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bigkevmcdMornin' all, I'm using a SimpleTerm/SimpleVocabulary to populate a schema.Choice in a formlib form, I want one of the items to be disabled in the list box, in certain circumstances, is there a way to do this?11:22
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timteHow can I refer to buildout.cfg develop key from same key in devel.cfg without getting circular references?14:57
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timtegot it working15:10
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thruflohi, I'm getting a "UnpickleableError: Cannot pickle <type ''> objects" error on basic add / edit forms for a very simple content object17:12
thrufloit works when in the root folder17:12
thrufloie: i add a container & then add objects to it and can edit ok17:12
thruflobut when i add the container to a site17:13
thrufloi get the security error17:13
thrufloi know I can removeSecuiryProxy but I'm using the bog standard edit forms - no special classes17:13
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* thruflo waves at junkafarian 17:14
junkafarianyo thruflo17:14
junkafarianis there a way to get more info on a 'Could not adapt' error?17:15
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thruflo^ am I missing something obvious?17:15
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junkafarianthruflo: ?17:16
thruflojunkafarian: [15:12] thruflo: hi, I'm getting a "UnpickleableError: Cannot pickle <type ''> objects" error on basic add / edit forms for a very simple content object17:16
thruflothruflo: it works when in the root folder, but when i add the container to a site i get the security error17:16
ignaswhy are you adding a security proxied object into a container?17:18
thrufloi just wanna add a simple 'note' object to a container17:19
junkafarianignas: i think the problem is that he isnt verbosely proxying the object17:20
ignasthe idea is - you should not be adding security wrapped objects into containers, now how the proxy got onto an object17:20
ignasis a different question17:20
ignasit should not happen on a newly created object17:20
junkafarianits happening only on the edit forms17:21
junkafarianbut both add and edit forms are skin and bones17:21
ignasso your edit forms are readding the object into the container17:21
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ignaswhile they should only modify the object17:21
junkafarianthe objects can be created in the container no problem17:21
thruflo<addMenuItem title="Note"17:22
thruflo      class="pesto.obj.note.Note"17:22
thruflo      permission="zope.ManageContent"17:22
thruflo      view="add_note.html"17:22
thruflo  />17:22
junkafarianit errors on what seems to be the update() function17:22
thruflo  <addform name="add_note.html"17:22
thruflo      label="Add Note"17:22
thruflo      schema="pesto.obj.note.interfaces.INote"17:22
thruflo      content_factory="pesto.obj.note.Note"17:22
thruflo      permission="zope.ManageContent"17:22
thruflo  />17:22
ignaslisppaste6: url17:22
lisppaste6To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.17:22
thruflo^ ie: I have no / class17:22
thruflook, tx17:22
lisppaste6thruflo pasted "note configure.zcml" at
thrufloie: bog simple content object, add & edit, containment etc. works fine in site root17:23
thruflobut I get the UnpickleableError error within a site folder17:24
thruflowhich has it's own pau / auth plugin17:24
thruflo(when I say site folder I don't mean ++etc-site++ but just a folder called 'sidf' that's been made into a site)17:24
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mgedminthruflo: please pastebot the full traceback17:26
lisppaste6thruflo pasted "traceback" at
mgedminoh, right, it's useless at this late point17:27
junkafarianmgedmin: how so?17:27
junkafarianim working on the same project17:27
mgedminthe question is, how the security proxied object gets attached to the containment hierarchy17:28
mgedminand the traceback happens at a later point17:28
mgedminwhat's the auth plugin?17:29
mgedmina custom one?17:29
mgedmincould be you're getting that error from DC metadata when it tries to store the creator id17:29
* junkafarian checks17:30
junkafarianon a separate issue, is there a way to get more information on why im getting a 'Could not adapt' error?17:31
mgedminokay, here's what I'd do: I'd insert a pdb.set_trace() in ZODB/ (line 543), within a try/except UnpickleableError block, and then inspect that proxy17:32
mgedmini.e. call removeSecurityProxy from it and see what it is17:32
junkafarianmgedmin: ^17:32
mgedminno idea about debugging adapters17:32
mgedminwell, you *could* get a full list of adapter registrations and see why the one you want is not in it17:32
mgedminit's a big list, I think17:32
mgedminusually it's easier to apply deductive reasoning17:33
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junkafarianwas afraid you would say something like that :P17:34
junkafarian'could not adapt' is just a rather general error :P17:35
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mgedminadapters are a pretty general mechanism17:35
ignasjunkafarian: what i do is - import pdb before adaptation17:35
ignasand look what i am adapting17:35
ignasand to what i am trying to adapt it to17:36
mgedminif you get a "command not found" error in bash, what more information do you want?17:36
ignassingle adaptations are trivial most of the times17:36
mgedminwell, okay, bad example, you want to know what package to install to get that command17:36
ignasand only multi adapters might need some internal debugging,  but even then - all the tricky cases are when you get the wrong object17:36
junkafarianmgedmin: hrhr17:36
ignasnot when you get 'failed to adapty'17:37
junkafariani was just wondering what the main causes are for adapting failures17:38
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junkafarianas i dont know if it is a configuration error or whether it is something in the code17:39
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junkafarianit was a config error18:00
junkafarianbut a wierd one!18:00
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thrufloapologies for dissapearing whilst mid getting help - got dragged into mtg19:01
thruflomgedmin: tx for advice, will debug as you suggest19:02
thruflook yup, was the annotations19:04
* thruflo grinds his teeth19:04
mgedminprincipal id is supposed to be a string19:05
mgedminstrings are never security proxied19:05
mgedmindoes your auth plugin use non-stringish for principal ids?19:05
thrufloi'm using a standard sessions credentials auth plugin19:07
thrufloand this signup principal folder as authentication plugin:
mgedminso what was that object hiding behind the proxy?19:10
* thruflo re-bugs19:11
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lisppaste6thruflo annotated #49681 with "the obj causing the mischief" at
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* thruflo scans IZopeDublinCore to no avail19:24
mgedmindo you register the dublin core adapters manually, or do you include the original zcmls?19:26
mgedminperhaps the dc adapter lost its 'trusted' attribute in zcml?19:27
thruflo<implements interface="zope.annotation.interfaces.IAttributeAnnotatable" /> in the zcml19:27
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thrufloadsl borked20:20
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lisppaste6amaron pasted "What this error means?" at
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regebroamaron: That it can't find standard-macros. But what you did to Zope3 so that you don't have standard_macros is beyond me. :-)20:43
mgedminit means that there's no 'standard_macros' view on context20:43
mgedminwhich is pretty strange, as standard_macros is a view on everything20:44
mgedmindo you use custom skins?20:44
amaronyes, I created one and use it for other pages20:44
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amaronbut this reports for AddForm derived class20:44
mgedminthe skin is applied on the request20:45
mgedminstandard_macros is part of the rotterdam skin20:45
mgedminif you use a different skin and want to use AddForm's that want standard_macros, you need to provide your own version of standard_macros20:46
amaroni created my own version of standard_macros20:46
mgedminalternatively you can perhaps provide your own page template for the AddForm, one that doesn't need standard_macros20:46
regebrobut it's on a specific layer, right? Can't you include the rotterdams layer in your skin? (I'm a newbie when it comes to layers and skins).20:46
amaroni'm a newbie for zope3 and zope20:47
amaronso u can guess why i'm lost20:48
amaroni'm into this ... this is a second week20:48
mgedminzope 3 eats newbies alive for breakfast! muahahahaha20:48
* mgedmin is evil20:48
mgedminanyway, skins are tricky, so I avoid them20:48
mgedmincan you paste the bit of zcml where you're registering your own standard_macros?20:49
* mgedmin also avoids AddForm's20:49
mgedminzope.formlib is generally nicer to work with than's zcml magic20:50
lisppaste6amaron annotated #49688 with "new skin declared here" at
mgedminz3c.form is a new package that wants to replace zope.formlib, but I haven't actually tried it in practice20:50
mgedminhow do you enable the browser skin?20:51
mgedminis it made the default skin with a zcml declaration, or do you have a traversal event subscriber that calls applySkin, or what?20:52
amaroni overrided defaultSkin20:52
amaronand that skin works for all other pages20:52
amaronexcept this one20:52
amaronwhich is based on AddForm20:52
mgedminversus standard_macros20:53
mgedminthere's your mismatch20:53
mgedmin- vs _20:53
mgedmingood luck20:53
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amaronman, this almost killed me...20:54
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alfborgeDoes anybody know what causes import error IFallbackUnauthenticatedPrincipal? (See for the traceback).21:22
alfborgeTo be honest, that question is a bit outdated as I already know what causes it.21:22
alfborgeI have, and
alfborgeThe first tries to import the name I just mentioned from the latter; the latter is ignorant of this and so the problem ensues.21:23
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benjialfborge: since it appears no one here has the time to look into this right now, a bug report would seem to be in order21:38
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dennis__hi! if i have a valueindex with 1000s of items ordered by a title, is there an efficient way to iterate them in the order in which they were indexed? I.e., so the intids come in such an order that the object.titles are ordered alphabetically. I want to offer a grid of a selection of entries, such that it could be "entry 100-110 out of 10,000, ordered by title"21:46
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dennis__usually the results of searches are ordered by intid, which has no relation to any attribute of the objects. The point is I don't want to wake up 10,000 objects to get 100 of them by title21:48
J1mIf you are going to use all of them, you could just iterate over the index itself.21:48
J1mI'm not sure the index exposes the right API to do that. It should.21:49
J1mI suspect it doesn't.21:49
dennis__well :) the part 2 is that I do need to filter the results. The BTrees intersection works fantastically, but loses any order. The bad thing is to keep the order I would, for every item in the index, check if it is in the 20 or so filtered results, and if yes, append it. But I rather check 20 times than 10,000 times21:50
J1mIf you only have 20 results, you can just sort them. :)21:51
J1mThe extremes are easy.21:51
J1mThe hard part comes when you have many results, but sill much gewer results than the entire corpus.21:52
dennis__i guess i have many many more. There's a database with all items, and several index. One index returns which items you have permissions for. That's the 20 example (though it will be hundreds to thousands)21:53
J1mAlso note that if you have to deal with lots of results, you can use a n-best algorithm, rather than sorting, which helps a little.21:53
dennis__or keep a mapping   intid->relative_order, but thats very inefficent when adding/removing21:54
J1mAnother option is to set up a catalog-like data structure using the values of interest as primary keys rather than intids.21:54
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J1mbasically, the intids are primary keys.21:55
J1mGenerally, if you have to deal with sorting, you want to arrange things so that your primary key is what you want to sort results on.21:55
J1mOf course, set merging with non-integer keys is slower, but it's better than sorting.21:56
dennis__do the BTrees intersection/etc work on non-int keys?21:56
J1mI believe so. I'm not 100% sure though.21:57
dennis__well will have to try some ideas :) thanks a lot j1m!22:00
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regebroI heard rumours at the Plone conference that somebody is looking into and trying to actually extract the Zope2 security and Zope2 traversers from Zope2 and make them into zope3 adapters.22:07
regebroIs this true, and in that case who are these people? :-)22:07
regebroIf it is true, I'm guessing J1m should have heard something, so ping? :-)22:07
J1mUm, why would you think that?22:08
J1mSadly, I don't have my finger on the pulse of Zope 2.22:08
regebroI'm just thinking that if somebody is brave enough to try that they would have talked to you or run into problems that you would know about.22:09
J1mwarn me if you see them coming. ;)22:09
regebroSo if you haven't heard something, that indicates that the rumours aren't true.22:09
regebrook, I will. It would be kinda fun to try.22:09
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zenwrylyI'm looking for documentation on BTrees families and coming up empty handed. Where can I find it?  How are they supposed to be used?22:27
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