IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2007-09-24

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projekt01J1m, did you read the proposal about separate views using a component.zcml?00:29
J1mYes, I don't understand it.00:30
J1mAre you just suggesting to use separate zcml files for view and non-view registrations?00:30
projekt01Yes, component.zcml and browser.zcml00:34
projekt01Both get included in configure.zcml00:34
projekt01This will not break anything00:35
srichterJ1m: yeah, basically ew try to figure out how to separate the Python API from the view stuff00:35
srichterbecause the view stuff is mostly written for Rotterdam and macro-bsaed views00:35
srichterand including them in a server where we do not want to use rotterdam or macros makes no sense00:36
J1mso this isn't really a proposal so much as a suggested way to arrange configuration?00:36
srichterJ1m: a more intrusive approach would be to create new packages like "ns.mypackage" and "ns.mypackage.browser"00:36
srichterJ1m: right, it is more about refactoring to gain some more configuration hooks00:37
J1mrefactoring what?00:37
srichterJ1m: (I have not read the proposal yet, but have the benefit of having Roger at the same table)00:37
projekt01it's more a new arrangement then a refactoring00:37
J1mrefactoring what?00:37
* J1m wants to scream: "So what?"00:38
srichterJ1m: refactoring: rearranging the ZCML registrations, so one can decide more granularly what to include and what not00:38
J1mare you talking about refactoring the zcml in the zope.* projects?00:38
srichterJ1m: I suggested to Roger not to even write a proposal ;-) because it does not affect public apis00:38
J1mI still don't know what y'all are saying.00:39
projekt01yes, especialy in,, all of them register add menu items and addform, editform views.00:39
J1mdo you want to go through the zope.* projects and factor their configs?00:39
projekt01We don't use anymore, so we can't register such views00:39
srichterJ1m: yep00:39
J1mwell, it's ok w me.00:40
projekt01And make eggs for this packages00:40
J1mPerhaps a note to the list saying simply what you propose to do would be good.00:40
srichterJ1m: yeah, I will write something more structured00:40
projekt01Ok, thanks00:40
J1mand that there will be no impact on people who just include configure.zcml.00:40
srichterJ1m: do you think that in the long run splitting packages into "zope.package" and "zope.package.brower"/"zope.package.zmi" would be a more solid approach?00:41
srichterJ1m: because just splitting package configuration is only half the story00:42
srichterJ1m: the overall goal is, of course, to minimize package dependencies00:42
J1mfirst, I'm not for making work. :)00:42
projekt01is it possible to nest eggs, which means make a egg for and one for
J1msecond, I'd be for having and zope.foobrowser00:42
J1mYou won't be able to make foo.browser a namespace package.00:43
J1mYou won't be able to make zope.foofoo a namespace package.00:43
J1mYou won't be able to make a namespace package.00:43
projekt01I see00:43
srichterok, darn00:43
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J1mBut that should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.00:44
J1mFor a package that is only useful in zope, or exists primarily to support browser apps, it doen't really make sense to have a separate browser package.00:45
srichterJ1m: so part of the ZCML split is to minimize dependencies; if we leave the code in the same package, we have to use "extra_includes" to split dependencies between core API and browser dependencies00:45
J1m(e.g. for
J1myou mean extras_require?00:45
srichterright, I think the split needs to be three fold: API, basic browser components, ZMI management UI00:46
srichterJ1m: yes00:46
J1mThat just opens up a can of worms.00:46
J1mAs you know, I think extras are a crock.00:46
srichterright, that'sa my worry00:46
srichterJ1m: so we should do it right and split the packages then?00:47
J1mIf a component really really really wants to live without the browser stuff, then I would make a separate package for it.00:47
srichterok, agreed, so let's do that00:47
J1motherwise I wouldn't bother.00:47
J1mI'm not trying to encourage anh gedons. :)00:47
J1mGuys, btw, I love extjs.00:50
wiggyyou're the second person to say that00:50
wiggyhow does it compare to jquery?00:50
J1mIt is much higher level.00:50
J1mIt makes more sense to compare it to wxpython.00:50
wiggyor kss?00:50
J1mIt makes web development not suck.00:51
J1mI'm not familiar with kss.00:51
wiggykss allows you to do stuff through a css-like system, no javascript writing needed00:51 iirc00:51
wiggyplone 3 uses it00:51
J1mThen this may be anti-kss.00:51
J1mYou can do pretty much everything through js.00:52
J1mso you have a real ui programming language.00:52
wiggyI'll have to take a look at it someday00:52
J1mYou can almost completely avoid writing pointy brackets if you want to.00:52
J1mIt radically changes the way web UIs are written -- for the better imo00:53
J1msrichter, projekt0100:53
* wiggy back to fighting the zope testrunner00:53
wiggyit keeps ignoring a file :(00:53
wiggyI'm somewhat worried that there seems to be a new great java framework every year00:55
wiggyjavascript I mean00:56
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J1mwell, they'll keep trying until they get it right. This is a Good Thing.00:58
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J1mGary Poster did a bunch of research and fealt that this was the best around for what we want to do.   I'm pretty happy with the model, which is much more like a tradiational UI framework.00:59
srichterJ1m: would you think that something like "zope.session.api", "zope.session.browser" and "zope.session.zmi" would be acceptable01:00
J1mno, I don't want to see more subpackages.01:00
srichter(whether session is the right package for such a split is another question; I just used it as example)01:00
J1m"Shallow is better than nested."01:00
wiggyisn't there a way to hook into a general admin interface thing instead of rotterdam01:00
J1mbrowser subpackages were a mistake.01:00
srichterJ1m: I like pyjamas too01:01
J1mYou guys should stick to just factoring the zcml.01:02
J1mIf you want to refactor the packages, that is a much bigger deal.01:03
J1mfor example, removing the browser and zmi stuff from will either require a new major version #, which would cause lots of problems, or a whole new package.01:04
J1mI guess you could create zope.session that didn't have any UI support and then change to use that -- as long as was backward compatible.  But this is a special case since zope.session is available.01:05
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edgordonis there a certain way i need to add objects to a contain in order for the catalog to pick up the event? i am doing 'folder[objname'] = obj' and my indexes aren't updating05:26
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lezardoI'm a zope3 beginner and I would like to know how to use zope.html to have an FCKeditor11:58
lezardoin Phil's application worldcookery11:58
lezardodoes anyone know how to do that???11:59
lezardoI have already modify the interfaces.py11:59
lezardoand of course i install zope.html11:59
lezardobut i don't know what else does I kneed to do?12:00
lezardoor just a way to find the right documentation?12:01
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lezardonobody know???12:07
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__gotchais there a spec somewhere that explains ppix for buildout and eggs14:30
__gotchaI'd like to know how to query about the eggs it can distribute14:31
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__gotchazope.component 3.3 is not available in cheeseshop or download.z.o14:34
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* mgedmin is at the foliage sprint, yay16:14
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Crippsway to go mgedmin :)16:23
Crippsmgedmin: say hi to Stephan for me ;)16:23
mgedminsrichter: Cripps says hi16:24
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CrippsI take it everyone is just showing up about now?16:24
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whitanybody know if it's possible to install just by easy_install?16:59
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mgedminI see one test failure on zope 3 trunk17:01
lisppaste6mgedmin pasted "make test failure on trunk" at
mgedminlooks insignificant17:02
Crippshahaha ... the end of the triple-quoted string is commented out.17:02
Crippsah, but it's the offset that's wrong.17:03
timtewhit: yeah, it's registered at pypi17:03
mgedmincould it be a line ending issue?17:03
mgedminCR versus CRLF would change the offset by 117:04
Crippsyeah ... it could be that.17:04
Crippsbut it shouldn't make a difference, else there would be a blank line kicking around after the try: statement.17:06
mgedmin looks pretty bleak17:06
Crippsoh boy ... it sure does.17:07
Crippsbuild bot is sick?17:08
whittimte: I get error: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('') when I try to install it via pypi17:09
whitand is a non-entity17:10
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timteworks here17:11
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* whit tries afresh17:12
whitI started with easy_install hurry.query17:13
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mgedminis there a canonical "getting started with eggified zope 3" document somewhere?17:33
* mgedmin knows about zopeproject17:33
* mgedmin wants to test eggified zope without installing random stuff into his real site-packages17:33
timtevirtualenv is good for that17:34
timteand buildout17:34
mgedminexcept that they require me to easy_install virtualenv/zc.buildout, which go into my global site-packages17:35
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timtefor workingenv there is a script you can download instead of installing it, maybe there's one for virtualenv as well17:36
mgedmin only has egg and tar.gz downloads17:37
mgedminwow, virtualenv weighs 673 kb17:38
mgedminah, it has two pre-built setuptools eggs inside17:38
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timtebut do you really mind having virtualenv in site-packages?17:40
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mgedminI mind having anything that didn't come from a .deb in my /usr/17:41
mgedminin my opinion easy_install is terribly broken because it defaults to putting crap into /usr/ instead of /usr/local/17:41
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Crippsyou should bring up that point with the easy_install maintainer17:42
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mgedminyou're right17:45
mgedminbut there are so many things I should do...17:45
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mgedmindoes easy_install have an issue tracker?17:46
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mgedminapparently not17:47
mgedminsvn co svn+ssh:// z3c.formdemo && cd z3c.formdemo && python && bin/buildout bombs out with an AssertionError17:49
* mgedmin suggests moving the pastebot link closer to the beginning of the /topic17:50
lisppaste6mgedmin pasted "z3c.formdemo buildout problem" at
* mgedmin expects the standard "do not use the system python" chastisement any second now17:53
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philiKON_mgedmin: bin/buildout has a shebang... why are you explicitly calling it with python2.4 anyway?17:56
philiKON_anyway, mgedmin, the z3c.formdemo buildout is broken17:57
philiKON_srichter has his own way of symlinking things around that's obviously not automatically repeatable17:57
philiKON_this was discussed on the mailinglist17:57
philiKON_i suggested either adding an svn:external (if cutting edge trunk is important to z3c.formdemo) or ripping it out of the develop= line17:57
*** philiKON_ is now known as philiKON17:58
* mgedmin gets srichter to fix his problem17:59
* mgedmin also has a headache, which doesn't help at all18:00
Crippsmgedmin: must be handy having Stephan right there ;)18:00
mgedminexcept that everybody needs him, so he's pretty busy :)18:00
* mgedmin wonders if he can safely ignore "Download error: unknown url type: svn -- Some packages may not be found!"18:00
ignasmgedmin, iirc - yes18:01
ignasmgedmin, oh and the /usr/lib problem is (you'll laugh)18:02
ignasdebian problem not easy_install problem18:02
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ignaspyhon installation on debian is not including anything except /usr/lib/site-packages18:03
*** reco has joined #zope3-dev18:03
ignasso if you install something to /usr/local - your python won't see it18:03
ignasor something like that18:04
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mgedminnow lxml fails to build18:08
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projekt01Theuni, where is the proposal for finishing the 3..4.0 eggs18:19
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* mgedmin reports
wiggypkg-config is not just linux18:25
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ignasmgedmin, why aren't you using buildout to build libxml2?18:37
mgedminyay, the documentation I need is awesome:
mgedminignas: I am18:37
mgedminor maybe I am not18:37
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ignasmgedmin, because i know my buildout builds libxml without triggering any bugs related to ubuntu18:43
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agroszergstratton: /repos/main/Sandbox/ocql-foliage19:02
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thrufloI'm looking for a decent intro to layering a skin19:03
thrufloi've read the relevant bits in web component development with zope319:04
*** kleist has quit IRC19:04
thruflobut i'm looking for a bit more info on setting up a base layer and then developing layers on top19:04
thrufloany suggestions?19:04
*** malthe has joined #zope3-dev19:07
thrufloi've also seen
thruflowhich is useful19:08
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mgedminwhy doesn't google like
*** afd__ has joined #zope3-dev19:29
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mgedmincould it be the <meta name="robots" content="noindex" /> in every page?19:30
mgedminwho put that there and why?19:30
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markusleistwhat about the (new and old) attribute values  in the z3c.form.EditForm - ObjectModifiedEvent? Please have a look at and feel free to comment.19:34
* markusleist will be back in about 2 h and look into irc-logs.19:35
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projekt01Theuni, can you add me to on pypi?19:38
projekt01username: projekt0119:38
philiKONprojekt01: we don't need a 3.4 branch19:38
philiKONi forgot to update the wiki page19:38
*** malthe has joined #zope3-dev19:39
philiKONi think creating 3.4 branches is overhead19:39
philiKONespecially if you create it before preparing the version work, like you did...19:39
philiKONin fact, in this case (unless you merge), the 3.4 branch is quite irritating19:39
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pcarduneHow is the sprint going whoever is there?19:41
*** dobee has quit IRC19:41
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WebMavenpcardune: we're getting started.19:43
WebMavenpcardune: I left some comments on your blog BTW.19:44
pcarduneWebMaven: oh yeah, a while back?19:46
WebMavena coupe of weeks, I think.19:47
pcarduneI only just checked them through yesterday19:47
WebMavenon the tree emo19:47
WebMavendang keyboard19:47
pcarduneyeah, I've been meaning to make a 0.3 release of formjs and formjsdemo19:48
WebMavenThat would be appreciated!19:48
pcarduneBut I've been overloaded with this school stuff19:48
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pcarduneI wanted to clean some stuff up before the release, but I think it could probably be done this week19:49
pcarduneI'll make that my own personal sprint goal since I can't be there19:49
WebMavenBTW, I have a use-case for a tree that is always expanded. (ie. no '+' or '-')19:49
pcarduneYou could use the tree demo and just make the default state expanded, and remove the + and - stuff19:50
pcardunealways expanded is a much simpler use case in fact19:50
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o srichter19:51
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mgedminI think I just discovered a memory leak in xchat-gnome19:52
mgedminfwiw I'm putting the notes on my sprint task at
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projekt01philiKON, windows produces zip files instead of tar.gz files for packages. Is there a way to force setuptools to create tar.gz files?20:26
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philiKONmgedmin: ping?21:05
*** Cripps has joined #zope3-dev21:08
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mgedminphiliKON: pong22:07
*** junkafarian is now known as junk|afk22:07
philiKONmgedmin: see my comment on the wiki22:07
mgedminsrichter: appears to do what you want re egg dependencies22:12
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*** regebro has joined #zope3-dev22:47
regebroHiya all!22:50
regebroI hear rumours about CMSs for Zope3, and time has come to evaluate them. I've heard there exists at least two.22:50
regebroAnybody knows which ones?22:51
philiKONi don' know of any open source cms for z322:51
* regebro was trying to say "shit" nicely.22:55
philiKONyou probably meant to say "rats"22:56
philiKONat least i think 'nuts' has a different connotation...22:56
regebrorats works as well. Maybe it's english vs american. :-)22:56
wiggyregebro: preparing your ploneconf talk? :)22:57
regebrophiliKON: No worries, I still have Sebastians start of a grok CMS to evaluate.22:57
regebrowiggy: No, but thanks for reminding me. :-)22:57
* philiKON needs to do his talk tongiht too ;)22:57
* wiggy is almost certainly not going to make the deadline22:57
*** zagy has quit IRC22:57
*** RaFromBRC|lunch has joined #zope3-dev22:58
regebroI'm going to make one sentence per page. Just let those Plone people print THAT for everyone. :-)22:58
mgedminyay for larry-lessig-style presentations23:01
*** davidstryker has joined #zope3-dev23:01
projekt01philiKON, see z3ext at:
*** timte has joined #zope3-dev23:03
*** greenman has joined #zope3-dev23:03
philiKONprojekt01: cool. didn't know. thanks23:07
philiKONprojekt01: btw, got my email?23:07
* projekt01 is checking the mails23:08
* philiKON bbl23:08
*** philiKON has quit IRC23:08
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* timte wonders what OCQL is23:13
regebroprojekt01: Super. How is the code status? Alpha/beta/production-ready?23:14
agroszertimte: OCQL: the gentle introduction is the presentation23:22
agroszertimte: refer to the sprint page23:22
*** ignas has joined #zope3-dev23:24
*** fdrake has joined #zope3-dev23:24
timteagroszer: wherever that is  :)23:24
fdrakeprojekt01: Did you just fix the missing configure.zcml from the egg?23:24
* agroszer is a bit jetlagged23:25
* fdrake went ahead and released 3.4.1 anyway.23:27
projekt01what's that?23:27
fdrakeThe sdist was missing the configure.zcml file.23:27
fdrakeJim said you'd just asked him for PyPI privs for that one, so thought I'd check with out.23:27
fdrakeBut I was too impatient to wait for an answer.  ;-)23:28
*** afd__ has quit IRC23:28
srichterfdrake: hi IO work with Roger on this23:29
fdrake"hi IO"?  Hmm...23:29
srichterwe basically were releasing stuff, so that we could start working on 3.50 version, splitting up packages into components and browser views23:29
srichterfdrake: oops, ;-)23:30
fdrakeOk; I wasn't messing with the trunk, and it looks like 3.4.0 was out by the time I poked it.23:30
fdrakeSo I think we're ok.23:30
srichterok, me too23:30
* fdrake crosses fingers, as I update and test another build....23:31
srichterfdrake: I guess you did not create a branch, which is okay, because we have not checked in our 3.5 changes yet23:31
fdrakeThere was an existing branch, which I used.23:31
srichterah, ok, right23:32
srichterok, then we are all good23:32
fdrakeMake sure any sdist you release has a configure.zcml, or the Harpy of Missing ZCML will throw rotting fish at you.  :-)23:33
*** philiKON has joined #zope3-dev23:35
*** wreutz has quit IRC23:38
srichterfdrake: will do23:39
srichterfdrake: but why is it missing in the first place?23:39
srichterI am not specifying anything special usually23:39
fdrakeI don't know; I figure someone botched things when they built the sdist, but I don't know what command was used.23:40
*** malthe has joined #zope3-dev23:40
fdrakeI just did bin/buildout setup . sdist, and the result was fine.23:40
timteagroszer: looks a bit like linq23:42
agroszertimte: I don't think so, linq is a lot like SQL23:42
timtethe example in the presentation was rather similar to SQL as well23:43
agroszerOCQL is a lot like list comprehesion23:43
agroszertimte: which example you mean?23:44
*** grahal has quit IRC23:44
timte[ s in IStudents; a as s.major.address.street; a="Hillhead Street" or a="Gibson Street"  ] is almost like "select * from students as s where s.major.address.street="Hillhead Street" or s.major.address.street="Gibson Street"23:47
*** philiKON has quit IRC23:47
timteand therefore a bit like linq as well  :)23:48
*** fdrake has left #zope3-dev23:48
*** philiKON has joined #zope3-dev23:49
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agroszertimte: these are equivalent, they look similar because of that23:58
timteagroszer: looking forward to test it  :)23:59

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