IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2007-11-22

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romanofskimoin :)08:47
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huajiemoin romanofski09:07
huajieis there a widget available anywhere that display a zope.schema.TextLine as uneditable field when marked readonly=True ?09:08
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romanofskihuajie: yes there is09:14
romanofskiactually, I thought that the default widgets do already this09:15
huajieromanofski: just tested it but not09:16
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huajieromanofski: it is editable and throw an "Can't set values on read-only fields " exception09:16
romanofskioh.. I think you can omit the readonly fields by default... hmmmm09:18
huajieromanofski: so were you thinking about the default widget or is there another widget that does that ?09:18
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romanofskihuajie: just checking09:25
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romanofskihuajie: couldn't find anything about the "default" widgets09:39
romanofskialthough I don't think that you have to rewrite every widget to display 'readonly' fields09:40
romanofskiI would check the source code if I were you09:40
huajieromanofski: do you mean it should be possible with default widget but not as straightforward as just setting readonly=True ?09:41
romanofskiI guess so09:42
romanofskithought it'll be painless09:42
romanofskiit probably is09:42
romanofskibut don't know the trigger ;)09:42
huajieromanofski: ok, I will look at it, thanks !09:42
romanofskihuajie: tell me if you found the solution :)09:43
huajieromanofski: I would proudly do ;)09:43
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huajieromanofski: I have found nothing to display the read-only TextLine field :(11:35
* huajie will derivate his own widget 11:35
romanofskithat sucks11:37
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huajieromanofski: and you haven't seen the result yet :p11:40
zagywhat are you trying to do?11:45
huajiezagy: display on a zope.schema.TextLine as uneditable field when marked readonly=True11:46
huajie*display a11:47
zagyin a way I thought it did that11:47
zagyactually if everything is correctly set up you should get excactly that11:48
huajiezagy: is it a new development ?11:49
zagynot really11:49
huajieI have a version of zope dating from june11:49
zagyzope.formlib.form around line 385 checks if the field is writable11:49
romanofskiI thought I saw forms displayed readonly11:49
huajiein that case I found nothing to do it, the straightforward setting readonly=True does not change the display on the widget, it just raise an exception11:50
zagycheck what setupWidgets does in your form11:51
huajieI am using
zagythe widget doesn't decide here11:51
zagyit's formlib deciding to use an edit or display widget11:51
zagyzope.formlib that is11:51
huajiewhere can I find some doc on how and zope.formlib interacts ? I thought they were interchangeable :S11:54
zagyphillips book probably explains it11:57
zagyformlib does forms w/o being dependent on the browser11:57
zagyor any other output device11:57
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huajiezagy: is it possible I am not using formlib while I should ? or does zope use it without me realizing ?12:11
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ignasanywhere i could read up on pluggable ZConfig based configuration?15:09
ignasi want to have my schema in a plugin, with the main application loading the configuration file15:09
mgedminfirst question could be: is it even possible?15:17
mgedminI seem to remember some mailing list discussion/closed bug report to imply that it is15:18
ignaswell - if no one will tell me the right way, i will do it the "new way" ;) eggs with entry points that point to XML snippets15:19
ignasso main application will collect all the "configuration_plugin" entry points15:19
ignasconcatenate the snippets and insert them into the main config-schema.xml15:20
mgedminnice wheel, did you invent it yourself?15:20
* mgedmin is evil15:20
ignasyep ;) it's a bit oval15:20
ignaswell - egg shaped ;)15:20
mgedminwhat are all those spikes for?15:20
ignascaveman deterrent ;)15:21
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mgedminignas:, check out first wishlist feature15:35
goschtlHi is it possible to override msgids from in my products locales?15:45
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goschtli mean /locals/de/.../zope.po15:45
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ignasgoschtl: your products locales?15:54
ignasgoschtl: why would you want to do that?15:54
ignasgoschtl: and wouldn't using an i18n domain specific to your "products" be a better idea?15:55
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goschtlignas: i have in my product a own i18n domain. but there are some msgids from the zope locales. but i donĀ“t want these msgids from zope.15:58
ignasoh, hmm, like what?16:00
ignasones coming from Zope3 page macros?16:00
goschtlignas: for example if i set min=8 on a field in my i got a not nice message from an zope translation msgid. but i want my onw translation for the min error unter my i18ndomain.16:01
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ignasthen you might have to provide your own translation components i'd guess16:04
ignasit is definitely possible, but might be quite difficult16:04
goschtlignas: thanks for the info.16:07
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ignasgoschtl: look at zope.i18n.translationdomain.TranslationDomain16:08
ignasit is the part of Zope3 that does the job by default16:09
ignasand see how it can be replaced16:09
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ignasgoschtl: you might want to see what happens if you register a locales directory with zope.po files in it first though16:13
ignasit seems that the domain of the po file is "computed" automatically because you don't set the domain when doing16:14
ignas  <i18n:registerTranslations directory="locales" />16:14
goschtli belive i can only have one zope.po in my environment16:15
ignasthen put the  <i18n:registerTranslations directory="locales" /> in the ?"includeOverrides"16:16
goschtlok i will try that16:16
ignasit seems that a call to registerTranslations creates utilities with the domain name as the name of the utility16:16
ignasso if you include the registration as an override16:17
ignasyour po file should win16:17
goschtlthat sounds good thx16:17
ignasnot too clean, but it's the simplest thing you can do16:17
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mgedminI once did a hack to translate Zope 3 form error messages with a custom translation mechanism...16:39
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dobeefrom import Unauthorized17:23
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