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timteyou guys who send to the distutils-sig list, do your mails get stuck in mailman because of "Message has a suspicious header" ?11:07
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mgedminhow can I measure the ZODB cache size?13:32
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mgedminokay, the answer to my question is FunctionalTestSetup().db.cacheSize()15:19
* mgedmin is trying to figure out why the memory usage of functional tests is nearly linear15:20
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J1msrichter, ayt?17:58
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pannot ayt ;-)18:06
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hazmatanyone know what this error might be from (using zopeproject trying to pull in zc.datetimewidget)18:08
hazmat    ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'layer', "ImportError: Couldn't import default, No module named default")18:08
hazmatit tracks back to the resourceLibrary configuration for zc.datetimewidget ... which is this      <resourceLibrary name="zc.datetimewidget" layer="default">18:09
J1mI lost track of layers/skins a while ago. :/18:09
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J1mI strongly suspect that the complexity they introduce isn't worth the benefit they provide.18:10
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hazmatperhaps.. they've definitely proven valuable in cmf/plone land as segmentation of 3rd party view components.. abut there everyone provides their own layer, and injects it into the default skin, i think the issue is just making sane defaults in the core.. the extra complexity comes in here from injection into a pre existing layer.. which is assumed to be in the core,  which could be addressed by just having a well defined layer names there, ie. i think thi18:20
hazmats particular issue is just the lack of the 'default' layer in the core.18:20
hazmatalthough for myself in z3, i haven't bothered with the layer/skin stuff at all..18:20
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hazmatah.. ic. the simplying skinning implementation ( happened so layers and skins are basically interfaces, and zc.datetimewidget egg is basically out of date18:47
hazmatbut a new egg wasn't cut for, so it needs a revision bump and a push of a new egg to
hazmatis there any documented process for pushing eggs to
hazmatgot it..
zagyhazmat: what's the problem with zc.datetimewidget18:56
hazmatif i use the egg, its trying to register to a 'default' named string layer which doesn't exist in zope 3.418:57
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hazmatthe egg and the trunk have the same versions but some source difference18:57
zagyI wonder18:58
hazmatthe trunk removes the resourceDirectory named layer option18:58
zagysince I'm using it regularily18:58
hazmatyeah.. it should be in the core..18:58
hazmator default datetimewidget i should say18:58
zagyi'm using zc.datetimewidget-0.6.1dev_r7245318:58
hazmatoh.. my bad.. it does have a different rev number18:59
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zagyactuallly the its using resourceLibrary18:59
zagybut I suppose you'll make a release anyway19:00
zagysince the 0.6.1dev-foo is quite old already19:00
zagyanyway, I'm off now19:01
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hazmatit just needs a new egg19:02
hazmatuploaded to download.zope.org19:02
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hazmatanyone know where ITZInfo request adapter is defined/configured19:18
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mgedminany known fixed memory leaks in zope.component since zope 3.2?20:14
mgedminI'm trying to figure out why repeating a functional test in a loop gives me two new reachable tuples, two new reachable lists and three new reachable dicts20:15
mgedminI suspect the tuples are ((<InterfaceClass 'Interface'>, <InterfaceClass IBrowserRequest>), <... BrowserMenuItemFactory instance...>), but I'm not sure20:15
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hazmatmgedmin, grep showed no results.. mail archives have some examples though20:24
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J1mhazmat, I bet it's provided by an add-ob involving pytz.20:59
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