IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2007-11-07

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pyqwerI have a class that implements an interface. Is there a simple zope function that returns me the interface for my class, e.g. "listInterfaces(myclass)"?10:53
pyqwerbaijum: Thanks, but this just tests if my class provides an interface. But I don't want to test, I want to retrieve the interface itself.10:57
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pyqwerMy class has the attributes __implemented__, __providedBy__ and __provides__, perhaps one of these can be used for retrieving my Interface?10:58
baijumpyqwer, Use something like this:  [x.__name__ for x in providedBy(obj)] (I will update update doc later with info)11:01
pyqwerbaijum: Ah, yes, the following does the trick: [Myclass.__name__ for Myclass in implementedBy(Myclass)]11:03
baijumpyqwer, thanks for this info, I will update that too :)11:04
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baijumpyqwer: done :)11:16
pyqwerbaijum: Thanks!11:16
baijumpyqwer, welcome :)11:16
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mgedminnote to self: dynamically creating interfaces and passing those to formlib is not a good technique12:53
projekt01probably the right time to try z3c.form12:57
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malthemgedmin: you don't need to create interfaces13:05
malthejust pass the schema definitions to FormFields13:06
maltheyou will need to assign them a __name__ explicitly13:06
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projekt01dobee, ayt?13:59
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dobeeprojekt01: now14:17
projekt01dobee, why do we need a BeforeUpdateEvent?14:17
dobeeprojekt01: for doing thinks like cache lookups  before update is called14:18
dobeeso that update is not called14:18
dobeesee z3c.responsecache14:18
projekt01is there a package for caching somewhere?14:19
projekt01ah thanks, I wasn't sure if this has to do with update/render issue14:19
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projekt01dobee, do you mean z3c.responseheaders or lovely.responsecache14:22
dobeeups sorry - lovely.responsecache14:22
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malthethe default widget for a schema.List with value_type schema.TextLine is a button15:08
malthewhat gives?15:09
projekt01malthe, what's the value of the button?15:09
malthelet me check15:10
projekt01is the value Add?15:10
malthetitle of the list15:10
projekt01and what happens if you click on the button?15:10
maltheI'm not sure15:12
malthenothing I guess15:12
maltheholy moly15:12
projekt01there should be a form with a button and if you click on the button, it should render a form with a input field for your text15:12
malthenever saw that before15:12
projekt01after adding the text, it sould show the text and offer a new for the next text line15:12
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maltheI guess there must also be a somewhat simpler widget for this defined15:14
malthei.e. one that just presents a textarea and splits on newlines15:14
projekt01The sequence (zope.schema.List) renders the zope.schema.TextLine widget and adds the add button etc.15:15
projekt01you can write a widget and use them for your list field15:15
malthethanks man15:16
projekt01if you use z3c.form, you can use the text area widget and write a data converter wich converts text to lines15:16
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hazmatis there a reason jquery.layer doesn't actually contain the js its registering as resources?15:50
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ignasanyone using fedora ?16:07
timteignas: I can boot it up16:08
ignasnot necessary, just maybe you know whether there is a way to install "build dependencies" on fedora using command line?16:09
ignaslike - "install all the packages needed to build PIL (python-imaging on debian)"16:09
projekt01hazmat, no reason, just not there16:13
projekt01hazmat, I'm not sure if we should support the js scripts by it's version name16:13
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projekt01hazmat, and I'm not sure if we should duplicate the js from jquery.javascript or include the js files from there16:15
timteignas: using yum you mean?16:15
ignasi guess16:16
ignaswhatever the default tool is16:16
timteignas: yum install python-imaging16:16
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ignasbut what about - all the things needed to *build* pytohn-imaging16:17
timteas in compile?16:18
ignasdebian has apt-get build-dep python-imaging , that installs everything from gcc to needed libraries and headers16:18
timteignas: oh16:18
timteignas: that I don't know16:19
ignasi am using buildout to build PILwoTK, and want to put a command in makefile that would allow users with Fedora to install all the needed libraries16:19
ignasi have everything set up for ubuntu16:19
ignasbut i don't have any fedoras around ;)16:20
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hazmatprojekt01, basically i just wanted a working jquery package, its not really clear whats going on with the separation in  jquery.layer, if its dependent on jquery.javascript, it shouldn't be doing registration for resources from there that it assumes are self contained within the package. its not clear how to add a package and have this working out of the box..  in the end its just easier to roll your own.. which sort of defeats th17:32
hazmate purpose of the package17:32
hazmatre version, i think its appropriate to put the version numbers in the resource names17:33
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projekt01hazmat, I agree, feel free to add the JS scripts with version numbers to the package18:02
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ignasJ1m: are you there?19:37
ignasoh, nvm, found the bug19:38
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instantfoohi, i'd like to apply a security setting to a class' attribute (which is an IFTreeSet)22:01
lisppaste6instantfoo pasted "zcml" at
instantfoothis code lets me access it but i can't do iter or len on it..22:02
instantfooI get a ForbiddenAttribtue22:03
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alecminstantfoo: I presume set is a set or a Set?22:43
alecmyou'll need to make some security declarations for that class I'd think22:43
instantfooset is an IFTreeSet (BTrees..)22:44
instantfooit feels wrong adding security decl. for one of the BTrees.. :)22:46
alecmindeed, it probably is, maybe you should provide some special methods to do those things for you22:46
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