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pananyone alive =) ?02:12
ccombalmost alive02:13
panhehe. how to create object that can be contained and container?02:15
ccombyou just implement IContainer and IContained02:15
panit doesnt work.02:15
panwhen im doing it02:15
ccomba Folder is already that02:15
panim getting error:02:15
panTypeError: iteration over non-sequence02:16
panwhen object is only IContained its ok02:16
panFolder doesnt implement IContainer02:16
pan Object Introspector:  ( fsda )02:16
ccombyes it does02:16
panProvided Interfaces02:16
pani see that IFolder is based on IContained.02:17
panmy mistake.02:17
panbut... i still have this error when im making my object IContained and IContainer02:17
panTypeError: iteration over non-sequence02:17
ccombbeeing contained and container is probably not the reason for this error02:17
pani have folder called site. i made site from it. there i have folder users. it can cantain only user objects. users can be contained in it.02:18
panand thats work.02:18
panbut now i want to make user object like a container, that he will keep messages for everyuser.02:19
panthats correct solution, right?02:19
ccombit looks like, yes02:20
panand when im changing my interfaces.py02:20
panfrom IUser(IContained)02:20
panto IUser(IContained, IContainer)02:20
panand im trying to add user to folder users02:20
panim getting this error.02:21
panany idea :-) ?02:21
panccomb thanks for help in saturday night ;-)02:21
pani will buy you beer ;-)02:21
ccombyou don't just have to *provide* IContainer, you also have to *implement* IContainer02:21
ccombpan: anyway my week-end is lost, I'm reviewing the whole translation of z3 :)02:22
panhehe ;-)02:22
panhm. im thinking about what you said.02:22
pangimme a minute for try something ;-)02:23
ccombeither you implement everymethod listed in IContainer (__deltitem__ __get_item__, etc.), or you derive from an object that already implements all these methods02:24
ccombfor example02:25
pantrying trying.02:26
panbut thats so obvious what you said. but to understand it you had to say it to me ;-) without you i would look for this for hours i think ;-)02:27
ccombthat reminds me all the hours I've also been spending understanding all that.02:28
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ccombbut Philipp's book helps a lot02:28
panhehe ;-) i spend about 2 days to understand zope security.02:29
panand about 2 hours to realize that PAU has to registered to work :P02:29
ccombthat's common :)02:29
pani have it. it is v.good, but... but it shows only some solutions.02:29
pani had to read zope code to understand a lot of things...02:29
ccombew, my brain is just stopping working by itself, I must sleep...02:33
panim trying to solve this problem with using BTreeContainer but im getting errors. ill try to end this and go to sleep ;-)02:34
panend some part of your work ccomb and do the same?02:34
ccomb(ok I'll try progress on a few other msgids...)02:35
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panForbiddenAttribute: ('__len__', <moae.user.use object at 0x9a5d1ec>)02:41
ccombyou forgot to specify permissions on ISized02:41
ccombI guess02:41
panbut for normal containers (i mean objects that are only IContainer, not IContained and IContainer) i didnt do that.02:42
ccombnon __len__ is part of IContaier02:42
ccombpermissions on IContainer02:42
panso this object02:42
panshould be configred as normal object, or as folder object? or as both?02:43
pan(trying both configuration at the same time)02:44
ccombyou must have a zope:class ZCML directive for your 'user' class, with the require = "..." and interface ="...IContainer"02:44
panthats obvious again. but im doing this kind of thing first time, so forgive me :-)02:45
panand ofcourse, its late!02:45
panit works.02:48
panccomb, tell me where send this BIG beer =] heineken?02:48
ccombI'm to be blamed but I don"t like beer that much :)02:48
panok ok.02:48
pani will send whisky then02:48
panafter all, i saved few hours thanks to you.02:49
ccombjust send me wishes for a good night to sleep, I need it :)02:50
* pan is sending magic to ccomb. now his sleep will be amazing!02:51
pannatural magic! ;]02:51
ccombwaw, great effect, I'm already sleeping. Are you a remote hypnotiser?02:51
panno, im just full of life person i think =] but glad to hear that it helps to you too ;-)02:52
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ccombHi,  an i18n question:  can someone explain me at which moment the pot file is extracted, and at which moment the po files are merged.   The latter is generally done during make or make install, but while installing zope 3.4 from source I didn't see anything.14:26
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panccomb hi :-)14:41
philiKONccomb: the merging happens when we developers do it14:44
philiKONit doesn't happen during installation14:44
ccombphiliKON and there is a tool to merge evrything at once?14:45
ccombok.  And the extraction?14:45
ccombare you speaking of the extraction and merging of a zope application, or zope itself?14:48
ccombit's the same process, I guess?14:48
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spythonhi, I got a function that yields items.. is there something in tal so i can I tal:repeat on this function to only get e.g 5 items?17:41
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hazmatspython, make an argument to your function18:05
hazmatthat stops the iterator is the most efficient18:05
hazmatelse do a list( function())[:5]18:05
hazmatto turn the iterator into the full list and slice first five18:05
hazmatbut that will exhaust the iterator first18:06
spythonyes, argument to my function sounds best for me18:07
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michwillHello! Where can I ask a stupid question about zope3 if im' a novice?18:26
spythonhere,and maybe someone can answer you18:27
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michwillM.. How to install zpsycopgda (where to copy / what .zcml to write)? And can I use sql database as easy as if it would be zodb?18:29
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