IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2007-09-18

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philiKON_hey WebMaven00:40
WebMavenphiliKON_: hi00:40
philiKON_WebMaven: i assume you've seen my noise about zopeproject00:40
WebMavenHey, I did a very short demo of zopeproject on Saturday.00:40
philiKON_demo as in presentation?00:40
WebMavenat least the checkins.00:41
WebMavenIt was a last-minute thing. I was lame.00:41
philiKON_0.4 is much better than 0.3.x00:41
philiKON_too bad i only finished it so late00:41
WebMavenbut some video or audio should be available eventually.00:41
WebMavenI forgot to mention your name.00:41
* WebMaven hangs head in shame.00:42
philiKON_heh. i could care less00:42
WebMavenI have a usability issue00:42
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philiKON_zopeproject is just all about putting great pieces together. there's little invention there00:42
WebMavenon a 'virgin' OS, zopeproject tries to get a dev version of ZODB3, and it fails if it can't compile.00:43
philiKON_(btw, i will start using zopeproject for real in the zope 3 training this week... this should give it a good shakeout)00:43
philiKON_i should really add prefer-final=true to the buildout.cfg template00:44
philiKON_problem is that that won't do much good now00:44
WebMavenon windows, workaround is to easy_install ZODB3 directly and copy to cache directory.00:44
philiKON_because even 3.8.0 isn't final yet00:44
philiKON_it's still in beta00:44
philiKON_actually a nicer workaround is to pin point the zodb3 version in buildout.cfg00:44
WebMavenbut on Linux this didn't work.00:44
philiKON_you add a versions sections to your buildout.cfg00:45
WebMavenWell, sure, but a solution that involves editing a file will scare newbies.00:45
philiKON_like here
philiKON_oh, i hear ya00:45
philiKON_this isn't zopeproject's fault00:45
philiKON_we just need to get to stable releases00:45
philiKON_for everything00:45
philiKON_then prefer-final will make sense00:45
philiKON_right now zodb3.8.0b2 and zodb3.9.0devXXX look the same to buildout00:46
philiKON_both are development releases00:46
philiKON_even though we have good binaries for 3.8.0b200:46
philiKON_it just doesn't know that00:46
philiKON_once we have stable stuff for everything, this is a non-issue00:46
philiKON_of course, it'd be even nicer if we could also tackle that working set problem00:46
philiKON_but we might just get to final releases sooner00:46
philiKON_who knows :)00:46
philiKON_at this rate, global warming is probably going to get us first00:47
wiggytortoise and hare?00:47
wiggytortoise and snail? :)00:47
philiKON_something like that00:47
philiKON_WebMaven: i did add instructions to the README on how to install mingw00:47
philiKON_WebMaven: with that you can compile everything on windows00:47
philiKON_i've tested that at least on XP00:48
WebMavenphiliKON_: note that directly easy_install -ing ZODB3 *did* work on windows... no compiling was necessary.00:48
philiKON_i know00:48
philiKON_because easy_install doesn't see the 3.9.0dev release we have at download.zope.org00:49
philiKON_buildout sees it because we tell it to look in that location00:49
philiKON_we need it to look there because not everything is on the cheeseshop00:49
philiKON_vicious circle00:49
WebMavenSounds like the heuristic needs to change a bit...00:50
philiKON_we just need to get our act together and release good eggs00:50
philiKON_the first round of eggs were just rubbish00:50
philiKON_i mean, it's ok00:50
philiKON_we're learning00:50
philiKON_it's just slow00:51
philiKON_that's partially why zopeprojet isn't 1.0 yet00:51
WebMavenie, just because d.z.o has a dev version, should it be used?00:51
philiKON_(i was pondering whether to release 0.4 as 1.0)00:51
philiKON_again, prefer-final00:51
WebMavenso, why does it?00:51
philiKON_because it's the newest00:51
WebMavenbecause the older one is ALSO a dev version?00:52
WebMavenAnd this is true of the one in the cheeseshop as well?00:52
WebMavenbut the older one DOES have a binary?00:53
philiKON_that's what i've been trying to say agove00:53
WebMavenIs there a 'prefer-binary' flag?00:53
philiKON_not that i know of at least00:55
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WebMavenphiliKON_: do you think it makes sense to add one?01:19
philiKON_probalby not. i'd rather spend that energy on getting the working set use case straighened out and working01:20
WebMavenHmm. I suppose it's just a workaround for badly released eggs anyway.01:22
philiKON_or a missing working set01:22
WebMavenOK, so when would you like me to start banging on zopeproject again?01:24
WebMavenusing my newbie hammer, of course...01:24
philiKON_define banging :)01:24
philiKON_you can send me feedback anytime01:24
philiKON_in fact, the sooner the better01:25
philiKON_as said, it's going to get real-world exposure for the next three weeks (zope3 trainings)01:25
WebMaventomorrow evening?01:25
philiKON_umm. email?01:26
philiKON_i can't really be on irc the next days b/c of the training01:26
philiKON_end of next week if you prefer irc01:27
WebMavenphiliKON_: poke01:30
philiKON_WebMaven: yes?01:30
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WebMavenphiliKON_: Sorry, I am very lagged here.01:40
WebMavenI think you answered my Qs.01:40
philiKON_WebMaven: that's ok. i'm very tired here :)01:40
* philiKON_ goes to bed01:40
WebMavenstupid hotel with crappy wireless connected to a shitty DSL line.01:41
WebMavenphiliKON_: good night!01:42
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romanofskimoin :)09:32
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timteI know people say you shouldn't use system python for zope projects. Are you guys compiling a python manually that you use for all zope projects on that same machine or do you compile a new python in every buildout?10:23
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baijumtimte, new python for every buildout is not necessary10:53
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* wiggy just uses the system python11:18
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jodoktimte, baijum, wiggy: we never ever use system python :) it just causes troubles11:35
wiggyin all the few years I've done zope I've never had a problem with system python11:35
jodokwiggy: the system python usually doesn't cause problems.11:35
jodokbut systems tend to have different libraries installed in the python path11:36
jodokand these packages, libraries might interfere with your stuff11:36
jodokand tend to lead to not reproducable steps during deployments11:36
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wiggyfor hosting I use the system python with only PIL and setuptools installed11:37
baijumSince I found may discouraging mails about system Python in zope mailing list, I always preferred a custom Python ..11:38
baijumNow we have tools like virtualenv ( So I guess system Python won't be a problem anymore ...11:39
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edgordoni am writing a lifecycleevent for IObjectAddedEvent and in that event i need to use some dublincore metadata. When i try to access this data, the creator comes back blank. I am guessing it is because my action runs before the metadata updates. Is that possible, and, if so, how do you determine the run order of various lifecycle events?20:38
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mgedminyou can't20:52
mgedminyou're not supposed to depend on the order in which event handlers are called20:52
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sureshvvCan there be 2 view classes for a page? I have 2 sections of the page and they have different forms20:57
benjiedgordon: there are a couple of approaches that can be used in that situation: 1) if you depend on another event subscriber being run before your subscriber (and can tweak the first), make the first fire an event and subscribe the *second* to that event instead20:58
benji2) as a last result you can add an after-commit hook and be sure all subscribers have been fired, but that has its own downsides20:58
* mgedmin wonders why dc metadata doesn't set creator on IObjectCreatedEvent, which is sent before IObjectAddedEvent, IIRC20:58
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sureshvvsomeone answer me please!21:03
jpfariassureshvv: hey21:04
sureshvvhi jpfarias21:04
jpfariasthere's no problem about having 2 browser views for some content21:04
jpfariasin general there are more than one21:04
fcorreawith different names ;)21:04
jpfariasthere are the viewlets21:04
sureshvvbrowser view same as browser page21:05
jpfariasa browser page is generated from a browser vierw21:05
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jpfariasu register them with <browser:page ... />21:06
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jpfariasare u new to zope3 too?21:07
jpfariasI'm working on my first zope3 project :-)21:07
jpfariasI'm using grok21:07
jpfariasmaybe u should try grok too21:07
jpfariasit is a easier way to get introduced to zope3 world21:07
sureshvvok... I have a <page name= template= for= class= layer= permission=> Do I repeat the whole thing and just change the class? Can I put 2 classes in the same directive?21:08
jpfariasrepeat whole browser:page21:08
jpfariasu will need to give different name21:08
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jpfariasand class21:08
afd_sureshvv: you can use the attribute option to reuse the same class21:08
jpfariasafd_: I didn't know that :-)21:08
jpfariaswhat I do is make a class for each page21:09
sureshvvjpfarias... if I change the name, that will be how the page is known to the browser, right?21:10
sureshvvbut I want it with the same name21:11
sureshvvsee I have a page that has 2 forms21:11
sureshvvform1 has 1 view class and form2 has a different 121:12
jpfariasu make 2 pages21:12
jpfariaseach with its own name21:12
jpfariasmaybe even 3 pages21:12
jpfariasone with main template21:12
jpfariasand 2 others with a form each21:12
jpfariassay: <page name="main" ... />21:12
jpfarias<page name="form_a" />21:12
jpfarias<page name="form_b" />21:13
jpfariasin main page template21:13
jpfariasu can use form_a and form_b21:13
jpfariaslike this:21:13
jpfarias<div tal:replace="structure context/@@form_a" />21:13
sureshvvi will try that21:14
sureshvvthanks jp21:14
jpfariasnp :-021:14
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sureshvvjpfarias... u still here?22:00
sureshvvjpfarias... that worked... almost!22:01
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sureshvvI am doing a <div tal:replace="context/@@page_2"> but this is pulling in the standard header also... how do i prevent this?22:40
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timtesureshvv: are you sure you don't get the header fron something else in the template?22:47
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sureshvvtimte... i am sure22:48
sureshvvtimte... does the zcml <browser: page> do something?22:48
timteit just registers the view, nothing more22:55
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timtesureshvv: you don't have use-macro="here/main_template/macros/master" in the <html> tag?22:56
*** RaFromBRC is now known as RaFromBRC|lunch22:57
timteah, now I'm getting plony, but maybe that's not what you're doing  :)22:57
timtesureshvv: what exactly is page_2?22:57
sureshvvpage_2 is a form23:02
sureshvvtimte... no plone23:03
sureshvvtimte... pure zope323:03
sureshvvcan we do context/@@page/macros/macro1?23:08
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