IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2007-11-17

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* mcdonc beats the zope-dev drum more00:17
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maltheI'd like to make a "get" view available at any location in the URL that would lookup the following path component using some UUID, i.e. /something/get/34523552/some_view ––– how can that be registered using the traversing machinery?00:30
srichtercreate a special traverser for the "get" object00:32
srichterevery uid is a UID object00:32
srichterregister a view the UID object called some_view00:32
srichteryou might also look at z3c.pluggabletraverser00:33
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malthesrichter: so "get" needs to be some kind of object?00:34
srichterwell, it does not have to00:34
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srichteryou can also write a custom traverser for soemthing00:34
srichterthat whenever it sees "get" returns itself00:34
maltheright but I'd have to register that traverser for *00:35
malthethat sounds like an okay solution though00:35
malthethis is on zope 2.10 so I don't think z3c.pluggabletraverser will work (it might)00:36
srichteryou should look at z3c.pluggabletraverser00:36
maltheok I will00:36
srichterhooking into the existing traversers is a bit hard00:36
maltheright they look rather daunting00:36
malthethis is for wego, incidentally00:36
srichterthe pluggable traverser allows you to register a traverser plugin for "get" for every object00:36
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malthesrichter: that package depends on a few zope.* packages ––– that doesn't play well with zope 2.10 right?01:05
srichtermalthe: I have no idea01:05
srichterzope 2.10 installs Zope 3.3.1?01:06
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malthein a way yes01:06
srichterit could be made to work then01:06
srichterwhat in particular is failing for you?01:06 404 Not Found01:07
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srichtermmh, have you cleared your eggs cache?01:08
srichterthat package was removed earlier today01:08
malthehmm that might be it01:08
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malthesrichter: no luck; it tries to fetch version 3.5 when only 3.4.1 is available on the cheeseshop; I wonder which of the dependencies cause this01:20
maltheI don't know enough about the eggification of zope to really understand where the issue lies01:20
srichtermalthe: how dod you try to install/01:24
maltheadded it to my buildout egg dependencies and made a develop step for it01:24
malthechecked out trunk01:24
malthemaybe that was a mistake01:25
maltheI'm trying to easy_install it now in a virtualenv to see if that works01:25
srichteryou can use the --index-url= option is easy_install01:25
srichtermalthe: in buildout01:25
srichteryou can use the index option01:25
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malthelet me try that01:26
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malthesrichter: seems to work well, but actually looking at the code I got the idea that I can just make a namespace ++get++ and then add onto that /some_uuid/some_action01:46
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malthethe package does the same with some principal namespace01:47
srichterI thought the URL was a hard rquirement01:47
srichter++namespace++ is not considered clean by most but will work just fine01:47
maltheyep I tend to think the same, but I think in this case it will be hidden from view anyway01:47
malthethanks for the help01:48
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maltheAnyone here that would be in a position to make a new release of zc.relationship? –– last release is 9 months old and does not cover a critical typo that was fixed in trunk18:39
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philiKONmalthe: i suggest pinging gary poster18:41
malthephiliKON: I would, but I can't find his e-mail address18:41
malthegreat thanks18:41
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J1msrichter, ayt?21:16
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J1mwaaaaa -- why is transaction an external. Geeze22:11
philiKONJ1m: i'd be to blame for that22:17
philiKONJ1m: we needed to make the buildout work again22:17
philiKONthere isn't a transaction release22:17
philiKONcreating an external was the least invasive thing to do22:18
philiKONat least it seemed so22:18
philiKONwhat should we have done isntead?22:18
J1mwell, we could have made a transaction release.22:18
J1mshort of that, I'd rather treat transaction as a distribution.22:18
J1mso, it would be better -- short of a release -- to make the transaction external point to the transaction project.22:19
J1mthen made it another develop egg.22:19
philiKONthat's what it's doing22:19
philiKONmeaning, that's what i did22:19
J1mah, my mistake.22:19
J1mI hade a stale emacs buffer that made it look like transaction was in src. sorry.22:20
J1mhad a22:20
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zenwrylyJ1m: I'm following the recent bugfixes to ZEO.  They don't by any chance follow the problem we were working on with srichter?22:43
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