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romanofskimoin :)07:53
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timteIs there a recipe that copies a file to the bin directory?10:53
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* baijum updated his Zope component architecture article (now a book!) :
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maltheanyone mind taking a look at ––– what kind of test machinery would not allow this?13:40
philiKONmalthe: your adapter factory returns None13:44
philiKONthat is treated like failed adaption13:44
malthedoh –– stupid example then; I'm trying to scale down a multi-adapter registration that really does fail.13:45
philiKONyou're adapting from Interface to INterface... possible, but a stupid example :)13:47
malthephiliKON: yes indeed; hopefully (or actually not) I'll be able to construct an example that really does demonstrate that something's fishy.13:50
philiKONi'd be surprised :)13:50
* philiKON afk13:50
maltheyes it's very unlikely13:50
malthewe shall see shortly13:51
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malthephiliKON: I've located the source of my issue ––– I'm running this setUp-method to set up five.intid ––
malthethat appearently screws things uo13:58
malthemust leave; i'll check back in a bit13:59
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jsadjohnsonGood morning.15:01
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malthephiliKON: sorry –– had to depart; anyway, appearently there's something in the test setup that messes up the ca15:13
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jsadjohnsonAnyone familiar with PAU?15:22
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MacYEThi, is it possible to get hold of the zodb root object within a doctest?17:40
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MacYETthis also applies to zope2? :)17:40
* zagy points to the channel name17:41
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djk001Hello.  I have a question on using the Object Field in Schemas.I set a property to be an Object and set the schema.  In the implmentation I validate it with a field property.  However, when I assign that property and object that implments the schema.  I get the wrong type error.  So how do you use the schema attribute from the object field???18:20
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hazmatis there any way to turn off the zope 3 security policy globally?18:30
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hazmati've removed the root security proxy from the app publication, but security proxies seem to be injected in multiple places18:31
ignashazmat: zc.configure and "exclude" it?18:31
ignassecutity proxies18:31
ignasthese are 2 separate things18:31
ignassecurity proxy is one thing18:31
hazmatwell configuring a permissive policy would also work...18:31
ignaswhile security policy is another one18:31
ignasso just set permissions Zope.view on everything ;)18:32
ignasand give Zope.view to unauthenticated users18:32
ignasyou might have to grant Zope.manage and etc. to unauthenticated users if you are using vanilla Zope3 objects like BTrees though18:33
hazmatunfortunately that doesn't seem to work in this case18:35
hazmatincidentally neither does the ZOPE_WATCH_CHECKERS environment18:36
ignas  <grant18:36
ignas    role="zope.Manager"18:36
ignas    principal="zope.anybody"18:36
ignas    />18:36
ignaseveryone should be able to do *anything*18:37
ignasanything includes packing ZODB, and shutting down the server ;)18:37
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djk001Any Help on my schema issue?  I'd like to validate that what I assign to a property of a class is actually an instance of the correct interface?  It looked like schemas were the correct way to do this, but it doesn't seem to work without using real inheritace.18:39
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hazmatignas, unfortunately not in this case..18:40
ignaslisppaste6: url18:41
lisppaste6To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.18:41
ignaspost your principals.zcml in here18:41
ignasand the unauthenticated error traceback that you are getting if you get any18:42
hazmat  <grant role="zope.Manager"18:42
hazmat         principal="zope.Anybody" />18:42
ignasemm "anybody" not Anybody18:42
hazmatignas, it gets swallowed up ( part of the menu_item.avaiable() check18:42
ignasmight help18:42
hazmatthats the principle zopeproject is using by default..18:43
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ignascould you post whole principals.zcml to lisppaste please18:43
ignasand zope.Anybody is a group by default18:43
ignasnot unauthenticated principal iirc18:44
ignasand i am not sure how nested groups work18:44
lisppaste6hazmat pasted "security policy" at
hazmati just tried switching the security policy to
hazmatstill doesn't have an effect18:49
ignasare you logged in as someone when testing it?18:49
hazmati have some sort of security proxy rock, which won't let me do anything afaics18:49
hazmatno, i'm anonymous18:49
ignasthen you should try putting a pdb in the menu_item part that discards the exception18:50
ignasand looking at what it is telling18:50
ignaslike - what is the principal18:51
ignaswhat is the permission18:51
ignasand maybe just maybe the exception is not Unauthorized18:51
hazmati'm just trying a getitem.. on a container18:51
hazmatits ForbiddenAttribute18:51
ignasbut something like forbidden attribute18:51
ignasforbidden attribute means that either security context for the object is not set up right18:51
ignas(missing __parent__)18:51
ignasor that <class> for the object18:52
ignashas no <allow> <require> covering that atrribute18:52
ignas<allow interface="" /> in the <class> declaration should solve the problem18:53
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ignasdjk001: i would like to help, but i don't really understand the problem, maybe you could paste a doctest that reproduces the problem?18:54
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hazmatignas, thanks!! that fixed it18:57
djk001I would have to paste a bunch of code also.  Basically, I have and interface18:58
djk001def IAddress(Interface):18:58
djk001  that was one field18:58
djk001city = TextLine()18:58
djk001and an Address class that implements it18:58
djk001def Adress(Persistent):18:59
ignasi am more interested in the assignment/verification part of it18:59
ignasso if you could post the real code to lisppaste618:59
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djk001just send lisppaste6 a message?18:59
ignasgo to the url19:00
ignaslisppaste6: url19:00
lisppaste6To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.19:00
ignasand post the code in there19:00
djk001K.  thanks19:00
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mgedmindjk001: _def_ Address(Persistent):?  That's not a class, that's a function!19:05
* benji does that all the time.19:05
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lisppaste6djk pasted "Schema Issue" at
djk001The docstring contains the error I'm getting19:14
djk001I saw a thread about what seems to be the same issue come up when defining a List schema and using a PersistentList to implement it19:15
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mgedminthat's a strange error19:22
mgedminwhere does the empty list come from?19:22
* mgedmin can reproduce19:24
djk001I create a persistentList in the __init__ function19:24
djk001sorry, nevermind19:24
mgedminthe fix is to add a __init__ to Address and assign a valid value19:25
mgedminfor some reason the default is []19:25
djk001a valid value to what?19:25
djk001Oh, OK19:25
mgedminhm, the default value for line1 is None, and schema validator for some reason translates that to WrongContainedType: []19:26
mgedminmakes no sense19:26
djk001still get it19:27
djk001Added line1="" in the address __init__19:27
djk001I assumed that empty list was supposed to be the types that the error generation had19:27
mgedmin"" is not a valid value19:28
mgedminTextLine insists on unicode19:28
mgedminyou can't pass plain str to it19:28
mgedminhm, schema validation converts RequiredMissing to WrongContainedType: [] somehow19:29
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mgedminwait, what?19:29
mgedminraise WrongContainedType(errors)19:29
mgedminerrors is supposed to be [RequiredMissing(...)]19:30
mgedminbut it is []19:30
mgedminwhere's the bug?19:30
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ignas__str__ of RequiredMissing19:30
djk001I added the unicode and still get the error19:31
djk001I assume the bug is that It is expected an IAddress and I pass it an Address but it thinks its the wrong type19:32
mgedminah, faaaak19:33
djk001Actually, I commented out all the line1 stuff and it worked19:33
mgedminit's not an empty list19:33
mgedminit's a list that contains one item, whose __repr__ returns ''19:33
* mgedmin pulls out a big steel cluebat19:34
mgedmindjk001: do you want to file a zope 3 bug report in
djk001well, I'm still not sure what the issue is19:35
mgedmina completely incomprehensible error message in your situation19:35
mgedminI don't know what's the proper fix19:35
djk001I can file one for that19:35
mgedminbut I think that repr(exception) returning '' is very undesirable19:35
djk001Actually, the first suggestion did work . Assigning Line1 to u'' made the issue go away19:36
djk001how do I file a bug in launchpad?19:36
djk001thx.  gotta run to a meeting, I'll file it a little later19:37
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WebMavenTheuni_: ping20:44
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djk001OK guys.  thanks for your help on the first issue.  I am having trouble getting validation of the type you put in a list to work.  I set the value_type to TextLine but it allows me to put numbers in a list.  I will put it in lisppaste620:50
lisppaste6djk001 pasted "value_type issue" at
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mgedmindjk001: don't expect PersistentList.append to perform validation for you21:05
djk001my list example doesn't work either.  It seems I may be using value_type wrong21:07
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djk001so.  am I using the value_type correctly?  From my understanding passing this as a parameterto the list will perform validation on the items you place in the list.21:23
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mgedminvalidation is often an afterthought in the zope 3 world21:38
mgedminforms do validation21:38
mgedminFieldProperties do validation21:38
mgedminand that's about it21:38
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djk001I don't get it.  What is the point of the value_type parameter then?21:40
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mgedminalso, I think *forms* will use it for validation21:57
djk001OK.  just ran some tests21:57
mgedminif you use a widget for lists21:57
mgedminbut all my attempts to use list widgets failed miserably21:57
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djk001it does correctly fail if you do a obj.list = [1,2,3]21:57
djk001but doesn't validate obj.extend([1,2,3])21:57
djk001so it only works for assignment in the list.  not for function calls21:57
bigkevmcdthat makes sense21:59
djk001yeah.  makes some sense. Would be nice if it protected what you put in the list under all circumstances.  but oh well.22:00
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maltheshouldn't a List with a value_type of Choice render a series of checkboxes?22:31
rmarianskimalthe: does it render a listbox?22:32
maltheit renders a bunch of radios22:33
rmarianskimalthe: i think that makes sense, rendering checkboxes may lean towards selecting multiple options, instead of one22:34
malthetrue; but how does one support the use-case of having a dynamic number of options that are all related?22:35
malthei.e. choose a bunch of search results, do stuff with them22:35
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malthemarkusleist: seems like it's implemented by Plone 3 –– MultiCheckboxWidget22:37
maltheerr MultiCheckBoxVocabularyWidget even22:43
djk001One more question.  In all the articles I read, the implmentation classes define in interface attributes at the class level, instead of at the instance level.  Why is this?  Take this link for example:  Should the url and description in class Mark be defined under an __init__ function instead?22:50
benjidjk001: I don't see why it would matter; an instance needs those attributes, whereever it gets them from.22:57
djk001yes, but then all instances share the same attribute (if defined at the class level)22:59
benjionly if they're mutable; that's a general Python no-no23:03
djk001so, correct me if I'm wrong.  But in the example.  If I create two instances of mark:  mark1 = Mark(), mark2 = Mark(), then assign mark1.url="some url" , if I were to do mark2.url it would return "some url", no???23:05
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djk001sorry.  just tried it and your right.  I could have sworn I saw that behavior before23:18
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