IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2007-11-10

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srichterTheuni: are you working on this final critical ZODB bug today?13:40
Theunii'm finishing up blob packing right now13:46
Theunithen i'll go to the creative getstate13:46
srichterTheuni: yipee13:48
srichterTheuni: maybe you can create a 3.8.0c1 or even 3.8.0 before the weekend is over?13:48
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Theunirc1 would be good i think13:53
Theunifinal should have a week or so13:53
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philiKONsrichter: ayt?13:54
srichterphiliKON: yes13:54
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srichtergood morning13:55
philiKONso, i'm changing controlled-versions.cfg to include the newest bugfix releases i made yesterday and today13:55
srichteryes, I saw that13:55
srichteryou should be able to upload now13:55
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philiKONi thought it'd be good to run the tests first13:55
philiKONbefore i commit13:55
philiKONso i tried regenerating the 'test' buildout13:55
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srichteryeah, you need to comment out the index line in the generated buildout.cfg13:56
philiKONwhen running that test buildout, it complains that it can't find some of the versions13:56
philiKONso i wonder, why is that index line in there anyweay?13:56
philiKONi mean, that buildout has fixed versions anyhow, right?13:56
srichterI ****really**** need to remove that line from the template13:56
philiKONah, ok13:56
philiKONi see :)13:56
philiKONit would make sense13:56
srichteryou can do that now, if you like13:56
philiKONthanks, i'll continue then13:56
philiKONum... ok13:56
philiKONlemme run those tests first13:56
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philiKONhmmm... nearly 11k unit tests... :)14:00
srichterwe should be proud of that14:00
srichterthis weekend I am going to write a script that runs coverage tests for all packages in the KGS14:01
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philiKON  Ran 10955 tests with 2 failures and 114 errors in 6 minutes 58.444 seconds.14:09
philiKONfor the unit tests14:09
philiKONTotal: 808 tests, 1 failures, 0 errors in 10 minutes 45.100 seconds.14:09
philiKONfor the ftests14:09
srichterok, the 114 error probably come from z3c.rml; as I said, I am going to look into those14:10
philiKONjudging from the same amount of failures and errors, i deduct i can checkin...14:10
philiKONsvn: Commit failed (details follow):14:10
philiKONsvn: Authorization failed14:10
srichterwhat did you try to do?14:11
philiKONsvn ci14:11
srichteron zope.release?14:11
srichtermmh, I have no control over that; you checked in there yesterday already14:11
philiKONi didn't14:12
srichteryeah, I saw a checkin to zope.release yesterday or this morning14:12
srichteraehm, I take this back14:13
srichteryou just sent me a diff14:13
philiKONi suppose i could send you an updated diff and you commit it.. ?14:13
srichterstrange, zope.release is just another svn project I created14:13
srichterthere should be no magic here14:13
srichtercan you do an svn info?14:14
philiKONURL: svn://
philiKONhow the heck did i get that one?14:15
srichterI fixed so that you can upload14:15
philiKONwhat would i have to upload?14:15
srichteryou  can just use the upload script in zope.release14:15
srichterso the dance is:14:15
philiKONi see14:16
srichterprobably I should add a very simple script or Makefile that combines all three or make upload run generate as well14:16
philiKONanother question:14:16
philiKONshould i forward merge the change to controlled-versions.cfg on the 3.4 branch to the trunk?14:16
srichteryeah, that would be a good idea14:16
srichterbut nothing has moved in trunk yet, so you can just copy controlled-packges.cfg over14:17
philiKONah, ok14:17
srichterI created the branch only for people to get some stability14:18
srichtermaybe it was too early; I dunno14:18
philiKONmerging is easy enough14:18
philiKON(at least with ezmerge ;))14:18
srichterhuh, I have to look at the script14:19
philiKONtool that mgedmin and I wrote14:19
srichterwhen was that?14:20
philiKONhmm, ages ago :)14:20
philiKONanyway, back to zope.release14:21
philiKONit knows the right upload location, right?14:21
philiKONah, i see it in buildout.cfg now14:21
srichteroh, that's the reason I created the branch :-)14:21
philiKONyep :)14:21
philiKONscp ./test/buildout.cfg
philiKONCommand not accepted14:22
srichterdid the other two work? (I guess it bailed out after that14:23
philiKONit bailed out14:23
srichterthat message is not very helpful, isn't it?14:24
philiKONit's not :/14:24
srichtermmh, it worked for me14:26
srichterdid it ask for your pwd (assuming you do not have ssh-agent running)14:26
srichteryou can upload to distribution, right?14:27
philiKONat least i could14:27
philiKONno, it didn't ask me for a pwd, since i use key authorization :)14:27
srichterok, zope3.4 has the same group14:27
srichterand the group has write permissions14:28
srichterdo you have shell access to
philiKONdon't think so14:28
philiKONnope i don't14:28
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srichtermmh, strange14:29
philiKONsrichter: well, you could do the upload for now ;)14:30
srichterI did already14:30
srichterI just do not want to be the bottleneck forever ;-)14:30
srichterthe question is whether you can upload something to:14:31
srichterif not, then it has something to do with the parent directories not giving proper access and we probably need to symlink zope3.4 to the root level as well14:32
philiKONsrichter: that's what i suspect. the distribution dir is symlinked in the root, right?14:38
philiKONsrichter: the z3c.layer fix, was that regarding to DemoLayer?14:41
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ChrisWthis might be a better channel for the question I was about to ask on #repoze ;-)14:42
ChrisWanyone know about or used security proxies from zope3 much?14:42
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philiKONChrisW: um, well, we all use them when we use zope3 :)14:50
philiKONChrisW: or, to speak with MacYET's words, don't ask meta questions :)14:50
ChrisWyeah yeah, but my use case is a little different14:50
ChrisWin my head, what woul;d make a secure scripting environment for scripter is a normal python execution context with controlled imports and all content objects being security proxied14:51
ChrisWam I barking up the right tree?14:51
srichterphiliKON: no, something else; I had it around for days14:52
srichterforgot to check it in14:52
philiKONsrichter: ah, ok14:52
philiKONChrisW: i guess so14:52
philiKONChrisW: RestrictedPython needs to die14:52
* philiKON afk14:52
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ChrisWrestricted python just seems like overkill14:53
ChrisWbut, I'm wondering if the existing zope 3 security proxies will meet my needs?14:53
srichterChrisW: yes, if you control the imports than that cool14:53
srichterbut how do you want to do that14:53
ChrisWwell, one problem at a time ;-)14:53
srichterif you give someone full access to Python they could change the import hook back to the original one14:54
ChrisWtrue, but how do security proxies prevent people just getting hold of the proxied object?14:54
srichterby not making the unwrapping modules, liek, available14:55
srichterwhich is certainly true for a ZPT environment14:55
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ChrisWwell okay, but doesn't the proxy have an attribute that will evetually lead back to the original object?14:55
Theunithat attribute is _inside_ the proxy14:58
ChrisWso the proxy must be a C extension then?14:58
srichteras far as I remember, you have to use the special unwrapping function to do that14:58
Theunisee zope.proxy and zope.security14:58
Theunisrichter: yes14:59
ChrisWso yes, just the import problem to solve14:59
ChrisWare there docs for the security proxy things?14:59
ChrisWwhere can I see example code that creates them?14:59
srichterso the __import__ hook is what you want; but I do not know how you could fully hide it in the secure env14:59
ChrisWhow does the security policy (which I want to be very different in my case) plug in...14:59
srichterthere are plenty of *.txt files in zope.proxy,, and zope.securitypolicy to get you started15:00
ChrisWthe import thing might be something to ask on the python lists...15:00
ChrisWsrichter: yes, I remember reading a lot of them and not really getting anywhere15:00
srichterit's not that hard, to security proxy an object you simply pass in the obejct and the checker to the factory15:02
ChrisWah, and I'm guessing the checker in zope3 land comes from the security policy?15:02
srichterno, checker management is part of zope.security15:03
ChrisWyay! more indirection! ;-)15:03
ChrisWwhere does the security policy come in then?15:03 then asks a component, in our case the policy, whether a given participation/principal has the permission stated in the checker15:03
srichterthe participation/principal is stored in a thread global15:03
ChrisWsounds like quite a complicated web15:05
ChrisWwould it be possible to extract some/all of it into a wsgi app?15:05
* ChrisW is dipping toes in wsgi land15:05
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ccombIs the view "++etc++process/@@generations.html"  reserved to ZODB only ?16:16
ccomb ("ZODB schemas" is much shorter in french than "Database shemas")16:16
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