IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2007-10-25

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panJ1m :-)00:12
J1msorry, wrong window00:13
pani thought so ;-)00:13
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benjilaunch attack at 05:3000:15
benjioh, sorry, wrong window00:15
panfast question - i have users objects and message objects. messages can be for all users or just for some of them. how should it be implemented, if later i want to show users all messages that are for all, and messages that are only for him?00:18
panshould i use annotations and put on every message list of users for later searching?00:19
panand just look for messages that have empty list (thats for all), and look for messages where in annotations is name of this user?00:20
panor perhaps i should create some 'connecting' folder and put there objects matching user and message. but it will be realtion db solution i think...00:21
bigkevmcdyou could add the messages to the user object?00:27
bigkevmcdi.e. store them in a "messages" container which is a subobject of the user?00:27
bigkevmcdor at least, somewhere that you can easily discern the path based upon the user?00:27
panbut some messages are for few users, and some are for all users00:28
panand some can be only for one user, and then your solution would be ok. bet there is more cases...00:28
*** CSWookie has left #zope3-dev00:29, catalog the message_users attribute, and search?00:29
panas i understand you want to create user object, where i will keep all data about user (username,login,pass,name, and so on), and this object would be also container (folder), where subfolder would be messages, right?00:29
pan< bigkevmcd>, catalog the message_users attribute, and search? - ok, but how this search should like? shoulw i create new object, where i will store just name of user and subject of message? and later search on those 2 keys?00:31
bigkevmcdI don't think you need to?00:31
bigkevmcdCatalog the messages?00:31
bigkevmcddoes a message know the users it's intended for?00:31
panyes. message can have field List, like that:00:32
pan        test = List(00:32
pan                title=_(u"Test"),00:32
pan                value_type=Choice(title=_(u"Testing"), vocabulary="test")00:32
pan                )00:32
panand vocabulary="test" is utility which provide users, from Users folder00:32
panso - yes - message can know the users.00:33
panbut how i will later find messages for those users? User will login and i have to show him messages for him. how to find them?00:33
bigkevmcdcatalog search, index the attribute that contains the list of users00:33
panbut, as i understand i can find on normal Fields, not on Lists (like in this example)... am i wrong?00:34
bigkevmcdYou should be able to search ok00:34
panso... if i will put in Message object List field with users, i will be able to make search based on that?00:35
panhuh! how ? from ZMI i can just create index on field, chose interface and chose attribute00:36
* bigkevmcd digs for an example00:36
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* pan will send flowers to bigkevmcd for working example :-)00:37
bigkevmcdpan: have you got philipp's book?00:38
panbigkevmcd: i have00:39
bigkevmcdChapter 19, is all about indexing and searching of the catalog00:39
bigkevmcdyou want to adapt your list to a straight text string00:39
bigkevmcdand just index that00:39
panyes, but there are only examples for simple Text00:39
pannot for List00:39
benjiwhat little I know of indexing, it would seem that a SetIndex would be good there00:40
panbut i dont have text string! i have list of users connected with message.00:40
bigkevmcdbenji: I'm not familiar with the SetIndex, but I can imagine what it does :-)00:40
bigkevmcdand if it does what it sounds like...00:40
panwhat is SetIndex ;-) ?00:41
* pan going on api page00:41
panNote: These are only interfaces that are registered with the site manager.00:41
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Pan^benji: it looks like what i need... can i use it in zope3?00:45
Pan^ill try...00:45
benjimost certainly00:45
Pan^thanks a lot. i will try to fight with this :-)00:47
Pan^but as i understand my solution is ok? on the begining i was thinking about connectiong those object in schema interfaces ... somehow, but i didnt know how ;-)00:48
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timteI buildout.cfg extends base.cfg and both files contain a develop= line, should they be merged or should one of them win?12:06
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zagytimte: one wins12:20
zagyeverything else would confuse me :)12:20
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timtebecause it extends I expect them to be merged12:21
zagywell, different options are merged12:21
zagyalso, if develop would be merged, how would you specify to not merge it?12:22
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timteif I extend something I say that I want the stuff in there12:29
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timteif you don't want that develop egg it should probably not be in base.cfg that you extend12:30
timtenow I had to rename devel to develeggs and then do devel=${buildout:develeggs} in both files in order to not get circular references12:33
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timtezagy: but it seems like parts option values are merged?14:25
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zagytimte: really? wuah ;)14:37
timtewonder if the appropriate list to send an email to would be zope-dev or zope3-users?14:39
timtethen they go crazy and say that this is a list for development OF zope  :)14:40
baijumtimte, if it is zc.buildout don't post it to zope-dev list, instead use distutils-sig list:
timtehmm, distutils?14:44
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baijumyep, distutils-sig14:46
timtebaijum: but perhaps you know the answer already  :)14:47
timtedarn, I have to go14:47
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baijumtimte: actually what you expected, merged the values ?14:48
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baijumor override ?14:49
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baijumtimte, anyway..I do not understand your question better to ask in that list..14:51
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malthehmm when trying to use a Zope 3 zpt macro from a Zope 2 zpt I get "Unauthorized: You are not allowed to access 'a particular list' in this context"15:54
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timteIn a buidout, can I refer to the parent that I extend?17:16
timteso I can use for instance ${parent:buildout:develop} ?17:17
thruflocould someone point me to example usage of the zope.sendmail package?17:18
thrufloi can see that there's a zcml directive defined in zope.sendmail.meta.zcml for a smtpMailer but I can't find docs on what to do with that17:18
mgedminI know how to use zope.sendmail, but I'm not sure I could find an example online17:19
thrufloi basically want to expose a view class that sends an email...17:19
mgedminthe design of zope.sendmail is not the best, and I'm partially to blame17:19
thrufloyou coded the package?17:20
mgedminparts of it17:20
mgedminduring one of the early zope 3 sprints17:20
mgedminbasically, you need two zcml directives17:20
mgedminone to register a mailer, and one to register a mail delivery utility17:20
mgedminthen in your code you getUtility(IMailDelivery, name='name-of-your-util') and hand the email message to it17:20
mgedminI'll write up a short README17:21
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thruflovia it's send method?17:21
mgedminI have working code in front of me, but it's not open source17:21
thruflowell let that be a lesson to you :p17:22
thrufloi was slightly confused by the comment in zope.sendmail.configure.zcml17:23
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lisppaste6thruflo pasted "sendmail configure.zcml" at
thrufloi would have presumed not to change the config of the zope src but to have includes app specifics like queue dir in my zope instance17:26
thruflohowever I may not be understanding things correctly17:26
mgedminno, you don't need to change anything in your zope sources17:27
mgedminbut you need to define those two utilities in your site.zcml17:27
thrufloright ok17:27
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mgedminI see zope.sendmail.interfaces has some description17:27
* thruflo nods17:27
mgedminoh dear, it's more complicated than I remembered17:34
mgedmin(the message formatting bit, not the actual sending bit)17:34
mgedminthe stdlib 'email' module is not very unicode friendly:
thrufloyup, saw some discussion on that17:35
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* thruflo attempts to test his getUtility(IMailDelivery, name='name-of-your-util')17:37
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* thruflo discovers examples 16.3.4 & 16.3.5 in web component development 2nd edn17:48
thruflo(tx for the help again mgedmin - much appreciated!)17:51
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mgedminI'd appreciate feedback18:14
mgedminespecially if you find any inaccuracies18:14
mgedminI based the examples on working code from a zope 3.2-based app, when zope.sendmail was still
mgedminthere've been changes made to zope.sendmail since then (e.g. I noticed it now has TLS support)18:15
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mgedminaargh, right, I noticed one problem myself18:17
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* thruflo tests with the code18:23
thrufloin the readme18:23
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lisppaste6thruflo pasted "dovecot ready?" at
thrufloSMTPConnectError: (-1, 'Dovecot ready.')18:56
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thruflomgedmin: that code works fine for me and the readme makes perfect sense to me.  the only suggestion I would make is that the maildelivery queuepath="var/mailqueue" should be queuepath="../var/mailqueue" seeings how it's in a file in the etc directory - ie: I have nothing really to add!19:07
mgedminactually, I've no idea what the relative paths are relative to19:08
mgedminI suspect $PWD from where you start the server19:08
mgedminI tend to place absolute paths there, just in case19:08
mgedminthe dovecot error is strange-ish19:09
mgedminafaik dovecot is an imap/pop3 server19:09
mgedminit shouldn't be listening on port 2519:09
* thruflo nods - running it here on osx using ./bin/runzope i find I have to use the ../ from a directive in etc/overrides.zcml but presumably people can tweak that as they see fit19:10
thruflo^ yup, I was using port 11019:10
thruflochanging to default 25 got me a successful test email through :)19:10
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