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markusleistsrichter: ayt06:47
markusleistsrichter: will send you a small z3c.form patch by mail06:50
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pyqwerDoes someone know what's the best way to install Zope3 as a Python library? Is it possible to do an easy_install?09:26
pyqwerI can currently run Zope3 but if I try to do an "import zope" from the Python command line, it fails.09:27
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sureshvvAttributeError: 'BrowserRequest' object has no attribute 'set'10:19
sureshvvHow do I set something in the request?10:19
philiKONyou don't10:20
philiKONrequest is read only10:20
philiKONthe fact that the zope 2 request has a 'set' method is evi evil evil10:20
sureshvvhow do I set a flag in a form that the .pt file can examine?10:22
sureshvvin the action method?10:23
sureshvvview attribute?10:24
sureshvvphiliKON... say something :)10:26
philiKONyes, set someting on the view object10:26
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sureshvvZope thinks SimpleViewClass is the view class rather than my form10:51
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sureshvvNeed some help with formlib11:18
sureshvvI have a .pt file with a form in it11:19
sureshvvat the top of the .pt file I test a view attribute11:19
sureshvvon submit I set the value of the attribute11:19
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sureshvvThe attribute value seems to change mid way in the .pt file11:20
sureshvvdoes this make sense?11:20
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ThomasKarlRichtewhere can i find an introduction about how bootstrapping is working inside
wiggyin the source12:43
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sureshvvIs it ok to do self.request.response.redirect() inside a form action?13:32
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philiKONThomasKarlRichte: look at the code zopeproject generates, for instance13:37
philiKONThomasKarlRichte: in src/<package>/startup.py13:37
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ThomasKarlRichtephileKON: thanx13:38
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* Cripps yawns16:14
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Crippsgood morning folk16:14
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redirI have to create an object to register it with an IntIds utility, correct? THis means that I cannot use the IntIds utility to create unique names for items does it not?17:17
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philiKONredir: you have to *add* an object to a container to register it with intids18:01
philiKONnot only create18:01
philiKONthere's a difference18:01
philiKONcreate:  obj = MyKlass()18:01
philiKONadd:   container['obj'] = obj18:01
philiKONto answer your question, yes.18:01
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redirTHanks philiKON19:19
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hazmatwhat recipe are folks using for a zope 3 instance.. zope3recipes or zope3instance20:23
hazmati was trying out zope3recipes, but it seems to have a bug in it, it references an undefined variable logger on error20:23
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_tarek_I have a question about encodings in Zope 321:18
_tarek_i can see unicode() in Zope 3 code, and sometimes, unicode(xx, utf8), and sometimes unicode(xxx, getPreferredEncoding())21:19
_tarek_the thing is, for the unicode(xxx) it can brake, depending on the python encoding21:20
_tarek_what is the best practice ?21:20
_tarek_changing python default encoding or21:20
_tarek_always specify the encoding to use ?21:20
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_tarek_hi philiKON21:35
_tarek_i have a question about encoding in zope 3,21:35
_tarek_i had a bug on a unicode(xxx) call21:35
_tarek_and i've seen people around using sys.setdefaultaencoding to force to utf821:36
_tarek_when the ascii codec is the default and it brakes21:36
_tarek_but what would be the best practice in Zope 3 ?21:36
philiKONnever ever ever ever use sys.setdefaultencoding21:37
_tarek_use explicit unicode(xxx, 'utf8')21:37
_tarek_welel, or sitecustomize.py21:37
philiKONand just doing unicode(foo) is just plain ignorant21:37
philiKONno idea what is21:37
philiKONbut anything that changes the global python setup is just evil21:37
_tarek_ok that's what i guess21:37
philiKONyou'll end up in deployment hell21:37
_tarek_i agree21:37
philiKONunicode(foo) is plain naive and ignorant21:37
philiKONalways do an explicit decoding21:37
philiKONeither with unicode(foo, 'utf-8)21:37
_tarek_another question,21:38
philiKONi prefer:  foo.decode('utf-8')21:38
_tarek_do i need to use getPrefereredEncoding ?21:38
_tarek_or 'uytf8' is fine21:38
philiKONwhat's getPreferredEncoding?21:38
_tarek_i grepped in z3 code and i found it in
philiKONno idea what that is21:40
philiKONit all depends on where you're getting your data from21:41
philiKONwhat is this foo?21:41
_tarek_(zope 3's zope 2.11 dist)21:41
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_tarek_actually it's a regular utf8 string so i know how to explicitely decode it. but i was wondering what was the right thing to do21:42
_tarek_thanks !21:42
philiKONsure, np21:43
_tarek_philiKON, to make sure I understand in this code:
_tarek_if you grep for unicode(21:46
philiKONthat's fine21:46
_tarek_is that something that should be explicit21:46
philiKONlabel must never ever be an 8bit string21:47
philiKONjust a 7bit ascii21:47
philiKONso it just be a str()21:47
philiKONbut it can't be    label = 'Föö'21:47
philiKONbut it can be    label = 'Foo'21:47
_tarek_like an id21:47
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timteIf I want to put some info in a cookie I shouldn't use ISession, should I?22:18
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srichtertimte: no you should :-)22:18
srichtertimte: it will not be a cookie itself, but the session is bound to a cookie22:18
timteif I set timeout in SessionDataContainer, will that actually set the cookie timeout in the client browser?22:23
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fcorreaHello buildouters. I have a question about a recipe in special. There is this plone.recipie.command that is supposed to run a command through os.system. The point is: Do I need to insert something like [runsomething] in my [buildout] parts section or by just creating the [runsomething] it will run?22:32
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benjiI'm not familiar with that recipe, but one way or another all actions start with a part.22:33
fcorreabenji: got it. So by putting it in the parts section will enforce it to run rigth?22:33
fcorreacool. tks22:34
fcorreaI didn't try it yet :D22:35
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