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pan_how can i give user a possibility to download files saved in objects as Bytes field?01:59
philiKON_write a browser view of course02:02
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lmillerI have an AddForm I am porting from zope 3.2 to 3.4 ... The form seems to be ignoring the form_field custom_widgets I set in the __init__  and using fieldNames instead.02:29
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lmillerhmm, what's the difference between form.Fields and form.FormFields?02:35
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pan_im using Bytes filed for upload files. how can i get filename of uploaded file? when im displaying self.request, for file field im getting: form.cert:      <zope.publisher.browser.FileUpload object at 0x90c662c>10:59
pan_FileUpload doesnt have any method to check filename of uploaded file10:59
pan_hah. it has! :-)11:07
pan_but now how should i store it in my object? i can store data of file, but how should i store orginal filename? as separate TextLine field?11:07
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philiKON_pan_: sure11:51
philiKON_you might also consider using blobs, btw11:51
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pan_philiKON_: where can i find information about blobs? i see that there is not such field in schema/
pan_philiKON_: thanks for response :-)11:56
philiKON_no, there's no such schema field11:56
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philiKON_here's an example
philiKON_albeit from zope 211:57
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pan_philiKON_: ok. i just want to create possibility for service users to send messages between each others. every message can have files. i created List field with Bytes content. i created another List field with TextLine. in first list i keep files, in second i keep filenames. good solution?11:58
philiKON_if the files aren't big, it's ok11:58
pan_philiKON_: big > 10MB ?11:59
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philiKON_something like that11:59
pan_philiKON_: just curious - what should i do if files would be big?12:00
pan_ok. thanks for help. im going to read about blobs :-)12:00
philiKON_pan_: there's also
pan_great! that helps a lot :-)12:02
pan_just keep TextLine in db - for name of the blob - and any data of file in the blob, right?12:02
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pan_and later use FileUpload browser view for give possibility to download.12:03
philiKON_not really12:03
philiKON_i would do my own12:04
philiKON_and do   blob.consumeFile(uploaded_file.filename)12:04
pan_ok. i will read about it and study Blob interface. thanks again, philiKON_.12:05
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xenruHi, all13:01
xenruwe are ready to release pre-alfa of Hivurt13:02
xenrucan you gimme some advices about marketing of our product?13:03
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xenruwho here have own blogs and want to psrticipate13:04
xenruwith code and other review?13:04
srichterxenru: I would be surprised if you find someone who will give you this committment13:05
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srichterxenru: you have to put it out there and then promote it on the mailing lists, blogs and other communication channels13:05
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srichterxenru: then people decde whether they want to look at and blog about it13:05
ccombxenru : the first most important things to tell about it: 1) where to find it 2) how to install it 3) what can be done with it13:09
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xenrusrichter: I know about this ways, and I'll try, but I never release before that any open source projects, so I came here to ask what I need to do13:10
xenruccomb: thanks, we have this documentation, I'll double-check it13:11
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harobedI read documentation (book)14:43
harobedit's very well14:44
harobedI think Zope Component Architecture must be spell Python Component Architecture14:44
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amaronhi, anyone knows link with nice finished skins?16:55
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J1m :)17:32
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philiKON_J1m: is there a way to find out whether a persistent object has been deleted? apparently persistent.weak.WeakRef will hold on to dead objects until the db is packed. i'd like such references to fail17:38
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* mgedmin would like to know if it is safe to copy a Data.fs from a x86 linux machine to an x86_64 linux machine17:43
malthemgedmin: if a pickle will work on both, so will Data.fs.17:44
philiKON_mgedmin: i'm pretty sure it's safe17:44
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ignasphiliKON_: i think the only way to do that is to define your own criterion to determine whether an object is "deleted", otherwise you will have to do something Data.fs garbage collector does - detect cyclic references17:51
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J1mphiliKON_, I'm not sure what you mean by "deleted".18:07
philiKON_del obj18:07
philiKON_like, del container[name]18:08
J1mNone of whose have much to do with the life of a persistent object.18:08
J1mdel foo just unbinds a name.18:08
philiKON_i meant: del container[name]18:08
J1mIt doesn't necessarily cause an object to be removed from memory.18:08
philiKON_del last_reference_to_persistent_obj18:09
J1mThat just removes an object from the container.18:09
philiKON_yes yes18:09
* philiKON_ phone18:09
J1mThat last only occurs on packing.18:09
J1mfor some definition of reference.18:09
J1mwhatever you are trying to do, I doubt you should. :)18:10
philiKON_ok :)18:10
ignasif you want to lose a "weak" ref on deletion from container - don't use weak refs18:10
J1mIt's nice arguing with someone on the phone. ;)18:10
ignasuse IObjectRemoved subscriber18:10
* J1m hides before philiKON_ gets off the phone. ;)18:11
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toutptis there a buildout.cfg that install zope3.4 ?21:32
toutpti m trying to find sth similar with plone3_buildout paster's template21:33
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philiKON_toutpt: zopeproject21:37
toutptthx philiKON_21:39
Pan]_how should i sort catalog? should i use some zope function, or should i just use myobjects = context.values(), and do some sorting (for example by date or type) by myself?21:39
Pan]_catalog - container i mean. my custom container with objects.21:40
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philiKON_you man an ordered container? or a sorted container?21:41
Pan]_hm... i dont know what you are asking... what is difference between ordered and sorted? i have defined Interfece with IContainer as base class. Implementation is BTreeContainer.21:42
Pan]_is this ordered container?21:43
* Pan]_ looking at ordered container implementation.21:45
Pan]_so... i have BTreeContainer... so it is sorted container. am i right?21:47
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philiKON_as an implementation detail, btrees sort, yes21:48
Pan]_so, should i do sorting by my own? or use some zope machinery?21:49
Pan]_which way is more efficient?21:49
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spythonhi, from my page template I run a function that returns some special html-code to be inserted. But the html gets escaped, how do I avoid this?23:22
timtespython: tal:content="structure view/something"23:22
spythonthanks you23:23
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