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benjidrive by: sounds like an episode of "the sitemap monitoring is twitchy and should be better" <wink>02:54
benjidoh!  Ignore that everyone.02:55
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ateoh211trying to install grok with easy_install I ultimately recieve the error " 3.4.0a1 conflicts with requirement>=3.4.0a2"  where should I report this?13:12
wiggysearch the grok-dev list for it13:17
wiggythere are known workarounds for it13:17
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rockygood morning13:47
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ignasanyone who wants to be a guinea pig?14:25
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projekt01ignas, what's up?14:31
ignasi have a script i want someone to test on some other machine than mine14:32
projekt01What does it need?14:32
ignaspython and maybe gcc14:33
projekt01does it work on win?14:33
projekt01So I'm out of scope then ;-)14:34
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CrippsFXignas: I might be able to give it a shot for you15:38
ignastry something like "python2.4 zopeproject"15:40
ignasor some other egg that is small enough15:40
ignasand then bin/buildout15:40
CrippsFXrunning bin/buildout right now ;)15:42
CrippsFXit seemed to go fine, without a hitch.15:43
ignascan you try running bin/zopeproject to see if it runs?15:43
CrippsFXI don't have a project to run with it, but it appears to run.15:44
ignashmm, i forgot to tell you to do "easy_buildout" in a separate directory15:44
CrippsFXI made a dir called "test" in my homedir to try it out ;)15:44
ignascool then15:45
ignasyou can just remove it15:45
ignasthanks a lot15:45
CrippsFXnot a problem :)15:45
CrippsFXdo you know whos' familiar with the Pluggable Authentication system (i.e. its internal workings)?15:49
ignasok, maybe my coworkers, but they haven't touched it for a long while15:51
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jpfariashey guys15:54
jpfariasgood morning15:54
CrippsFXhas any of them ever complained about a "stupid f(*)&ing type error" for days on end having to do with the principalInfo() method? ;)15:54
CrippsFXmorning jpfarias15:54
jpfariaswhat is right way to start a zope3 project?15:54
jpfariasI heard a lot those days about eggs15:54
CrippsFXjpfarias: same way you start any project ... planning! :)15:54
jpfariasI mean15:55
jpfariasshould I use the tar.gz package15:55
jpfariasor something else?15:55
CrippsFXto install zope?15:55
CrippsFXI just used the svn trunk sources ...15:56
CrippsFX.. but then again, I'm running zope under a bottled version of python.15:56
jpfariaswhat is this eggs stuff people been talking about?15:56
timtejpfarias: try zopeproject15:57
CrippsFXtimte: what's the difference between "zopeproject" and a full-fledged zope install?15:57
timtezopeproject uses buildout and eggs15:58
timtethe new cool way to do zope  :)15:58
jpfariasok, will start off with it15:58
CrippsFXI take it that makes deploying new webapps a bit different?15:58
timteyeah, much easier15:58
jpfariasI'm wondering15:58
jpfariaswith this all new buildout / eggs15:59
jpfariaswhat should I put on my own svn repos?15:59
jpfariasand how do I deploy my app?15:59
timteyou put your own code in your own svn repo I guess?16:01
ignasjpfarias: look at svn checkouts of "zc.*" eggs16:02
ignasmost of them have bootstrap.py16:02
ignasand buildout.cfg16:02
ignasand setup.py16:03
ignasin the root directory of the checkout16:03
ignaszopeproject is nice for "creating" a new zope3 product16:03
ignasbut it won't help you converting your old one that much16:04
ignasthough - i guess you can look at the sandbox created by zopeproject16:04
ignasfor clues16:04
jpfariaslooks great :-)16:08
* CrippsFX is totally stuck.16:08
CrippsFXbrb ... Imma go grab a coke.16:08
ignasCrippsFX: tried pdb?16:08
CrippsFXignas: I'll ask you about that when I get back ;)16:09
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CrippsFXignas: k, I'm back. Is there a document about using pdb with Zope3, or is it pretty much the same as specified here? :
* CrippsFX has never used pdb before16:17
ignasi guess it's the same16:18
CrippsFXkk. I'll read that over a few times until it makes sense ;)16:18
ignasso just find the place that throws type error16:18
ignasand put import pdb; pdb.set_trace() somewhere around there16:18
ignasor some steps up the stack16:19
CrippsFXthe type error is thrown in :
ignascan you lisppaste6 the error?16:19
CrippsFXyep ... just a sec.16:19
ignasfull error16:19
lisppaste6CrippsFX pasted "getPrincipalInfo() error" at
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CrippsFXignas: there you go :)16:22
ignashmm, and how is your IAuthenticatorPlugin registered in zcml?16:24
ignasi mean - could you give me the line that registers it16:24
ignaszcml tag16:25
CrippsFXoh ... sorry, I missed that "how" the first time I read that.16:25
ignashmm, and how does LDAPAuth look? the full code please16:26
CrippsFXJust a moment on that, I'll have to edit out the *sensitive* info.16:27
CrippsFXill /msg you the password for that paste16:29
CrippsFXI'm just weird like that ;)16:29
ignasit's messed up, it seems16:30
ignasyou are passing a "class"16:30
ignasas a component16:30
ignaswhile classes are factories iirc16:30
ignasand it's persistent16:30
ignasglobal utilities are not persistent16:31
CrippsFXach so.16:31
CrippsFXso I should build a factory for this.16:31
ignasi'd guess16:31
ignasthough the persistent bit seems strange to me16:31
ignasnot sure how it should be16:31
CrippsFXyeah ... well, the passwd authenticator that phil did as a demo was persistent, I do believe ...16:32
ignascan't remember how local utilities are registered these days16:32
ignasso it might have to be persistent i guess16:32
CrippsFXyep ... it was.16:32
ignastry factory16:33
ignasit might help16:33
CrippsFXokay ... well, I'll go over the usual suspects for that, and I'll let you know how my endeavor turns out.16:33
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ignas  6         component=".plugin.LDAPAuth" ->   6         factory=".plugin.LDAPAuth"16:33
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CrippsFXIt's over with that god forsaken type error, now I've upgraded to a traversal error ;)16:35
zagyI'd like to register an transaction ISynchronizer. The registration is thread-local so how am I supposed to register the synchronizer with all threads?16:36
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jpfariashey guys18:06
jpfariaswith zopeproject18:07
jpfariashow do I get to debug shell?18:07
timtebin/zopectl debug I would guess18:07
jpfariasthere's no zopectl18:07
philiKON jpfarias: i haven't added this yet18:07
jpfariasonly buildout18:07
jpfariasand test18:08
philiKONjpfarias: here's what you can do18:08
philiKONadd a new section to buildout.cfg18:08
philiKONe.g. 'debug'18:08
* philiKON heads over to a pastebin18:08
philiKONjpfarias: hang on, i'd rather test it before i let you do it :)18:10
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philiKONjpfarias: um, wait for me to refactor? :)18:19
philiKONi thought it was going to be easier18:19
philiKONit's not18:19
philiKONthe good news is i'll do this pretty soon18:19
philiKONas in, the next days18:20
jpfariascan wait :-)18:20
philiKONfor the moment you can add this to your buildout.cfg:
philiKONand add 'debug' to your parts line18:20
philiKONin the [buildout] section18:20
philiKONthat will at least give you a bin/debug interpreter18:20
philiKONit won't load the zcml18:20
philiKONor the database18:21
philiKONbut you can do that manually18:21
philiKONfrom import Debugger18:21
philiKONdebugger = Debugger('Data.fs', 'site.zcml')18:21
philiKON(you enter this at the interpreter prompt)18:22
philiKONthis will open the db and load the zcml18:22
jpfariasData.fs or var/Data.fs?18:22
philiKONum, wherever your data.fs ;)18:22
philiKONum, wherever your data.fs is ;)18:22
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jpfariasI'm getting this problem now18:24
jpfariasI have a container and it contains another container18:24
jpfariasin a view18:25
jpfariasI wanna cycle thru the subcontainer items18:25
jpfariasso I've used tal:repeat="item context/subcontainer/values"18:25
jpfariasbut it is giving me this error:18:25
jpfariasForbiddenAttribute: ('get', < object at 0x01FB4830>)18:25
jpfariasWebSiteFolder is my subcontainer class18:26
philiKONjpfarias: do you have my book?18:26
jpfarias1st edition only though...18:26
philiKONp 31318:27
jpfariasI've added the class in configure.zcml18:27
philiKONexplains the difference between ForbiddenAttribute and Unauthorized18:27
jpfariasI see18:28
jpfariasso how can I cycle thru the container items?18:28
philiKONforbidden may have two sources18:28
philiKONeither you're accessing something you shouldn't be18:28
jpfariasvalues() was my obvious way18:28
philiKONor you forgot to make security declarations18:28
jpfariasI'm using container.values()18:28
philiKONdoes it work?18:29
jpfariastal:repeat="item context/subcontainer/values"18:29
jpfariasshould call subcontainer.values() right?18:29
jpfariasthat is giving the ForbiddenAttribute error18:29
jpfariasso I guess values is forbidden18:30
jpfariasby default :-)18:30
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* jpfarias wondering why18:30
philiKONyou need security declarations18:30
philiKONeverything is forbidden by default18:30
jpfariasoh my bad18:32
jpfariasI've  subclass from wrong interface18:32
jpfariasIContained instead of IContainer18:32
jpfariasnow it works fine18:33
jpfariasphiliKON: btw, I'm converting a grok app back to pure zope318:33
jpfariaswanna learn zope318:34
philiKONheh, ok18:34
jpfariashaving problems with grok and catalogs18:34
philiKONwhat problems?18:34
jpfariasdunno if I did it the right way18:34
jpfariasbut sometimes searching for same thing returns different results18:35
jpfariaseven though nothing is changed18:35
jpfariasI even tried starting with a fresh db and adding objects back again18:36
jpfariasbut got same weird behaviour18:36
jpfariasso I guess I did something wrong :-)18:37
philiKONthat's weird18:37
jpfariasI know!!!18:37
jpfariasgonna have lunch, brb18:39
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elroI need a field for a time, but I can't seem to find one. Timedeltas don't appear to have widget support. DateTimes mean I get a zc.datetimewidget in my setup, which won't allow me to enter a time on its own. Any ideas how to approach this?19:12
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philiKONelro: howzabout zope.schema.Time ?19:21
elrophiliKON: ImportError: cannot import name Time19:21
philiKONyou using zope 3.3?19:22
elro2.10.4 so yes19:22
philiKONzope.schema has Time in 2.11/3.419:22
elrogood to here it now exists though19:22
elrohopefully I'll be able to back port it19:22
philiKONyou could look at the source and put it in a private package for now19:22
philiKONbackport it to a private package and make a conditional import, i suggest19:23
philiKONtry: from zope.schema import Time; except ImportError: from mylegacypackage import Time19:23
* elro is never going back to archetypes19:24
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philiKONJ1m: could you give me (philikon) pypi access to pls? thx19:31
J1mphiliKON, done19:32
jpfariashey philiKON19:32
jpfariasgot another forbiddenattribute error19:33
jpfariasbut now I don't know why19:33
J1mI wonder who to "thank" for making me the ownder of everything.19:33
jpfariaschecked the interfaces and configure.zcml19:33
jpfariasseems allright19:33
jpfariasit was in an AddForm19:33
jpfariasForbiddenAttribute: ('add', < object at 0x01B7BAF0>)19:34
philiKONJ1m: i usually bug Theuni first, but when he doesn't react, i bug baijum (who isn't here yet) and then finally you... :/19:34
philiKONjpfarias: hard to debug w/o seeing the code19:35
jpfariasgonna paste19:35
jpfariasthat the configure.zcml directive19:36
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philiKONwell, no idea what the IWebSiteCOntainer thing is19:36
jpfariasthat the add form19:36
jpfariasthe form class I mean19:37
philiKONif IWebSiuteContainer has no add method or attribute, then it's pretty obvious that you're getting this error19:37
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philiKONoh, wait19:37
philiKONhow did you register this add form?19:37
philiKONyou need to register it for IAdding19:37
philiKONsigh. you really want my 2nd ed :)19:37
jpfariasthat the website + websitecontainer definitions19:38
philiKONbasically: register the add form for IAdding, not for the container19:38
philiKONi won't explain why b/c that's already in the book ;)19:39
philiKONprobably even 1st ed.19:39
jpfariasI registered like this:
philiKONyup. wrong :)19:39
jpfariasin my 1st ed here19:40
jpfariasI see it registers for IWriteContainer and IReadContainer19:40
philiKONthe security, yes19:40
jpfariascan't see anything for IAdding19:41
philiKONyeah, 1st ed. doesn't spell it out19:42
jpfariasanywhere I can take a look?19:42
philiKONbasically, register your add form for
philiKONit'll work19:42
philiKONyes, in the example tarball for the 2nd ed.19:42
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jpfariasgot it19:48
jpfariasnow I just don't like the url for adding19:48
philiKONyou shouldn't use formlib's AddForm19:49
philiKONbut a regular form19:49
jpfarias  /sites/+/
philiKONand register it for the container19:49
philiKONnote that you'll then have to write the action yourself19:49
philiKONlike in grok19:49
jpfariasI see19:49
jpfariaswill do that later19:50
jpfariasgotta run out now19:50
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philiKONjpfarias: i just implemented the debugging thing in zopeproject in svn20:31
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xbeanxWhen you register a catalog, does an event get dispatched that can be subscribed to?21:59
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pandreshi, im trying to install alchemist in plone2.5 and im getting problems with zc.table, i followed this thread (,-zc.table-on-Zope-2-t2472559s6745.html ) but havent solved it yet, does someon has an idea?22:42
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jpfariasphiliKON: hey23:49
jpfariasdid u updated zopeproject package in cheeseshop?23:49
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