IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2007-09-28

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regebroI there really no simple method to create a vocabulary from a dict or a key/value list included in Zope3? I can't find one...09:49
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zagyregebro: it's easier to create a source09:51
zagyeven though what meaning has the key/value?09:51
regebrohow can that be easier? :-)09:52
zagyregebro: with zc.sourcefactory09:52
wiggywhich doesn't vibe with zope 2 due to egg dependencies09:53
regebrozagy: OK, but even so that's an external module, I still must say that I don't see why this isn't a part of the Vocabulary itself. I'll probably need to fix that. :-)09:54
regebroAnd I need it with Zope2.09:54
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zagyoh well...  vocabularies are sort of deprecated09:55
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wiggysort of but not really09:55
zagybut I don't know much of the integration into zope 209:55
regebroSo, what should I use?09:55
zagyyes, the not really is the problem :)09:55
wiggythere is a rumour that they are deprected09:55
wiggybut in reality they aren't09:55
zagythere is a comment in the code at least ;)09:55
wiggya comment doesn't count09:56
zagyyes :)09:56
regebroI need to fill a choice field with perfectly simple and easy list of keys and values.09:56
wiggyand imho it should be removedd09:56
wiggyregebro: vocabularies are fine09:56
wiggyand much easier09:56
zagynot necessaryliy, but they should be cleaned up09:56
regebroI know this was complicated a couple of years ago. I'm rather stunned it's *still* complicated.09:56
zagybecause it's all a big mess there right now09:56
wiggyregebro: it hasn't changed at all09:57
zagyIMHO it is *much* easier to build sources when you use the zc.sourcefactory09:57
wiggyand sources have not gotten any documentation09:57
regebroI have the of Zope 3.3 up now. There is no comment, and it's not messy in any way. :-)09:57
regebroIt just seriously lacks a fromDictionary(cls...) method. :-)09:57
zagythe zope.schema.Choice is the messy part09:57
wiggyzagy: the problem is that zc.sourcefactory pulls in lots of zope.* eggs, which conflict with the ones in zope209:57
wiggyzagy: which breaks your entire instance09:57
zagywiggy: yeah, I don't know much about the zope 2 integration at all09:58
regebrozagy: Oh. Should I do something else there? I'm not religiously stuck with Choice fields, or any other stuff. I just wanna use formlib in the ends.09:58
zagyregebro: no, there is no other way09:58
wiggyschema.Choice with vocabularies works fine09:58
zagyyes it does09:59
regebroHmmm. I wonder if I can monkey-patch in a class method. Never done that before. :-)09:59
wiggyyou can10:00
wiggyyou can do it in an instance as well but that's a lot more tricky10:00
zagywiggy: btw: theuni wrote a mail regarding the vocabs/sources to zope3-dev10:00
zagywiggy: you might want to join in :)10:00
wiggyzagy: I know, I added that to svn10:00
wiggyslightly modified10:00
wiggyit's still very far from proper documentation10:00
zagythe current situation is undocumentable ;)10:01
wiggyeverything is documentable10:02
wiggyit just takes a lot of effort10:02
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regebrozagy: I don't understand why you don't like vocabularies.10:13
regebroVocabularies are just sources where you can say "hey, give me the term for value "10:14
zagyright, and I don't care about the terms10:15
zagyi have values10:15
regebroWhich seems to be a highly practical thing to be able to do.10:15
zagyand maybe titles for values10:15
regebroWell, admittedly, I don't have much use of the tokens.10:16
zagysee, me neither10:16
zagyfor widgets you'll need them10:16
wiggyat some point you need widgets10:16
zagyin zc.sourcefactory there are adapters to create tokens10:17
regebrozagy: Well if you use them for widgets (I'll admit I don't know why) then there you go.10:17
zagywell, maybe I just like the more general concept of the sources better :)10:18
regebroBut if you have a source where you can ask for the term by it's value, and the term has a token, then that's an ITokenizedVocabulary. :-) Which we agreed is needed.10:19
zagy  >>> terms = zope.component.getMultiAdapter(10:20
zagy  ...     (source, request),
regebroI agree the separate handling of vocabularies and sources in the Choice field today is a bit weird.10:20
wiggyzagy: it all sounds like a more complex dance than just using vocabularies10:20
zagywiggy: the framework is more complex, but the sources are easy, and that's what counts for me10:21
wiggyuntil I see useful documentation including simple examples I'm sticking with vocabularies :)10:21
zagyif you look at
wiggyI looked at zc.sourcefactory10:21
regebrozagy: Well, that code might be a good idea to stick in the Choice field.10:22
wiggybut until zope2 and zope.* egg dependencies are resolved I just can't use it10:22
zagyyes, that's okay10:22
zagyI'm not saying everybody must use sources10:22
zagyonly the current situation is very frustrating10:22
regebroAn adapter between an ITokenizedVocabulary and the above should just return the vocabulary, and all is fine. :-)10:22
zagybecause the Choice field is actually not doing what it's saying in the interface10:23
regebrozagy: I agree. Because there is no easy way to create vocabularies/sources from a dictionary. :-) Quite frustrating.10:23
zagythe problem of course also is that a Choice field doesn't require a vocab/source to be iterable10:24
zagya widget might need that10:24
regebroBut anyway, my monkey-patch worked. I'll probably add the fromDictionary method to the vocabulary some time in the future. :-)10:24
zagybut that's a different story then :)10:24
regebrozagy: Yeah, it should complain about that.10:25
wiggySimpleVocabulary makes creating vocabs from a dictionary quite simple10:25
wiggystill wants a list of terms though, but a generator or list comprehension can create those easily10:25
wiggy does that10:26
regebrowiggy: Sure, but that doesn't look too pretty in a schema definition.10:26
wiggythe schema definition just uses the named vocab10:27
wiggy            vocabulary="simplon.plone.currency.currencies",10:27
wiggyfor that one10:27
wiggythere is zcml to tie them together10:27
regebroEh, yeah,  so I then need to create a named vocabulary and tie it together with zcml.10:28
regebro"Crossing the stream to get water" as they say in Sweden.10:29
wiggythere's that aspect10:29
regebroI'll make a named vocablary if I need to use it more than once.10:30
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wiggywhat's the z3 file widget of choice?11:45
wiggyfor formlib that is11:45
wiggywow, still nothing useful as far as I can see11:52
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narowiggy: you mean file upload widget ?11:54
naroI know only FileWidget from zope/app/form/browser/textwidgets.py11:55
wiggymy notes say 'the FileWidget returns a string instead of an IFile instance, which means it will always fail schema validation for IFile in formlib"11:56
wiggythat makes it somewhat useless11:57
wiggyI have a proper file widget and field in Reflecto, I'll split that out11:57
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edgordonis there something trick to getting product-configs to load in zopeproject apps?12:36
edgordoni can't get z3c.extfile's hashdir to load12:36
wiggywhat type of config12:39
edgordonthe one in zope.config12:39
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edgordon<product-config z3c.extfile>storage-dir=/somepath</product-config>12:40
wiggyI've never used that12:40
edgordonnever used z3c.extfile, or never used <product-config>12:41
edgordonwell, don't12:42
edgordoni got it to work using a os.environ var, but that just seems sorta clumsy12:42
wiggyif it's an area that sucks I'll probably have to at some point12:42
wiggyI always run into those12:42
philiKONedgordon: product-config?12:44
philiKONwhat are you talking about?12:45
edgordonsorry, i meant zope.conf12:45
philiKONi have no idea how it does this12:46
philiKONwell, i do have one idea12:46
philiKONwhich is a hack12:47
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philiKONbut apparently it has a wsgi middleware12:47
edgordonyeah, i couldn't get the wsgi stuff in ini file to work either. and the eviro variable works12:48
edgordonits fine. i can move on. just weird that it is done that way12:48
philiKONshow me your ini file12:49
philiKONyou likely got that wrong12:49
philiKONthe README.txt is weird12:49
philiKONand it references zope.paste12:49
philiKONwhich i'm going to let die12:49
edgordonwell, i already removed all the paste stuff12:49
edgordoncause it didn't work12:50
edgordonbtw phil, i was talking to andy from reportlab yesterday and mentioned your book12:51
edgordonhe was unaware of your chapter on it, and really had no clue about z312:52
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edgordonso, he is gonna pick it up12:52
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philiKONedgordon: i hope that his stomach won't turn upside down when he sees my reportlab code :/12:54
edgordonLookupError: No section 'extfile' (prefixed by 'filter') found in config /home/edgordon/python/referralcare/deploy.ini12:56
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philiKONit needs to be [filter:extfile]12:57
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edgordonok, yeah, that starts12:58
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thruflois there any actual difference between the following two page template snippets:14:18
thruflo<script type="text/javascript" src="base/js/prototype.js"14:18
thruflo              tal:attributes="src string:${context/++resource++base/js/prototype.js}">14:18
thruflo      </script>14:18
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thruflo<script type="text/javascript" src="/++resource++base/js/prototype.js}">14:18
thruflo      </script>14:18
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junkafariansecond one you have a trailing } :P14:19
thrufloyeah, ignoring the typo ;)14:19
thruflobut in terms of rending engine / how the ++resource++ gets evaluated...?14:20
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thrufloi'll take that as a no...14:23
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benjiwho yvl16:01
benjiyvl: how do you spell your last name? (thunderbird helpfully destroys it for me)16:02
* CrippsFX grumbles at python16:03
yvlJustas Sadzevičius16:04
CrippsFXWhen I try to run zope I get an error for: zopeinst/lib/python/ship/app/reports/houselist/browser/ ... it says "syntax error in line 6" ... line 6 is an import statement for ... which python -c "import py_compile;py_compile.compile(r'')" returns no error for ... nor does it return an error for py_compile.compile(r'browser/')  ... any suggestions on what could be going on her16:06
CrippsFXe? I can supply a full traceback and some src if needed ...16:06
benjiyvl: thanks!16:06
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timteCrippsFX: paste...16:13
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CrippsFXtimte: kk. Give me a few moments16:15
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CrippsFXtimte: I'm going to paste the full traceback first, then I'm going to annotate with the trouble source files.16:17
baijumsrichter, Congratulations to you all for !16:18
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lisppaste6CrippsFX pasted "Syntax Error? -- Traceback" at
lisppaste6CrippsFX annotated #48349 with "The trouble" at
lisppaste6CrippsFX annotated #48349 with "The associated ../" at
CrippsFXtimte: kk ... that's what I've got.16:20
timteCrippsFX: have no idea, perhaps some invisible weird character16:24
CrippsFXtimte: yeah ... that's what I was thinking too ...16:25
CrippsFXgrr ... what's the line for vimrc that highlights whitespace at the end of lines?16:26
wiggy:syntax off16:28
wiggyvim itself doesn't do that16:28
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CrippsFXhm ... I used to have a "script" in my vimrc that would do that for me ... helpful for keeping files clean. I guess I'll have to search the blag-o-blag to try and find it again :/16:29
wiggythe simplest way:16:31
wiggyset hlsearch16:31
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wiggy / $16:31
benjiyvl: it appears PyPI doesn't like your name :(16:31
benjiwould it be sinful to replace "č" with "c"16:31
benji(I hope I typed that right)16:31
wiggypenalty of death16:31
yvlI could live with that :)16:32
benjiI'll do that for now and see if I can persuade PyPI later16:32
yvlthanks, benji16:32
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timteCrippsFX: I have that feature enabled in my vim, but have no idea what config has enabled it  :)16:36
benjiyvl, srichter:
benjiI'm writing an email for zope3-dev now16:43
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regebronow... date widgets for formlib? anybody know of any good ones?16:47
yvlbenji, thanks :))16:47
regebroCould probably hack the ones I used for CalZope, but the code is horrid...16:47
*** djfroofy has quit IRC16:47
regebroAnd I don't like the js library I used either...16:47
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benjiregebro: zc.datetimewidget; I don't know that it qualifies as "good", but perhaps "decent"16:49
regebrook thanks, I'll check it out.16:49
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regebrobenji: Asch, requires zc.resourceLibrary which doesn't work under 2.9. But thanks anyway.17:03
benjiit probably wouldn't be hard to make that an optional requirement, if you want to tackle it17:04
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regebrobenji: If it's easier than writing my own widget... :-)17:05
*** philiKON has quit IRC17:05
benjiI suspect it would be easier than writing your own.17:07
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CrippsFXokay ... I'm out for the weekend. Cheers guys.17:27
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TheuniCrippsFX: the feature is 'list'17:40
Theuniyou have to ':set list' and eventuall also configure the 'listchars' variable17:40
regebrohmmm. benji: how does the datetimewidget get it's javascript inserted into the template in z3? (Because it doesn't happen in z2).17:40
TheuniCrippsFX: for me that is:17:40
Theuniset list17:40
Theuniset listchars=tab:>-,trail:',eol:$17:40
benjiregebro: via zc.resourcelibrary17:41
regebroAh, OK.17:41
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regebrobenji: Nah, zc.datetimewidget was to complicated. I just moved the widgets I made for Nuxeo to a separate product.18:56
benjiglad you got something that'll work for you18:57
regebroIt just worked(tm) but it has no tests, so I written in the readme to only use it if you need datetime widgets under Zope2. :-)18:57
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regebroSo now there is a p4a.datetimewidgets too, until I get time to replace the Zope2 publisher with zope.publisher. :-)18:58
regebroNow, next question: How can I make an Integer field that can be empty? Or can't I?19:00
rockybenji: hey, did you do a release or something of the new test browser stuff?19:01
benjiyep! I sent an email to zope3-dev about it this morning.19:02
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regebro(Ignore me. I wrote "required=False" in the wrong field.19:02
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* mgedmin extends to do syntax higlighting of doctest blocks with pygments19:07
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* mgedmin releases restview as an egg19:37
* mgedmin returns back to reading z3c.form documentation with restview19:38
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mgedminyou know what's missing on  A big search field on the front page19:43
smwow.. a lot of cool stuff releasing today19:43
smanyone for a rename to ?19:46
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spythonhi, I've created a PAU and it's using a session credentials plugin and a PrincipalFolder (no code so far)20:44
*** b52laptop has joined #zope3-dev20:44
mgedminsm: I'd wait until apidoc is more user-friendly before renaming20:45
spythonwhat would a subscriber look like that appends some groups to a principal created with this PAU20:45
spythoni tried the listening to  IAuthenticatedPrincipal but apparently my subscriber doesn't activate20:46
*** faassen has quit IRC20:46
spython(well, the subscriber is my code of course, but adding pau stuff was all point-n-click :))20:46
*** mkerrin has quit IRC20:47
smwhy ?20:48
*** philiKON has joined #zope3-dev20:48
* mgedmin doesn't find apidoc useful, sadly20:48
mgedminit's too hard to find stuff in it20:49
mgedminsay, I want to remember how to use zope.formlib20:49
mgedminI go to
mgedminI don't know where to go next20:49
smI agree with you about the search field.. needs one global search field always visible in the sidebar20:50
mgedminI probably want the .txt files from zope.formlib, which are probably somewhere in the "Book"20:50
mgedminor perhaps I should look at code browser and navigate to zope/formlib?20:50
mgedminthe Find button in the code browser20:50
mgedmindoesn't appear to work20:50
mgedminso, at this point apidoc to me is a promising tool, but it's not the best solution for learning zope20:51
* sm tackles the easy stuff first.. let's make "I go to ..." easier :)20:52
mgedminand exposing it under seems to me to be a way of endorsing the tool before it's ready20:52
*** rcrafton has joined #zope3-dev20:52
* mgedmin catches himself whining again :(20:52
smI'm not saying publicise it20:52
smthat's ok, we're just kicking around ideas20:52
febbhey philiKON.   how are you?20:53
philiKONgood, thanks20:53
spythonok, how do i create a subscriber that listens to any event? i want to see what events are fired20:53
febbgreat. not catching planes this time. !  uh?  :)20:53
smmgedmin: I don't think we can harm the image of zope docs much.. don't worry about that :)20:54
mgedminspython: zope.event.subscribers.append(lambda event: sys.stdout.write(str(event)+'\n'))20:55
mgedminexcept don't use lambda20:55
smother issue: I am still waiting for google to show FoliageSprint in search results. The bot has been by several times, made a google sitemap and everything20:56
smcan't think of anything else to do but forget about it and check in a few weeks20:56
spythonmgedmin: hmm, not sure how to use that code :)  can't i just write a handler foo(event) and configure it to listen to a certain event (which, i dont know..)20:58
*** jsadjohnson has joined #zope3-dev20:59
mgedminhm, googling for cache: shows that that page is not indexed21:00
*** jsadjohnson has quit IRC21:00
*** jsadjohnson has joined #zope3-dev21:00
smnothing I do seems to change that, so far21:00
*** jsadjohnson has quit IRC21:00
smit's just that page afaik21:01
mgedminspython: you can21:02
mgedminbut you wanted to listen to any event21:02
mgedminand one way to do that is to add your handler to the zope.event.subscribers list21:02
*** tarek_ has joined #zope3-dev21:02
mgedminor you could register it in zcml as a handler for "*", I think21:02
spythonso, i just add that where i e.g create my site?  but don't use lambda of course21:03
spythonehm, that didn't make any sense21:05
spythonwait, I'll try <subscriber for="*" handler="" />21:05
*** philiKON has quit IRC21:05
*** jsadjohnson has joined #zope3-dev21:06
spythonworked, high 5 mgedmin \O_21:06
*** jsadjohnson has quit IRC21:06
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*** jsadjohnson has joined #zope3-dev21:06
mgedminI forgot one thing apidoc is really useful for: zcml reference21:08
*** jsadjohnson has quit IRC21:08
*** philiKON has joined #zope3-dev21:08
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spythonyeah, 95% of the time i use it for zcml :)21:12
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suptonschema question: how can I declare an Object field on an interface IFoo like this: \n related = schema.Object(schema=IFoo)22:25
suptonthis does not work since the identifier IFoo is not known to the interpreter within the code block for IFoo itself22:26
suptonis there a way to do this in python?22:26
*** alecm has joined #zope3-dev22:28
*** yvl has joined #zope3-dev22:28 have the same problem22:31
mgedminyou can't declare that the container contains IMyItem and item is contained in IMyContainer22:31
*** elro has quit IRC22:31
mgedminand the solution there was to use strings, e.g. contained('my.package.interfaces.IMyContainer')22:32
mgedminI don't know if schema.Object would support that, though22:32
mgedmin(if not, then perhaps someone ought to implement support for it)22:33
suptonit appears I need to define the interface, and then add an Object field after it is defined.  what a pain22:52
*** jbonilla has quit IRC22:53
*** sm-afk is now known as sm22:55
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mgedminis it worth it?22:58
*** jsadjohnson has joined #zope3-dev22:59
mgedminI sometimes just use foo = Field() # but really Object(schema=IFoo)22:59
*** jsadjohnson has quit IRC22:59
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