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instantfoohi guys and girls, does Zope provide internationalized country names i can use in my member signup?00:46
jpfariasinstantfoo: just so u don't think everyone ignores u, I'm sorry but I don't know the answer00:48
instantfoothanks for your support00:48
instantfooi *could* hardcode them into my ZPT-page.. and this way i could easily translate them :)00:51
jpfariasmaybe a vocabulary?00:51
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instantfoothat's an option too, but then you can't internationalize as easy as just listing them in a ZPT page00:53
instantfoobut having the countries in ZPT, the value still needs to be checked at server-side, meh00:57
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instantfoohmm... quote: "[...] or that I didn't know something very special I needed was01:22
instantfooalready provided by Zope (e.g. internationalized country names)."01:22
instantfooseems like zope can help me with country names, now i just need to find out how :)01:23
instantfooquote from here btw..
philiKONjpfarias: nope01:38
instantfoohmm, i think i'll settle with a vocabulary of country codes and then manually do this for each country: (germany example) '<option value="DE" i18n:translate="country-de">Germany</option>'01:43
philiKONall that data is probably already available in the ICU data in zope.i18n.locales01:47
instantfoooh ok01:48
instantfooyeah, they're in zope/i18n/locales/data/01:51
instantfooin XML format01:51
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instantfoogreat, works like a charm01:57
instantfoonow for some sleep01:57
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kawaiineshey, i'm having a problem with zope page templates and ZSQL methods02:19
kawaiinesbasically, i havea  ZSQL method i want to call, using the results from a previous ZSQL method as argument02:19
kawaiinesusing a nested sequence of tal:repeats02:19
kawaiinesone for the first method02:19
kawaiinesanother for the second02:19
kawaiinesa loop of loops02:20
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kawaiinesbut the 2nd ZSQL method refuses to pass the variable from the first one. just says "missing input"02:20
kawaiinesany ideas, anyone?02:20
kawaiinesperhaps there's a way to use python to tell ZSQL objects what variables are what02:21
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philiKONso, i'm in the process of adding "debugzope" and "zopectl"-like capaibilities to zopeproject.17:59
philiKONi need a naming scheme for these scripts17:59
philiKONmy current idea is17:59
philiKONso, for example:17:59
philiKONbin/todolist-ctl fg17:59
philiKONwould start zope in case your package is called todolist (the egg may be called TodoList)17:59
jpfariassounds good to me18:00
philiKONand bin/todolist-debug  would start the interactive debugger18:00
philiKON- drop the dash or not?18:00
philiKON- use the egg name rather than the package name?18:00
jpfariasI like the dash there18:00
philiKON  (e.g. bin/TodoList-ctl fg ?)18:00
jpfariastodolist-ctl fg18:00
jpfariassounds better18:00
philiKONanybody else?18:01
instantfoowell, since debugzope and zopectl is used before, debug${package} and ${package}ctl18:03
instantfoohow about that18:03
philiKONi thought of that too, but isn't that a bit inconsistent?18:03
philiKONi mean, it *is* consistent with the past, but...18:03
philiKONalso,  debugtodolist  and todolistctl   look stupid18:03
instantfooagreed, come to think about it, i like the dash todolist-ctl.. that's my vote18:05
rockyphiliKON: i agree with your initial statements... todolist-ctl (with dash and not camelcase)18:20
philiKONcool, thx18:20
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kittonianhi all, anyone around?20:07
instantfooi'm not here20:08
kittonianno one is around in the #zope channel and although I'm using zope2 i was hoping someone could lend me some guidance on a python script issue I've been having for a few days now20:09
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kittonianthe script is at:
kittonianthe problem is that the form data that is being validated by this script isn't being passed correctly to the dtml-doc that processes the form and puts the data in the db. if I take out the python script and post the form directly to the processing page all is well20:11
kittoniani don't understand what I'm doing wrong here and google is no help20:11
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kittonianhello? anyone?20:33
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brandon_rhodesWhere ought z3c bugs be reported?  zalchemy does not work with the new version of SQLAlchemy (0.4), and I'd like to contribute a patch.21:16
philiKONbrandon_rhodes: Theuni's been working on this as well21:19
philiKONbrandon_rhodes: it helps watching the commit list :)21:19
philiKONespecially since you're now a contributor21:19
philiKONyou're actually obliged to subscribe to it21:20
philiKON(with the email address that you signed up on with, so your commit messages come thru)21:20
philiKONto answer your original question, write to zope3-dev21:20
brandon_rhodesAh!  So merely gmane'ing it will not be enough because that wouldn't let my emails post from Subversion.21:25
philiKONbut if you'r eusing gmane like me, you can disable mail delivery in mailman after signing up21:26
brandon_rhodesRight!  But I've got to be subscribed either way ... there, I'm subscribed now with delivery off.  Anyway, I don't see anything zalchemy-related in the last few hundred commits.21:29
philiKONperhaps theuni didn't commit21:30
philiKONno he did21:31
philiKONon 9/1121:31
* brandon_rhodes tries to figure out why gmane is giving him the zope checkins all out of order21:37
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philiKONbrandon_rhodes: sort by date?21:39
brandon_rhodesHmm. Gmane claims no posts to zope.zope3.cvs (as it calls it) have ever mentioned the word "zalchemy".  maybe I'd better go check the box to get actual email delivery after all.21:39
brandon_rhodesIt only shows one post in September:
brandon_rhodesIs this the wrong mailing list?21:42
brandon_rhodesUsing the gmane "blog" interface, in date order, also only shows one September post:
philiKONuse the all-cvs21:45
philiKONzope3.cvs only records commits to the Zope3/ tree21:45
philiKONzope.all-cvs corresponds to checkins@zope.org21:46
philiKONwhich is what you shoudl be subscribed to21:46
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brandon_rhodesThank you!  I can see the changes now, and they're exactly what I needed.21:52
brandon_rhodesI'll have to test to see if the current zalchemy egg is updated yet though.21:52
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