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nathanydoes anyone know if there's a way to register a component for ZPT processing so you can annotate the HTML with additional information? (like injecting additional markup)03:23
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baijumsrichter: ping ?13:29
baijumwhy 'font' tag is not listed in rml.dtd of z3c.rml ? projekt01 ?13:30
projekt01baijum, srichters was getting papa, I guess he will not be here this quick13:31
baijumprojekt01, do you know z3c.rml ?13:31
projekt01I don't know the internals very well13:31
projekt01is the rml.dtd generated?13:32
baijumI am getting some test failures because of 'face' tag, I am not sure this is problem with dtd or not..just checked there and found it's not there13:33
bigkevmcdbaijum: I'd imagine it's because use of the font tag is discouraged by the w3c13:33
bigkevmcdI don't think it's officially deprecated, but almost13:33
baijumbigkevmcd, well, RML is not a w3c recommendation ...13:34
bigkevmcddifferent :-)13:34
bigkevmcdis that the ReportLab thing?13:34
baijumyeah, RML stands for Reportlab Markup Language13:34
baijumz3c.rml is free implementation for rml parsing13:34
projekt01baijum, could be a bug, but I'm not sure, we use it in different project and don't have any problems13:35
baijumprojekt01, ok13:35
projekt01Do you have the problem during generate a PDF?13:35
baijumno, but only few tests fail13:35
projekt01baijum, are you using reportlab on a mac?13:36
baijumno, Linux13:36
projekt01there should only be one failing test and only if you run them twice13:36
projekt01I implemented a subprocess because of this failing test, because reportlab is not thread save13:37
projekt01baijum, all test pass, at least the last time I checked it (win). srichter also tested it on linux13:38
projekt01baijum, are you using a egg or the svn trunk, probably the latest changes are not eggified?13:38
baijumprojekt01, which version of reportlab I have to use, now using 2.013:38
projekt01Seems that I have 2.1 installed13:39
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baijumprojekt01, ah. ok13:40
projekt01baijum, Version = "2.1" in of reportlab package13:40
baijumThis is the one error I am getting:
lisppaste6baijum pasted "z3c.rml test run error" at
baijumprojekt01, the other error is above ^^13:45
projekt01Seems that the tag is not known, can you test this with reportlab 2.113:46
baijumprojekt01, I just checked I am also using 2.113:47
projekt01baijum, are you using z3c.pdftemplate too?13:47
baijumwhat is that package for ?13:48
projekt01it's a pdf template package, supporting pdf (tal) templates as views13:49
baijumprojekt01, interesting..I will check13:50
baijumNow we are evaluating some PDF report generation tools13:50
baijumwe are looking at Pisa (
projekt01baijum, I have some PIL Ghostscript errors, but that's a problem based on my PIL setup13:51
baijumI thought just give it a try for z3c.rml ...13:52
projekt01And another error:13:52
projekt01Error in test runTest (z3c.rml.tests.test_rml.tag-textField)13:52
projekt01ValueError: object named but not registered13:53
baijumI got this error, see the above paste link13:53
projekt01pagetemplate.txt tests are Ok13:55
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projekt01the subprocess tests are also Ok13:55
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projekt01The test with a failing *Reference* is a thread save error13:56
projekt01baijum, this means you need to use the slow subprocess implementation which is working13:57
lisppaste6baijum pasted "patch for z3c.rml" at
baijumprojekt01, to make z3c.rml test in in subprocess works, I need to make a small change, see above paste13:58
baijumI have to explicitly give executable arg: executable=py13:59
projekt01does the subprocess use the given python?14:01
baijumprojekt01, I think so14:02
projekt01there is a line: py = sys.executable14:02
projekt01in the goSubProcess method14:02
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projekt01did you override this too?14:03
baijumno I didn't override, yeah, there you have that executable variable already, I just used it as an argument for Popen14:03
projekt01the only way to use another python, is by set a path into the env (e.g. subProcessPython) and read it in goSubProcess14:04
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projekt01ah, no you are right14:06
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baijumprojekt01, if it's working for you, can you please commit it14:09
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projekt01baijum, ok, I changed it14:19
projekt01baijum, thanks for the hint14:20
baijumprojekt01, no, thanks !14:20
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projekt01baijum, seems that the subprocess is 100% working,at least the tests are all running.14:20
projekt01the Reference error is a thread save error. e.g. ValueError: object named but not registered14:21
projekt01baijum, but the subprocess is slower then the direct call14:21
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* baijum is back14:38
baijumprojekt01, I think we are also running tests under subprocess when using test layer14:38
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faassenwhat where in Zope 3 consumes the request bodyStream in case of a GET or POST request?15:16
faassenah, I think perhaps processInputs() in BrowserRequest.15:18
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timteI think it would be nice with a workflow diagram (of some sort) of what happens during traversal to the current context. If it's not done before I think I will make one on the snow sprint.15:22
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baijumprojekt01, ping15:27
jsadjohnson_A profiler exists that can help. Projekt01 and fafhrd worked on this.15:28
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hazmatis it possible to spec an egg in a buildout config to get an editable form, or do i need to use one of the various egg recipes?17:09
zagyhazmat:  develop = .... ?17:13
hazmatdevelop expects source in your tree, i just want to pull down the source for an egg i'm interested in using.17:14
hazmatand have it wired in my buildout17:15
zagywell, pulling down i don't know17:15
zagybut the develop does not require the source/checkout to live in your tree17:15
zagyyou can easily just add absolute paths or alike17:15
zagybut of course you don't want to do that for a buildout.cfg which you check in17:16
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hazmatlooks like z3c.egg:editable will fit the bill17:19
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projekt01baijum, ayt?18:45
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runyagaanyone mind me adding offset to output in
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CrippsFXhas anybody gotten the python win32 extensions built/working under linux?21:34
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benjiThat seems like a strange question.21:35
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philiKONCrippsFX: um... they're meant for windows :)21:37
CrippsFXyeah ... it does ...21:37
CrippsFXwell, benji suggested using the win32 extensions to grab Active Directory permissions for our Zope app ... but, the development (and deployment) of the application will be on a linux server.21:37
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benjithe win32 stuff only works on Windows; if you want to do this from a non-windows box, you'll probably want LDAP (of which I know nothing)21:42
philiKONbenji: btw, i gave a lightning talk on zc.testbrowser.real at ploneconf21:43
benjicool; did it go well?21:43
philiKONi think so21:43
philiKONi wrote two small tests for plone's ajax functionality21:43
philiKONduncan booth (of kupu fame) came to me and asked whether it worked on ie yet21:44
philiKONi said no21:44
philiKONthen he said that it'd probably not be that hard since you can remotecontrol it using COM21:44
philiKONsounded like he wanted to try and see if that's possible21:44
CrippsFXyeah, I've got ldap authentication up for my app, but now I need to grab permissions, which I've no idea where to start at.21:44
benjiphiliKON: yep, I've talked to him a bit about it21:45
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CrippsFXooh ... I think I found something useful:
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