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brandon_rhodesHow can i check out Zope 3 from SVN in such a way as I can run its test?00:21
brandon_rhodeser, "tests"?00:21
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wiggydoes anyone know what the status of z3c.widget is?00:26
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ignasJ1m: is it possible to bootstrap buildout without internet connection?00:37
ignasby setting up an egg-cache or something like that00:38
J1mignas, you can use an existing buildout to bootstrap a buildout.00:38
ignasand it will not try to download any eggs?00:39
J1mpath_to_any_buildout/bin/buildout bootstrap00:39
J1mMy home directory is a buildout and I have buildout23, buildout24, and buildout25 scripts in ~/bin that I use to boostrap.00:40
J1mI never use :)00:40
J1mIt uses the eggs from the existing buildout.00:40
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ignasJ1m: i see, thanks for the info00:42
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elroIs there a Decimal widget around? In 3.3 it seems to use the float widget, so formlib thinks there are changes even when there are not12:17
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mgedminthere were once at least two implementations, but I don't know if any of them got merged to core12:21
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baijumphiliKON, I have updated my screencast :
baijumbut still no sound, but some narration added14:34
baijumThis time I have reduced screen size ...14:36
timtedid you add anything meaningful so I should watch it again? :)14:39
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baijumtimte, nothing new ;)14:55
edgordon_is there a method to generate an initial password for principals? I want to do the whole 'create user then email them the password' thing15:04
edgordon_thanks. i saw that, just wanted to see if there was anything already there in zope15:16
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baijumagroszer,edgordon_: Beware the GPL virus in that recipe ;)15:22
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CrippsFXgood morning15:56
jpfariasgood morning15:56
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faassenJ1m: hey :)15:58
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baijumfaassen, that was my mistake, I should have bumped the version to 3.4.1 ( )16:40
* baijum talking about the mail in grok-dev list16:40
timtemore than half of the checkin mails are bumps, lots of bumping16:41
baijumtimte, in the world of eggs always bump.. bump.. bump :) otherwise a simple mistakes cannot be corrected as in my case.16:43
* baijum feel sorry about all these problems...16:44
* baijum leaving16:46
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benjiI'm starting to think we should remove versions on the trunk, and only change them in tags, and make releases from there16:49
brandon_rhodesI'm writing a test that needs to register an adapter and then see if it works.16:56
brandon_rhodesHow, in a test, is one supposed to have Zope run some ZCML so that the adapter becomes live?16:56
faassenbrandon_rhodes: typically people use the zope.component APIs directly.16:57
benjibrandon_rhodes: you can do that if you really want to test the ZCML handling itself, but normally you just register the adapter via Python16:57
brandon_rhodesHow do I register an adapter in Python?16:57
brandon_rhodesBeyond having implements() and adapts() in the class already, of coures.16:58
brandon_rhodeser "course"16:58
benjialso, if you're going to be doing the adaptation in the test, you probably just want to instantiate the adaptor directly, no need to register it16:59
faassenbrandon_rhodes: you can use zope.component.provideAdapter, and yeah, what benji says, if you don't need the dynamic lookup you can just instantiate one by hand.16:59
brandon_rhodesThis is my change to have AbsoluteURL try adapting its context to ILocation before trying to access the __parent__17:00
brandon_rhodesBecause otherwise I can't provide an ILocation adapter for objects coming from other libraries.17:00
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brandon_rhodesWell, I mean, I *can*, but they don't do any good currently :-)17:01
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brandon_rhodesSo: in zope/traversing/browser/, I have added a new test, and created a FooContext which doesn't provide ILocation and a FooLocation which adapts FooContext to ILocation.17:02
brandon_rhodesAnd now I need to "wake up" the adapter so it starts working.17:02
brandon_rhodesSo I'll try provideAdapter17:02
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* Cripps kicks pdb in the testicles17:10
benjiCripps: you don't want to make pdb angry, you wouldn't like him when he's angry.17:13
brandon_rhodesIn, I see a "_getContextName" function that is used only one place in Zope - in the function right above it!  And it looks like, to be symmetrical with the code for getting __parent__, it should be factored back in.17:14
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brandon_rhodesAm I missing something?17:14
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benjidon't know; but if it starts with a leading underscore, it's not part of the API, so you should be able to refactor it away17:22
brandon_rhodesI'll try and see what the gods think. :-)17:22
brandon_rhodesOh, and thanks, benji and faassen!17:23
brandon_rhodesMy test cases run now.17:23
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Crippsbenji: :P17:36
Crippsbenji: I don't like him when he's *not* angry ...17:36
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mgedminwhat's the url for the commiter agreement?17:55
mgedminyvl should sign it, seeing how he's going to the foliage sprint with me17:56
mgedminis this the latest version: ?17:56
mgedmingiven the "CVS" in the URL17:56
* mgedmin was googling for "zope 3 commit access"17:57
mgedminJ1m, srichter, anyone?17:59
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Crippsbenji would know!!!18:02
srichtermgedmin: here18:09
srichterlet me find it18:09
mgedminif is not up to date, it would be good to change it to point to the relevant version?18:10
mgedminbecause it's got Google juice18:10
brandon_rhodesmgedmin: sounds like a great idea18:13
brandon_rhodesI wish all out-of-date info on the web had pointers. :-)18:13
mgedminah, so had the right link after all18:13
mgedminthe letters "CVS" confused me18:13
mgedminand this quote: "Zope Corporation (ZC) is opening the Zope CVS repository to allow checkins from external contributors."18:14
srichteryeah, it does not contain the CVS in the text18:14
srichterversion 1.1 is the correct one for now18:14
agroszerhi srichter18:14
srichtermgedmin: there were some issues changing to the Zope foundation agreement18:14
srichteragroszer: hi18:14
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agroszersrichter: did you receive the proposal?18:15
mgedminwould anyone mind if I went through that wiki page and changed CVS to Subversion?18:15
Crippshey srichter. Paid any thought to my suggestion about VNC/ekiga?18:15
Crippsmgedmin: I think it's a good idea ...18:15
Crippswait ... is there a CVS repo too?18:16
mgedminCripps: not any more18:16
srichtermgedmin: I don't think so, but we should probably leave a backlink to CVS, just because it is referenced at so many places18:16
mgedminI wasn't planning to change links, just the text18:16
Crippsah ... then yeah, switching the text is a good idea.18:17
srichteragroszer: I studied your proposal for the last days; I read some of the references too18:17
mgedminoh dear, there are many pages mentioning CVS at
agroszersrichter: thanks18:18
J1mbtw, please tell any new committers to give references. :)18:19
mgedminI can vouch for yvl18:19
mgedminit's funny18:20
mgedmin talks about CVS18:21
mgedmin talks about Subversion, because I've just changed it18:21
* mgedmin changes the text back and adds a link to the newer page18:24
yvlJ1m, should I fax the signed agreement to somebody?18:28
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J1myvl, yes. or you can send me a signed scanned copy.18:38
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mgedminI'm surprised to see that unicode strings placed into an OrderedContainer become security-proxied19:07
mgedminah, that's probably because the container claps a ContainedProxy around them19:07
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Crippsis there a check to see if a utility already exists? I have a piece of code on site instantiation that adds and then registers a Utility to/for the site manager, and then when it reaches another block of code later goes back and re-runs this code ... because of that I get a "Duplication Error," so I want to run a check and skip over the registration if it's already registered.19:18
agroszerCripps: from import ensureUtility19:19
agroszerthat returns with none if the utility is already there19:20
Crippsagroszer: sounds good. I'll look into that ... since I'm restructuring the app, bootstrap might be a good way to go anyways :)19:20
Crippsalright ... off to class for now.19:20
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ignassrichter: ayt?19:38
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srichterignas: here19:39
ignassrichter: do you have any notes from your term/gradebook work left?19:39
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ignasi am trying to merge it to trunk/ finish it up19:39
ignasand i am just not sure about whether some parts are unfinished, or just not deleted from the repository yet19:40
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Crippsagroszer: in, it adds the utility to the TOP site manager ... I want to add the utility to the site manager for the site I'm creating ... specifically what I'm having trouble with at this point is creating some catalogs20:46
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agroszeralso piece of cake20:46
agroszerfrom import hooks20:46
agroszerold_site = hooks.getSite()20:47
agroszerthen ensureUtility20:47
Crippsahhh. That's really nifty ... so that would make my site the top site root.20:47
Cripps... unless I want to set the top site back to old_site20:47
Crippsagroszer: thanks.20:47
agroszerset it back at the end20:47
mgedmin"top site" is a bit inaccurate, I'd say "the current site"20:48
agroszeruse a try/finally20:48
agroszer        hooks.setSite(old_site)20:48
Crippsagroszer: makes sense, I'll give that a shot then.20:48
Crippsmgedmin: maybe that should be changed in the in code doc ... it can probably be changed around Zope 3.5 when the deprecation warning is removed from that function.20:49
mgedminwhat code doc?20:49
Crippsmgedmin: has in-code documentation that says "top site" as aopposed to "current site"20:50
mgedminah, I thought you were referring to the documentation of setSite20:51
mgedminI'm looking at the code now, and it appears to me setSite() won't change what ensureUtility does20:52
mgedminyou need to provide a different folder as the first argument20:52
agroszerIt's working here...20:52
mgedminI wonder why20:53
agroszercatalog = ensureUtility(yourSiteRoot, ICatalog, catalogName,20:53
mgedmindoes SomeFolder.getSiteManager() use getSite()?20:53
nathanyis there a concise way to register a view for multiple names?20:53
nathanyie, for any view named "deed.??" serve the same view?20:54
mgedminnathany: you can override the traversal and do anything you like20:54
nathanymgedmin: thanks20:54
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agroszerCripps, mgedmin: I was wrong, it's working also without setSite21:02
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agroszerputs the utility to the right place21:02
mgedminyes, it extracts the site management folder directly from the site, which you pass as the first argument21:02
agroszerI had a zapi.getUtility without context after... that failed without setSite21:03
mgedminit would be nice if that argument was renamed to 'site' instead of being 'root_folder'21:03
agroszeradded context=siteRoot, voila it's working21:03
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Crippsso then, based on what I've read here, the statement in this paste *should* be true:   ... agroszer would you verify that for me, please?21:04
mgedminCripps: no21:05
agroszermgedmin, I need to go.. can you please explain him?21:05
Crippsokay. Then I am missing a concept here. Which one is it?21:05
mgedmin"zope 3 is hard"21:05
Crippsmgedmin: hehehe. You can say that again ... and I'm still only getting paid minimum wage :(21:06
mgedminyou need something like what I appended to
Crippsmgedmin: alright, I'll read it.21:07
mgedminensureUtility will create and register the utility for you21:07
mgedmindisclaimer: I don't recall ever using it21:07
mgedminoh, actually I have21:07
Crippsahh. cool. Okay. I see.21:07
mgedminensureUtility(site, IAuthentication, '', PluggableAuthentication)21:08
mgedminit's catalogs I've never used :)21:08
* mgedmin probably shouldn't advertise that if he wants to be taken seriously21:08
CrippsI should start making *heavy* use of the bootstrap code.21:08
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J1mensureUtility is a classic example of a "helper" function that makes things harder.21:15
J1msetting up a utility is conceptually much simpler without it.21:15
J1mIt is a holdober from when setting up utilities was much harder,21:16
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CrippsJ1m: yeah ... if there's a better way to check for the existence of a utility registered to a *newly instantiated* site, could you let me know? :)21:23
benjiCripps: if you store the utility some where, you can look there and see if it's there yet21:26
J1mCripps, why would a newly instantiated site have *any* utilities registered?21:26
mgedminmaybe someone listens for IObjectAddedEvent without realising that it is also invoked when you copy & paste an existing object from the ZMI?21:28
mgedmin... IIRC21:28
J1mIf you really *must* check for an existing registration, call registeredUtilities() on the site manager and filter the result.21:28
J1mSee zope.component.interfaces.IComponentRegistry.21:29
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J1mmgedmin, I wonder if sniffing is masking a bug.21:29
* J1m hates sniffing21:29
benjiJ1m: you prefer smoking or injections?21:30
J1mI prefer ingestion.21:30
CrippsJ1m: well ... *during* the instantiation one block of code gets called more than once, and the second time causes an error. I don't know hwy though, because I didn't write the code.21:32
J1msounds like ill-thought-out code.21:32
CrippsJ1m: sure does.21:32
J1msniffing makes it hard to tell what's going on because you don't know where something is really being done.21:32
J1mso anyway, I told you a way to sniff.21:33
Crippsanyways, I'm going home for the day, I'll re-read this and try to do it tomorrow. I hope I get to the bottom of this issue soon because I can't start to re-structure the code until it's figured out.21:33
Crippsg'night guys. I'll be back in the morning.21:33
J1mIn this particular case, the approach that benji suggested might also work.21:34
J1msince the repeated code probably also stuffs an object somwhere.21:34
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javimansillahi there23:02
javimansillacan I bind a vocabulary with a widget, but not with a field?23:04
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javimansillawhy would I wont that? well, I want to display several things in my widget, 2 of them with a different vocabulary23:05
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