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spythontim_: now i get a "svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/'"00:02
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tim_spython: did you read this?
spythondo, wrote http instead of svn, my bad00:04
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jsadjohnsonAnyone familiar with:
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edgordonwhat is the best way to store references to other objects as an object attribute?10:15
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ignasanyone noticed the breakage in zope.i18nmessageid?12:16
ignasor is it not broken? ;)12:17
ignasok, now that i looked at it closer it seems that either zope.i18nmessageid is broken because it does not have zope.i18nmessageid.ZopeMessageFactory in it12:18
ignasor is broken because it is expecting ZopeMessageFactory to be in there12:19
ignasit's the catalog, someone did something wrong when releasing 3.5.0a3 because 3.5.0a2 worked fine12:21
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spythonin the docstring of Principal it says that Principal.groups is filled in by plugins.How do i get my own groups to this list? (I have written an authenticator plugin)13:59
spythonall i see in request/principal/groups is ['zope.Everybody','zope.Authenticated'] and not my assigned groups ''14:00
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* wiggy wonders why ${<part>:location} does not work inside the part itself14:51
wiggyin buildout that is14:52
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spythonphiliKON: in your worldcookery app, I'm trying to make the locally granted roles available in Principal.groups.. but without success :(15:49
lisppaste6spython pasted "add group to principal" at
philiKONroles != groups15:50
spythonso worldcookery.Member is a role, not a group15:51
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edgordonwhat is the best way to get the current authenticated user? is there a way to do it w/out the request?17:43
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philiKONedgordon: no17:48
edgordonso, only in request.17:48
philiKON(yes there is, but you shouldn't really use that)17:48
edgordonrequest.principal is the way you shouldn't use?17:48
philiKONno, that's the way you *should* use17:49
philiKONthere's a way to get to the request that's a hack17:49
edgordonyeah, thats fine. i can make it work17:49
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ignasanyone who knows Zope3 egg release rules?18:38
ignasthe question is:18:39
ignaszope.i18nmessageid 3.4 was released without ZopeMessageFactory in it18:39
ignasit got moved into the package later it 3.4.218:40
ignasnow 3.5.0a3 started depending on the factory being in there18:40
ignaswhich broke some things for me as i was depending on zope.i18nmessage id 3.418:40
ignaswhat should be the proper procedure - continuing to depend on the factory being in
ignasor stating >=3.4.2 in it's dependencies18:41
ignasor should i fix it on my end, and depend on the requred version of zope.i18nmessageid in my project?18:42
philiKONzopemessagefactory should never have moved there18:50
philiKONit canb e created easily:18:50
philiKONfrom zope.i18nmessageid import MessageFactory18:50
philiKONZopeMessageFactory = MessageFactory('zope')18:50
philiKONthis is what should be doing18:50
philiKONand it's what i suggest happens18:50
philiKONthis is actually what i proposed ages ago.18:51
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ignasphiliKON, i see, because someone just changed the code and released (from my perspective) a broken egg :/18:51
philiKONyup. it shoudl at least depend on zope.i18nmessageid>=3.4.2 then18:52
philiKONignas: feel free to fix
philiKONyou can simply release another alpha there18:52
ignasi see18:52
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philiKONwe should really move away from central translations anyway18:53
philiKONeach egg should carry the translations that it needs18:53
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ignasphiliKON, i know, been doing it with schooltool for 2 months19:02
ignasphiliKON, most packages should have their own generation utilities too19:02
ignaswhile it's not too late ...19:02
philiKONit's never too late :)19:03
ignasbecause adding 1 when you want to evolve something is not a good idea19:03
ignasthere is no "None -> 0" step19:03
philiKONi know19:03
ignasyou can make it installable utility, but it becomes very complicated19:03
philiKONto be honest, i think that behaviour should be fixed...19:03
ignaswell - how do you tell if it's "no thing installed -> thing installed" and "old version of it installed -> new version"19:04
ignasif both start with "no utility present"19:04
philiKONgeneration 0 could implicitly be "no utility present19:05
ignasso if you install some egg that has evolution scripts, all of the scripts get executed the first time you include it's zcml?19:07
ignasand what if it is an installable utility?19:07
philiKONi suppose not19:07
philiKONstoopid generations...:)19:08
ignasi know, been a headache since i got the idea of separating schooltool into separate packages19:08
ignasi kind of want them to be "date" not number based sometimes19:08
ignasbecause having no control over the order of their execution19:09
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ignasif they are in separate packages19:09
ignasrequires a lot of planning on data structure level, if you want it to work19:09
ignaswhen evolution scripts of 3 of your packages will get executed alphabetically :D19:10
ignascando, schooltool, zope ;)19:10
ignasso all the schooltool evolution scripts MUST work before Zope3 has it's chance to fix things19:11
ignasnow imagine the mess with 20+ generation utilites ...19:15
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philiKONJ1m: ayt?23:16
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