installed09:09
gabriel_i go to execute again now09:10
narozope does not work with python 2.5 afaik09:10
gabriel_i know , but when i go install python-dev ubuntu always install python2.5-dev09:12
naroinstall python2.4-dev09:12
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naroeven better compile your python 2.409:12
naroand use --with-python ....09:13
naroas soon as you upgrade ubuntu, python 2.4 will be gone (maybe)09:13
gabriel_no no the zope is installed09:14
gabriel_i installed with apt-get09:14
gabriel_but with grokproject this problem ocurred too09:14
gabriel_also occured09:15
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narogabrielmonnerat: sorry, I have no idea how Zope/Grok packages in ubuntu works. You are missing python2.4-dev.09:26
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gabrielmonneratyes i installed python2.4-dev and now is ok09:27
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gabrielmonneratoccured other error now, but not serious09:28
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gabrielmonneraterror: Couldn't find a setup script in /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages09:28
gabrielmonneratnow i go sleep a little09:29
gabrielmonneratnaro, thanks09:29
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tarekhi, what is the proper way to do savepoints in ZODB 3.8 ? I am doing transaction.savepoint(True) but it seems unapropriate (2007-09-13 09:20:03 CRITICAL ZODB.DB has XX open connections with a pool_size of 7)10:22
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baijumHi philiKON12:17
baijumwe got invitation for GSoC summit right ?12:18
baijumare you going ?12:18
philiKONuh maybe...?12:18
philiKONi have no idea12:18
philiKONi don't seem to be getting the emails anymore12:18
philiKONfor some reason12:19
baijumZF is there in that list12:19
baijumanyway, I won't be able to come (three peoples can attend )12:19
philiKONme neither12:19
baijumit would be good if any other mentor can go to this summit, faassen ?12:21
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philiKONbaijum: i don't think we *have* to go12:34
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baijumphiliKON, yes, it's *not* compulsory ...12:39
philiKONof course not12:39
philiKONwhat i want to say is that we don't lose face if we don't go12:39
philiKONit's just a party12:39
baijumphiliKON, you have mentioned writing something about out GSoC project, anything in pipeline  now ?12:41
philiKONnot really12:41
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baijumah. ok12:42
faassenwhat summit is this?13:11
faassenbaijum: can you forward me that mail? and to philipp as well. :)13:11
faassenbaijum: and we should indeed do a writeup. are you interested in writing it up?13:12
faassenbaijum: we should get the SoC students to write some text too.13:12
faassenbaijum: and include it.13:12
faassenbaijum: but if not you, I agree Philipp should do it, organizing the thing and all. :)13:12
* philiKON runs away... lunch ;)13:14
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baijumfaassen, I will send you that mail, I am not good in writeup, so you or Philip can do it ;)13:14
faassenbaijum: ok, well we'll get philipp then. :)13:14
philiKONfaassen: which reminds me, we need to make such news (gsoc participation) more visible on the website in the future13:14
faassenbaijum: keep reminding him. :)13:14
baijumok :)13:14
faassenbaijum: I wonder why you get the mail and I never do.13:14
philiKONfaassen: probalby because aroldo signed us up with weird email addresses?13:15
faassenbaijum: the only SoC email I got ever was to review the students. I got that successfully.13:15
faassenphiliKON: well, that got fixed for me, at least.13:15
baijumIt's mail from their list, not a personal invitation13:15
faassenbaijum: ah, Google Summer of Code list?13:15
faassenI guess philiKON is on that. I'm not. :)13:15
philiKONno i'm not either13:15
faassennext year, if we manage to participate again, we need to organize this better.13:16
faassenphiliKON: whoah. :)13:16
faassenI have quite a few ideas. :)13:16
philiKONfaassen: i agree :)13:16
philiKONfaassen: you do it next time   *hide* :)13:16
faassenbaijum: so is there anything more about this summit? I mean, this is just the invite.13:16
faassenphiliKON: I definitely will not. :)13:16
faassenphiliKON: but I *will* give people my ideas. :)13:16
baijumfaassen, I don't know much about summit..13:17
faassenoct 6. I definitely can't make it.13:18
faassendefinitely not to Mountain View.13:18
faassenis Stephan Richter mentoring or was he only stealth mentoring?13:18
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faassenI mean, Philipp and I are both in Europe + busy that week.13:19
baijumhe is not officially mentoring, the last one is MJ13:19
faassenI'm at the Grok sprint, Philipp is giving training13:19
faassenbaijum: okay, well, unless MJ can make it I'm afraid we won't be going. :)13:19
faassenanyway, I'm off now. :)13:20
faassensee you!13:20
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MJmake it to where?13:20
* MJ reeds up13:20
baijumMJ, there is summit at Google as part of GSoC and ZF has got invitation13:21
MJyes, I got that far13:21
MJin the US?13:21
* MJ ain't going then.13:21
MJtoo far for me right now.13:21
baijumah. ok, then no one is going from ZF .13:22
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MJbaijum: any signed up mentor is allowed to go13:29
MJbaijum: so if Stephan signed up to be a mentor but wasn't assigned a student, he's allowed to go13:29
* MJ can't in any case. I am flying to Napels for the Plone conf that weekend.13:29
baijumMJ, ok, I will ask Stephan also13:35
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baijumHi strichter13:46
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rockyhm... i just discovered that default zope3 pageform generates fields with HTML id's of "prefix.field" ... that makes the field unselectable using CSS because of the invalid "." in the middle15:08
rockyam i overlooking something simple?15:08
mgedminrocky: #field15:11
mgedminrocky: #field\.name { color: red; }15:11
mgedminescape the periods with backslashes in your css15:11
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rockythat works? never saw that before15:11
rockydoes it work in the major browsers?15:12
mgedminworks in firefox, don't remember about msie15:13
mgedminit's part of the css spec, iirc15:13
mgedmintesting it in msie wouldn't hurt15:13
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CrippsFXI have a paste located here:   ... I'm getting a type error for my authenticator plugin that makes no sense to me. All the required information is in the post. Could somebody help me troubleshoot the problem please?16:31
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timteCrippsFX: I have never used ldap, but according to the error you send id when it should be LDAPAuth16:34
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CrippsFXtimte: well, it says that principalInfo takes 2 arguments, the declaration for mine is the same as the principalInfo() declaration in PrincipalFolder ... def principalInfo(self, id)  ... self *should* fulfill the requirement of the first argument being an instance of LDAPAuth, should it not?16:39
timteno, you don't count 'self' as an argument16:40
timtethe first argument is the one after 'self'16:40
CrippsFXtimte: ahh. Then the error message does make sense. I guess I was under the wrong impression about order of arguments. Thanks. I'll do some refactoring so that it works correctly now.16:41
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CrippsFXtimte: well ... the type error makes sense anyways ... but if the type error is correct then the code in is wrong, and if the code in getPrincipal() is correct, then the spot where the type error is declared is wrong ... because in getPrincipal() id is *clearly* a string argument.16:45
* CrippsFX beats his head on the keyboard.16:46
CrippsFXI love simple problems like this.16:46
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CrippsFXoh, wait a second ....16:47
CrippsFXhold on, I think I may have found the problem.16:47
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CrippsFXnope ... that wasn't it.16:49
* benji admires CrippsFX's new YTREWQ forehead tattoo.16:50
CrippsFXthanks benji ... I had to work hard for this tat16:51
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CrippsFXif the interface IAuthenticatorPlugin (which LDAPAuth implements) has principalInfo() declared as def principalInfo(id)  , then what could possibly be causing LDAPAuth.principalInfo(id) to raise the TypeError() ?17:15
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spythonhi, I have this in my addform:  form_fields = ... + Fields(ITagging)     When i try to add i get a "AttributeError: Can't set attribute"19:45
spythonITagging has a "tags = List(TextLine())" which is stored as annotations19:45
lisppaste6spython pasted "attributeerror" at
spythonhmm, maybe the adding code is doing something like obj.tags = addingtags (adding to a function agh)19:46
mgedmintry Fields(ITagging).omit('tags')19:49
mgedminI find it a bit strange that an attribute named "mapping" contains a PersistentList (instead of a PersistentDict)19:49
spythoncopypaste from worldcookery's rating :)19:50
spythonshould be named something else yeah..19:50
spythonoh wait19:51
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spythonmgedmin: but if i do omit('tags') i cannot add tags via the addview19:58
mgedmindon't make tags a read-only property then19:58
spythongotcha :)20:01
* spython smacks himself in the neck20:01
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CrippsFXso, if an authenticator plugin is supposed to take an instance of itself as the argument for authPlugin.principalInfo(id);  then why does use a string when it calls principalInfo() ?21:05
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Theunibenji: ping21:31
CrippsFXwhy is this in getPrincipal?21:31
CrippsFX            if info is None:21:31
CrippsFX                continue21:31
CrippsFXthis check, effectively, does nothing.21:32
benjiTheuni: yo21:37
TheuniI read up some of the larger threads on zope3-dev21:37
TheuniYou wanted to make some changes to the coding-style part of the wiki. I took a look there and I too think it needs some cleanup. Anything specific how you wanted to approach that?21:37
benjiyou could knit a sweater with the py3k thead21:37
TheuniI was overwhelmed that there is so much stuff in there.21:37
Theunihmm. that would be warm.21:38
TheuniI didn't manage to read that thread yet.21:38
TheuniI'm scared if threads grow faster than I can read them.21:38
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recophiliKON: arround? christof hier21:44
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spythonhmm, I have form_fields = ... + Fields(IZopeDublinCore).select('title', 'description', 'subjects') in  my addform21:57
spythonand i can access context/zope:title and context/zope:description but not context/zope:subjects21:57
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spythonlast two lines in error output:21:58
spython   - __traceback_info__: (< object at 0x4092230>, 'subjects', [])21:58
spythonTraversalError: (< object at 0x4092230>, 'subjects')21:58
spythonwhen trying to do <li tal:repeat="s context/zope:subjects" tal:content="s">..</li>21:59
spythonand when i run debugzope IZopeDublincore(theobject).subjects  indeed returns the tuple with the subjects i added22:02
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instantfoospython: hmm, weird22:07
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spythoninstantfoo: yeah, i can't see what's wrong so i made a function (subjects) in the view that adapts context to DC and return dc.subjects..  and then tal:repeat="s view/subjects"22:10
instantfooyup that's a way22:15
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