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srichterJ1m: I cannot figure out how to delete a package from pypi; do you know?01:36
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zenwrylysrichter: the "Remove this package completely" doesn't work?04:01
zenwrylysrichter: I see that button when I click on the package name under the "Your packages" list in the "Welcome <username>" portlet to the right when I sign into cheeseshop04:04
srichterok, I was blind04:11
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darrylcousinsselective vision strikes us all from time to time04:26
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baijumWhat changes are required in zope.conf to use ZODB blob ?05:12
baijumIs this documented somewhere ?05:12
baijumI am getting an error like this:05:13
baijumUnsupported: Storing Blobs in <ZODB.FileStorage.FileStorage.FileStorage object at 0xb70cc1ac> is not supported.05:13
baijumIf anyone knows this please write it here, I will check log later (I am going offline now), thanks !05:14
darrylcousinsincludes config for zope.conf05:15
baijumThanks darrylcousins, I will check it05:16
darrylcousinsit does look zope2-ish, but may help05:17
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baijum_When I am using 'bob-dir' I am my Zope 3 instance fails to start with a message:05:29
baijum_ Error: 'bob-dir' is not a known key name05:29
baijum_ My relevant conf file portion:05:29
baijum_ <zodb>05:29
baijum_   <blobstorage>05:29
baijum_     <filestorage>05:29
baijum_       path $DATADIR/Data.fs05:29
baijum_     </filestorage>05:29
baijum_     bob-dir $DATADIR/blobs05:29
baijum_   </blobstorage>05:29
baijum_ </zodb>05:29
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projekt01baijum, bob ?05:33
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baijumprojekt01, thanks !05:56
* baijum ZODB blob worked now !05:56
projekt01did you see the z3c.blob file implemenation05:58
baijumprojekt01, I didn't , I am playing with z3c.blobfile for file06:00
projekt01that's what I mean06:00
baijumprojekt01, ah. ok06:01
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spythonhi, i search maillist for info on ownership of objects.. and most posts are pretty dated, but i saw this:16:32
spythonhmm, is this zc.sharing? or do any of you have suggestions on how i get started with "ownership" in z316:35
ignasis that some zope2 term?16:57
ignasif by ownership you mean "granting additional permissions to a user if he has created the object" or something like that16:59
ignasthen yes - zc.sharing is one of the possible solutions16:59
ignasif you don't want to do all the local grants thing in subscribers yourself16:59
ignasspython: ^17:01
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spythonignas: ownership in my case is simply.. you are only allowed to edit the objects that you created17:55
spythonsorry, was away for a while :)17:55
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ignasspython: local grants would work for that18:00
spythonhmm, zc.sharing looks a little overkill, i think i'll just do the local grants ,yself18:00
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derek|homein zope3, if I want to normalize a string for use in the url, but I don't want to choose a new name using INameChooser, is there an easy way to do this?23:21
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lisppaste6vod pasted "pastest" at
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