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philiKONweird. sure it's an OOBTree?00:00
philiKONand is the lcoal utility a persistent object?00:00
spythonfrom BTrees.OOBTree import OOBTree   ... and then in my local util:   emails = OOBTree()00:01
spythonyes, it inherits from Persistent00:01
philiKONself.emails = OOBTree, right?00:01
spythonhmm, no..  i do this outside a def ..00:02
philiKONthat's bad00:04
philiKONthat means it's a class attribute00:04
philiKONnot an instance attr00:04
philiKONclass attributes aren't pickled00:04
lisppaste6spython pasted "weird" at
philiKONworse, they're shared among *all* instances00:04
philiKONread up on class attributes vs. instance attributes in python, then look at that code again and you'll notice what's wrong :)00:05
spythonoh :)00:05
spythonwill do, thanks a lot00:05
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CSWookiephiliKON: Is there a 3rd ed of your book planned?00:11
spythoni think i was "blinded" by the recipe class, where you have   name=u''  ingredients=[] ... etc and not self.ingredients00:11
philiKONspython: yeah, i agree i set a bad example there00:12
philiKONspython: this will be fixed00:12
spythongreat :)00:12
philiKONCSWookie: but it's pretty much just a reprint of the 2nd ed., with some errata and typos fixed00:12
philiKONCSWookie: so what i'm realy doing is planning a 4th edition :)00:12
CSWookiephiliKON: Do you hve a timeline on that one?00:13
CSWookiephiliKON: Either :-)00:13
CSWookieIt's sort of the, "Oh, you're going to work here?  Read this, then!"00:13
philiKONwell, i think they'll bring out the third ed. when they run out of 2nd ed. copies00:14
philiKONwhich is soonish00:14
philiKONby the end of the year00:14
philiKONbut the 3rd and 2nd are so similar00:14
philiKONit doesn't really make much of a difference00:14
philiKONexcept that the 3rd won't be hardcover :)00:14
spythonso 4th will focus more on new ways of developing with Zope? with zopeproject, grok, etc..00:14
philiKONso buy now if you want a hardcover00:14
philiKONspython: exactly00:15
philiKONspython: there was just no time to do that for the 3rd00:15
spythongreat, I'm waiting for 4th ed then :)00:15
spythongot 2nd here00:15
philiKONyeah. if you have the 2nd, don't bother getting the 3rd :)00:15
philiKON(unless you want a travel-friendly version)00:15
CSWookiephiliKON: I'd like to see a section on what one has to do with an adapter to make it the equivalent of a browser:page and similar things.00:16
CSWookieAlthough a section on grok sounds nifty as well00:16
philiKONum, chapter 7 explains how browser pages are just multi adapters00:17
spythonwhy not skip the version with just errata/typo fixes? Seems like a too "minor" one for a major version :)00:17
philiKONspython: not my decision :)00:17
philiKONspython: the publisher rang and said they were running out of copies00:17
philiKONspython: so i said, let's do a reprint with errata fixes00:17
philiKONspython: and they sad, sure, but let's call it 3rd ed. for marketing reasons :)00:18
spythoncool, so it's selling pretty good?00:18
philiKONi suppose it's selling like they expected00:18
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philiKONanyway, i wish i could've done the whole egg story sooner, but on the other hand, there are fundamental things we haven't worked out yet00:19
philiKONso i'm glad i haven't wasted paper on it00:19
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amaronanyone used z3c.sqlalchemy?01:03
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wiggyI'm using z3c.zalchemy01:12
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amaronwiggy: is it the same as sqlalchemy?01:15
amaronwhat is the difference?01:16
wiggyI don't remember I'm afraid01:16
amaronas i can see, z3c.sqlalchemy has version 1.x01:17
amaronand zalchemy 0.201:17
amaronis it stable?01:18
amaronfor production?01:18
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wiggyworks great for me01:20
amaronany intro for using it?01:21
amaronah, here i see some demos01:22
amaroni hope it will be enough01:22
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tjssrichter: G'day02:08
tjsGetting distribution for 'z3c.template'.02:08
tjsError: Download error: unknown url type: svn02:09
tjsI found a transcript from this channel 2007-05-22 where you noticed this, was wondering if there is a fix?02:09
tjsI'm trying to convert our app to use zopeproject02:09
tjsand z3c.template is a dep02:09
tjsanyone know what the status of this is?02:31
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tjsis the previous discussion02:32
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srichtertjs: I think it is the home page which links to SVN03:49
srichtertjs: should still work03:49
tjsits not working for me, buildout just fails with that error03:54
tjsis there a workaround?03:54
tjscan I add some page to my own dependency_links?03:55
tjsyou wouldnt happen to know what url that would be?03:56
tjsdo you have eggs someplace?03:56
srichterhold on, I'll make a new release03:57
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srichtertjs: okay, 1.1.0 is out04:09
tjsthanks mate, you rock04:09
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ateba44 bonsoir04:15
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ateba44 jvoulai un ptit renseignement concernant la temperature de l'eau dans un aquarium04:16
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romanofskimoin :)09:31
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goschtlhow can i install a custom buildout receipe in my buildout. I try to use This is my section and the traceback:
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napoliKONgoschtl: you misspelled recipe15:43
goschtlnapoliKON: yes i found it stupid error. thx15:44
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brandon_rhodesI thought I'd seen zalchemy commits for SQLAlchemy 0.4.18:20
brandon_rhodesBut now I can't find them.18:20
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