IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2007-11-23

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xenruhi all06:05
xenruwe are release Hivurt06:05
xenruyou can get it
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xenruit contains all dependencies06:06
xenruhere is files
baijumxenru, great !06:15
xenrubaijum: thank you!06:16
baijumxenru, btw, your blog redirect to home page06:17
xenruhmm, I'm check it06:20
xenruI update page06:21
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baijumah. it was redirecting to, anyway you fixed it.. cool !06:32
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zagyhm, it is possible to register adapters for both interfaces and classes16:30
zagyis it possible to register an adapter for an interface meaning *not* objects providing the interface but the interface itself?16:30
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timtezagy: 1) yes 2) probably not16:52
zagythought so :/16:52
zagyit is possible to use meta-interfaces16:52
zagybut that's more work and often not so easy to understand16:52
projekt01zagy, you can use a IInterface and typ the interface and regsiter an adapter for this type16:54
zagyprojekt01: yes yes, did that already, I was basically asking if there is another way I didn't know of.16:55
projekt01I guess, that's the normal way to do it16:56
zagyokay :)16:56
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mgedminrunning buildout in a zope.testing checkout fails with21:31
mgedminError: Couldn't find a distribution for 'zc.recipe.testrunner==1.0.0b8'.21:31
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mgedmindo I need to pass some magic argument to buildout to get it to use the KGS, or what?21:34
mgedminflame the person who removed this version of zc.recipe.testrunner?21:34
mgedminedit to require zc.recipe.testrunner==1.0.0?21:34
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mgedminalso, does not have zope.interfaces version 3.4.121:39
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mgedminwhich zope.testing's buildout.cfg expects21:40
mgedminthere is something really wrong here :(21:40
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* mgedmin gives up and comments out the [versions] section21:44
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mgedminokay, buildout is successful, but bin/test now gives up with ImportError: No module named mechanize21:47
* mgedmin does not understand this stuff21:47
* mgedmin is guilty of using a system python, btw, so maybe this is cosmic justice21:47
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