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romanofskimoin :)09:37
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baijumHi projekt0114:24
projekt01baijum, hi14:25
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elroWhat's the current story about getting zope committer privileges? and seem to be saying different things (and have different agreements)15:04
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CrippsFXhow much has the authentication system changed between Zope 2.8 and Zope 3.3 ?15:30
philiKONum, zope 3 != zope 215:32
philiKONi suggest getting my book on zope 3 in any case15:32
zagyphiliKON's always doing a good job in advertising his book *G15:33
CrippsFXphiliKON: yeah, well, I'm looking at an LDAPMultiAdapter package that looks like it was written for zope 2.8, I'm wondering how much work it would require to bring it up to speed with Zope 315:33
philiKONwell, lemme put it this way: i didn't write it so that i can repeat it over and over again on irc15:33
philiKONCrippsFX: how about using ldappas?15:33
zagyphiliKON: sure :)15:33
philiKONit's a dedicated zope 3 solution15:33
zagyphiliKON: I don't mind actually15:33
CrippsFXphiliKON: does it support grabbing ActiveDirectory permissions?15:34
philiKONno idea15:34
CrippsFXI don't mind being told about the book either ... I'd rather be told a chapter for the stuff I ask that's in the book ... I'm after reading through the thing twice ;)15:34
CrippsFXphiliKON: okay. I'll take a look at it and see how it fares ... else I guess I'll have to convert LDAPMultiAdapter to a Zope 3 package.15:35
philiKONchapter 22 is the one about authentication15:38
philiKONit actually discusses how to write a custom authenticator15:39
CrippsFXphiliKON: ahh ... interesting ... there is one thing in ldappas that I overlooked when writing my own ldap PAU ... that is  creating a principal form a PrincipalInfo object15:39
CrippsFXyeah, I went through that all months ago ... right now I'm looking for building principals on authentication (which should be trivial) and then the difficult part: grabbing permissions from Active Directory to map to my application's permissions.15:40
CrippsFXphiliKON: so, I've exhausted chapter 22 for the information I can use. Although, it was quite helpful, thank you.15:40
CrippsFXright now I'm working beyond the scope of the WC book ;)15:41
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projekt01philiKON, what is the state about spliting packages into zope and
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Subdinohi. can anyone explain me the locking scheme used in ZEO's ClientStorage tpc_begin ?16:58
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Subdinoie, why not do a plain lock wait instead of lock - loop until transaction becomes None - wait for notify - lock - unlock - set transaction to something16:59
Subdinoreplacing transaction value check by a plain lock wait and replacing "transaction = None" by a lock release looks it would achieve the same thing, to me17:00
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hazmatis there any status update on the state of the zope3 common criteria security certification17:29
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Subdinoto me it looks like that variable is somehow a lock replacement... and that taking the ock before setting the variable and releasing after setting the variable to none would achieve just the same thing17:40
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hazmatphiliKON_, zopeproject is really nice, one request, is to allow for multi package setups as a config option.. ie instead of develop = . to have develop = src/pkg so additional packages can be added20:06
philiKON_you mean multi-egg setups20:06
philiKON_because you already can do multiple packages20:06
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philiKON_but they become part of the same egg20:06
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hazmatphiliKON_, yeah.. i meant multi egg setups20:52
hazmatmy typical dev cycle starts off with new component eggs as part of a project in dev mode, and then after developed reintegrate them as a release egg20:54
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djk001Hello.  I have a question.  I am going through the todo tutorial on world cookery and I am getting a BasicAdder failure.  Searching for it in the API it seems it was removed.  Is this true?21:47
mgedminwhere was it?21:50
djk001you mean the package it was in?21:50
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djk001from import BasicAdding21:51
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djk001nobody has any thoughts?  BasicAdding doesn't seem to be in the file inclded with the 3.3.1 distribution?  Is this tutorial out of date?22:21
mgedminlooks like22:27
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mgedminI see a regular Adding in, but I don't remember BasicAdding22:28
mgedminyour best bet is to ask philiKON_22:28
mgedminhe's responsible for world cookery22:28
philiKON_worldcookery's todo tutorial is outdated22:28
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