IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2007-09-27

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* mgedmin hates renormalizers00:33
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WebMavenwhat do I need to do to set up svn:ignore rules?00:34
WebMavenspecifially, for egg-based zope developement?00:35
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mgedminglobal ones?00:37
* mgedmin fights with his firefox00:38
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* mgedmin uses global-ignores = *.py[co] .*~ *~ .#* .sw[po] *.o *.so00:41
mgedminin ~/.subversion/config's [miscellany] section00:41
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WebMavenhow do I undo an svn add before I commit?01:19
mgedminsvn revert01:20
mgedmin(I also always make a backup copy, because I've lost data in the past due to misapplications of svn revert)01:21
mgedmin(but IIRC svn add filename; svn revert filename doesn't delete the file, just makes it unversioned)01:21
mgedmin(note "IIRC": don't blame me if it decides to delete the file too)01:22
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tjsz3 is a wsgi app right?01:51
mgedminz3 can be deployed as a wsgi app01:52
tjswas wondering if anyone has tried running zope on
* mgedmin does not know01:54
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WebMavenwhat is the pattern for svn:ignore-ing a directory?02:27
hazmatWebMaven, its a regex02:28
WebMavenwell, I tried *.egg-info02:28
hazmatWebMaven, works for me02:29
hazmatsvn stat src/getpaid.core.egg-info/02:29
hazmatI      src/getpaid.core.egg-info02:29
WebMavenright, but I want it ignored...02:30
WebMavenand I still get this:02:30
WebMaven$ svn status02:30
WebMaven?      bin02:30
WebMaven M     .02:30
WebMaven?      src/z3c.weblog.egg-info02:30
* mgedmin walks over and shows svn propedit to webmaven02:33
* WebMaven was confused, and though that setting svn:ignore on a directory was recursive.02:34
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mgedminthe way subversion does ignores is really inconvenient :/05:01
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edgordon_what is the best way to store references to other objects as an attribute?06:08
edgordon_should i use the intid, or is there a drawback to just referencing the object itself as the attribute value?06:08
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ThomasKarlRichtemarkus: wie gehts10:40
Basti_please speak in english :)10:41
ThomasKarlRichtebasti: sorry i had too less sleep in the night10:41
Basti_no problem ;)10:42
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jodokTheuni: it seems like roger released some faulty eggs yesterday. can you give me access to pypi?11:07
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Theunidepends on what you want to do =)11:09
jodokTheuni: make a new (correct) egg11:12
jodokTheuni: that11:12
jodokthat's fucking annoying if eggs are beeing removed, faulty eggs are beeing release11:12
jodokwe've got several employees and customers that depend on a working distribution. the current pratice is not working :(11:13
TheuniTell me which eggs you need. I still can't give access to everything at once, I can enable those that don't work for you.11:14
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TheuniHmm. I thought they wanted to fix those yesterday. :(11:14
TheuniBecause they broke it the day before ...11:14
Theuniwhat's your cheeseshop name?11:15
Theunik, i gave you acecss to those three packages11:16
jodokthanks Theuni11:17
regebroHuh? Why does from "p4a.ploneevent.recurrence" import interface not behave the same at "import interface" when I'm in p4a.ploneevent.recurrence?11:21
regebroBoth gives no error message, but when I use the later one to implements(interface.AnINterface) the later adapter lookup doesn't find it.11:21
regebro(I mean "interfaces" not "interface")11:22
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jodokTheuni: as well please :(11:38
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Theuniyou already have that :)11:51
jodokTheuni: philiKON hats erledigt. danke11:54
Theunicool. thanks for taking time to provide the updated eggs.12:04
TheuniphiliKON: ping12:05
philiKONTheuni: pong12:05
philiKONTheuni: ?12:07
Theuniyou said there's already a way to make buildout pickup the versions= from a URL. I can't find where you originally said that and maybe said how that works.12:09
philiKONyou say extends = url12:10
philiKONin [buildout]12:10
philiKONand then refer to that configurationf ile's version section12:10
philiKONversion = section-name-in-url12:10
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regebroMmm. What a lovely error message " ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'class', '3')"12:15
regebroThat means I had both "default" and "required" in a field configuration. :-)12:15
regebroNo, scratch that. It didn't. It means something else.12:16
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regebroAha. It means "The default value is not in the vocabulary". :-)12:23
Theunii stumbled over something like this today as well12:24
Theuniwhen giving a default (5000) and a maximum (5)12:24
TheuniIt said Invalid value for 'class', (5000, 5)12:24
regebroIt's the "class" that confuses, basically.12:24
Theunithat was helpful :)12:24
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baijumphiliKON: I hope you have seen this:
TheuniphiliKON: did we have consensus of what the version number in on the trunk has to be?12:46
philiKONbaijum: what is this?12:46
philiKONTheuni: no12:46
* Theuni continues the bumping frenzy12:46
baijumMentor organization payment details12:47
philiKONbaijum: i can't see this, i'm not a member...12:47
baijumWho is our admin, Aroldo ? please pass it to him12:47
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philiKONTheuni, jukart: hey, anybody planning an sqlalchemy 0.2 release?13:34
philiKONTheuni, jukart: i could use one13:34
philiKONof course, i meant z3c.zalchemy13:34
jukartphiliKON: I don't plan on this but I think Theuni will :)13:35
philiKONTheuni: so, any plans? can i make one?13:36
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TheuniphiliKON: uh. what would that involve?14:19
Theunii'm currently out of sync14:19
philiKONTheuni: not sure. you could make me a pypi owner and i could take care of it14:19
philiKONi need it next week14:19
Theunigimme a second to get oriented14:20
TheuniAh. The question is whether the current 0.2 is working. For us (gocept) it does.14:20
Theuni We'd be happy to cut an 0.2 release.14:20
philiKONso you'll take care of it then?14:21
Theuniwe can do that, you can do that oo14:21
philiKONc'mon great leader, make a decision for me :)14:23
philiKONi'd be happy to do it, i'd just like to avoid peeing in your pool14:23
Theunii can pee in the pool, you can pee in the pool *g14:23
Theunizagy will pee!14:24
* philiKON wonders why it currently started smelling like ammonia14:24
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zagyphiliKON: done14:36
philiKONzagy: merci!14:36
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* zagy is closing his trousers14:37
__gotchacan someone tell me if blobstorage supports zeo ?14:37
__gotchazagy interesting14:37
zagyyes i can tell you14:37
__gotchazagy: tell me please ;-)14:37
zagywell __gotcha .... you missed the foreplay, so to speak ;)14:37
zagy__gotcha: yes it does support ZEO14:38
__gotchaI suppose so14:38
zagy__gotcha: even with a shared directory if you happen to mount the blob-storage path via nfs14:38
philiKONyes, blobs are grand14:38
__gotchahas someone ever thought of integrating tramline and blobs14:38
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__gotchawe looked at the code, seems more than doable14:39
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philiKON__gotcha: do it do it do it :)14:43
__gotchaphiliKON: sure14:43
__gotchaI am just asking if someone thought about it14:43
__gotchaand found out it was really hard14:43
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Theunishould be really easy14:46
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Theuni__gotcha: the two methods you need are 'consumeFile' and 'committed'14:53
Theunithat's all you need to make tramline and blobs communicate14:53
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Theunisrichter: ping15:17
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TheuniIt looks like z3c.form can't deal with sources, is that right?15:18
srichterTheuni: pong15:18
srichterTheuni: I have not tried15:18
srichterTheuni: should be an easy fix though, right15:18
Theuniunfortunately not exactly15:20
Theunivocabularies and sources are entangled in an unfortunate way15:20
Theunizagy and i are looking at it right now15:20
Theunijust wanted to find out what the status from your point of view is.15:20
Theuniwe'll try to come up with a solution.15:20
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srichterTheuni: btw, for all what I care, you don;t have to work in branches15:22
Theuniwe're doing that when we don't know what we are doing15:22
srichterok :-)15:22
srichterTheuni: I review all checkins anyways, so I Am not too worried, especially with you guys15:23
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Theunisrichter: hmm. our main conclusion is that vocabularies have to die.15:37
TheuniAs this is going to be a larger task, I'll try to find an intermediate solution.15:37
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TheuniAh. I think I can fix IChoiceTerms.15:40
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Theunisome adaption should solve that15:41
srichteryep, I think so too15:42
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Theuniboth statements? :)15:44
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srichterTheuni: I think both approaches are fine15:48
srichterTheuni: if you fix choice term to do sources, vocabs should work automatically, right?15:48
Theunihaha *g15:49
Theuniof course not15:49
Theunivocabs are so broken even chuck norris would start crying ;)15:50
Theunii don't understand this interface:15:50
*** elro has joined #zope3-dev15:51
Theuniactually i understand the interface15:51
Theunibut not the base implementation15:51
Theunithe base implementation provides additional methods (__contains__, __iter__, __len__)15:51
Theuniwhich it shouldn't have. iterms also looks very much like the equivalent from zope.schema15:52
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WebMavenTheuni: zagy_: Still thinking of a Z3+SQLAlchemy sprint?15:54
Theuniyes, but currently not the time to plan for it :(15:55
WebMavenOK, just checking.15:55
WebMavenI also gave hazmat a heads-up.15:56
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hexsprite_using extends syntax in zc.buildout i want to ADD a part... can I say parts=${buildout:parts} new-part ? or is there another way?16:02
Theunii'm afraid you have to copy16:03
hexsprite_too bad... ok tndx16:03
Theuniyou could use a different variable name to emulate something like that16:03
Theuniin your base file:16:04
hexsprite_right... base-parts or something16:04
hexsprite_yeah that works a lot better than copying16:05
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Theunimy brain hurts :(16:24
* wiggy suggests vodka16:28
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zagy_wodka ...yey ;)16:34
*** zagy_ is now known as zagy16:34
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agroszermoin Theuni16:42
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timtethe 'real' testbrowser is cool17:31
timtebut I got to ask, when is it easier to write tests in python than recording tests with selenium?17:32
benjitimte: all the time <wink>17:32
*** philiKON has quit IRC17:34
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timtebenji: can you explain that a bit for a dumb and simple person?17:35
*** edgordon has joined #zope3-dev17:36
benjitimte: no, but I can explain it to you ;)17:36
* timte blushes17:37
benjicouple things, I like doctests, doctests are good and I wouldn't use selenium if the "regular" testbrowser would work for a particular functioal test17:37
benjibut sometimes functional tests require JavaScript, which means the "regular" testbrowser won't work, in that case you could use the "real" testbrowser instead and still have nice doctests17:37
*** pcardune has joined #zope3-dev17:38
timtedoctests are nice, agreed17:40
timteI just would expect it to be more work and take more time than recording tests.17:40
benjiI have at least one other use case in mind as well, being able to have a doctest that is an end-user product manual and that doctest generates screenshots at intereting points that are then inlcuded when the reST is rendered, to say PDF or HTML17:40
benjiI've found recorded tests (other than as a quick start to manually maintained tests) are more trouble than their worth17:41
benjiof course, there's zc.testrecorder (or whatever it's name was) that can record testbrowser doctests17:42
benjiI've also considered writting a Selenium IDE formatter that generates testbrowser doctests instead17:42
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timtecan zc.testbrowser take screenshots? weird  :)17:46
benjimore specifically, it can render the current page to a PNG file17:50
timteis that a feature of the 'real' tests?17:51
benjithere's a screen-shots.txt that demonstrates the feature, it's quite alpha at the moment17:51
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philiKONbenji, rocky: way to go with that real testbrowser18:01
rockyhehe yeah, the real test browser is cool18:01
rockyyvl has been making quite some progress too18:01
* mgedmin notices that 3.4.0b2 has description "UNKNOW" on pypi18:02
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fdrakesrichter: Can you add me to on PyPI?  Username "fdrake".18:19
*** aclark is now known as aclark|v64018:19
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srichterfdrake: yep18:21
srichterfdrake: done18:22
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fdrakeNow, time to get that fix out...18:23
*** afd_ has quit IRC18:23
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srichterfdrake: thanks18:24
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benjiphiliKON: I'm really excited about it; the guys at the sprint have done a fabulous job getting the science fiction tests to pass18:25
philiKONcool. is it hard to set up?18:26
benjinope, install MozLab in your firefox, start the MozRepl component and run your tests18:26 3.4.2 now on PyPI.18:26
benjiI'm considering automating the "launch the browser and start MozRepl" part, but it's not hard without it18:26
benjifdrake: thanks18:27
philiKONbenji: ok. i will try it out...18:27
benjiI /believe/ I documented that part, could probably be improved though.18:28
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projekt01fdrake, thanks18:32
hexspritebenji: did u look at testgen4web for generating testbrowser scripts from a ffox session?
benjinope, never heard of it before; I'll check it out18:34
hexspritecomes with a nice selenium-ish UI18:34
hexspriteselenium IDE i mean18:34
benjiwow, that looks really cool18:34
benjiI assume it's not open source18:34
hexspriteafaik it is18:34
hexspritedunno the license18:35
benjiok; I'm really interested now :)18:35
projekt01benji, cool thing the new testbrowser!18:35
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benjiprojekt01: thanks, I'm really excited about it; with all the Ajax in the world now, I really wanted a doctest story for functional tests of apps with heavy JS usage18:36
projekt01yeah, that's sounds like a good idea.18:37
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projekt01benji, I think we have now one of the greatest developer friendly test tools available with the testbrowser!18:38
*** junkafarian is now known as junk|afk18:41
benjiI'm pleased you think so.  Hopefully others will feel the same way. :)18:41
projekt01benji, here at the sprint, they do!18:43
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benjihexsprite: I need to spend some quality time with TestGen4Web and testgen-convert; many thanks for the pointer18:44
fdrakeDoes anyone know of a date-entry widget that uses three separate controls for the year, month, and day?18:50
fdrakeWe want to avoid the magically delicious date parsing of zope.datetime.  :-)18:51
mgedminwaah, Jim was right about README.txt and CHANGES.txt18:51
mgedminI have gtkeggdeps in a Bazaar repository and setuptools only supports CVS and SVN18:51
mgedminit also picks up README.txt but I can't figure out the voodoo to get it to consider CHANGES.txt18:52
projekt01fdrake, probably:18:53
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fdrakeprojekt01: Thanks, I'll check it out.18:54
projekt01fdrake, let me know if this will not fit, we have one in one of our projects18:56
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CrippsFXif I wanted to use pychecker on a source file in my local zope instance, how should I go about doing that?21:29
CrippsFX... if I just call it straight up it doesn't find all the zope stuff21:29
*** rocky has joined #zope3-dev21:29
benjiIf you're using buildout, you can generate an "interpreter" script (we usually name ours "py") and run pychecker with that21:30
CrippsFX... and if I'm not using buildout?21:31
benjiyou're screwed21:31
CrippsFXoh, well shit.21:31
benjiif you can arrange the path to include all the bits your app needs, then it'll work21:31
CrippsFXhm. That might be an idea.21:32
benjiyou can probably run it with zopectl run21:32
philiKONbasically, set it PYTHONPATH21:32
CrippsFXooh, that's nice.21:32
philiKONyeah, zopectl run sets PYTHONPATH for ya21:32
philiKON(and does more stuff)21:32
benjifunny, I haven't use zopectl in about a year, been using zc.buildout (and its predecessor) so long now21:33
CrippsFXdarnit ... using zopectl run shoots back the error that I'm trying to troubleshoot ...21:36
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srichterbenji: do you think you can do a zc.testbrowser release by Friday noon?21:42
srichterbenji: would be good for the guys to see their work being released21:42
*** naro has joined #zope3-dev21:43
benjisrichter: I think so21:44
srichterbenji: thanks21:44
benjino, thank you :)21:44
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srichterbenji: I will take a few days next week and create the tutorial runner ;-)21:45
benjiI look forward to playing with it with anticipation21:46
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WebMavensrichter: here is that link I promised:
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