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romanofskimoin :)09:29
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pyqwerHi, I have container with an index.html-page, which is correctly displayed. However, when calling the URL without index.html, there are permission problems. Any clues why?11:00
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ignassorry, a typo12:54
ignashi ;)12:54
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harobedI don't understand why when I use pdb in zope3 (instance in zopeproject) I've always source module path like this :16:02
harobed> /home/stephane/myenv/build-eggs/tmpnw0f5Q/zope.publisher-3.5.0a1.dev_r78838-py2.4.egg/zope/publisher/
harobed(Pdb) l16:02
mgedminwheee, egg fun16:02
harobedwhy I've "tmpnw0f5Q" ?16:02
benjiharobed: setuptools hates you16:02
mgedminprobably because setuptools hates everyone16:02
benjidelete all your .pyc files and let them get rebuilt with correct paths16:03
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mgedminthe idea to hardcode the original location of the .py file in the .pyc was brain-dead, too16:03
benjimgedmin: yeah, the hate is omnidirectional16:03
harobedbenji: ok, I'll try it16:03
harobedbenji: are you some documentation (url) about this issue ?16:03
benjiyes, I am documentation about this issue ;)16:04
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benji(kidding asside, no I haven't seen it on the web anywhere)16:04
harobed;) have you ...16:04
* benji googles16:04
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srichterbenji: right, Jim told me he always removed all pyc files in his egg cache dir16:09
srichterhe said that building the PYC files at one palces and then moving it to another might be unnecessary16:10
srichterso it could be fixed within buildout16:10
benjiI /think/ there's a switch to compileall that would make setuptools behave correctly; haven't looked deeply into it though16:10
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pyqwerCan someone please enlighten me with Apache rewrites? I have the problem that I can access "http://mysite/" but no "http://mysite".16:13
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mgedminah, those are fun16:17
mgedminpastebin them for us16:17
pyqwermgedmin: Sorry - do you address me or benji?16:18
mgedminpyqwer: you16:18
pyqwerRewriteRule ^/fym/(.*){SERVER_NAME}:80/fym/++/$1 [P,L]16:19
pyqwerThat's all I have.16:19
pyqwerIf I do it like "RewriteRule ^/fym(.*)", I can access http://myhost/fym but all relative links are wrong then.16:19
mgedminwell then, you're not rewriting ^/fym$16:22
mgedminI use RewriteRule ^/fym(/(.*))${SERVER_NAME}:80/fym/++$1 [P,L]16:22
mgedminI use RewriteRule ^/fym(/.*)?${SERVER_NAME}:80/fym/++$1 [P,L]16:23
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* pyqwer trying out...16:23
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pyqwermgedmin: Interesting, it works now.16:24
mgedminwell, it would, if I gave you the correct solution, wouldn't it now?16:25
pyqwermgedmin: Yes, it works, many thanks, but I don't really understand why the '/' is in the parantheses and why there is a "$" at the end.16:26
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pyqwerAh, I ment, the '?'.16:26
mgedminparanoia, perhaps -- $ at the end ensures that URLs like /fymwhatever aren't rewritten16:26
mgedmin( and )? ensure that '/fym' is rewritten16:26
mgedminregexp magic16:27
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pyqwermgedmin: I see, well, thanks for that!16:28
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harobedbenji: thanks for your links16:33
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benjiglad to help16:34
harobedok, I see python 2.5 haven't this issue (about egg ziped)16:36
harobedbut, I see in my build-eggs, I haven't egg zipped16:37
harobedok, it's work16:42
harobedanother question :) I try to use pycallgraph in zope from zopeproject16:43
harobedI've insered pycallgraph.start_trace() in function  WSGIPublisherApplication.__call__ in
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harobedbut when python call this line "request = publish(request, handle_errors=handle_errors)" it do nothing16:44
harobedprocess wait, wait....16:44
harobedI don't understand why I can't call this function with pycallgraph.start_trace context16:45
benjiwhen you say "it do nothing", do you mean it returns immediately, it returns after some time but produces no output, or it appears to hang?16:46
harobedit never return16:47
harobedwhen I test it with pdb, when I on request = publish(request, handle_errors=handle_errors) and I do next16:47
benjiI suspect the overhead of the trace function is making the function call take a long time, so long that it appears to hang16:47
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harobedit never return16:47
harobedand cpu is on 100% usage16:48
benjiit will eventually return; might not be in our lifetimes, though ;)16:48
harobedI've wait ten minutes and more16:48
benjiright, it may take a very, very long time16:49
benjinot really; any time you instrument a system at the function call level, you're going to introduce some overhead; that overhead is killing you16:51
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harobedbenji: I've also same issue when I do "step" in pdb17:08
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benjiwith the call graph code enabled, or disabled?17:11
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harobedbenji: with graph code enabled17:16
benjisounds like the call graph code is incompatible with pdb (not surprising, as they likely use the same mechanism to do their work)17:17
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nourisrichter: I'm registering a FieldValidator for my form that subclasses from SimpleFieldValidator, because I want to validate against the schema fields.  But apparently I'm missing something; I'm never getting as far as FieldWidgets.extract, so the validators are not looked up.  (I'm pretty much following the form.txt example.)18:42
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ccombI have a working buildout env created with zopeproject/grokproject, and I'm just trying to add z3c.form to this buildout.  What are the simple steps to do that?18:50
ccomb1) add z3c.form to the buildout.cfg in the eggs18:50
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nouriccomb: That's it18:51
mgedminis it?18:52
ccomb2) run the buildout again to retrieve and install it18:52
nouriIt isn't?18:52
mgedminI thought it was adding z3c.form into of your package18:52
mgedminbut maybe both work?18:52
benjium, shouldn't you instaead add it to the required packages in your
philiKONif your code imports z3c.form, then it's a hard dependency of that package18:53
nouriHe asked to add it to his buildout, okay? :)18:53
* mgedmin means same thing, only benji said it better18:53
philiKONhence it belongs into install_requires18:53
philiKONin setup.py18:53
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nouriWhile we're at this topic; can I add an egg without pulling in its dependencies, maybe with zc.recipe.egg:custom?18:54
mgedminwhy would you want to?18:55
nouriBecause I'm using Zope 218:55
philiKONright :)18:55
mgedminah, the fun problem: how do you mix old-style and new-style zope mixes18:55
* mgedmin is staying away from that one18:55
philiKONwell, you could "simulate" the zope.* eggs18:56
philiKONusing development eggs18:56
philiKONjust create the appropriate egg-info dirs18:56
nouriI think I want to equivalent of easy_install --no-deps or however that's spelled18:56
* philiKON didn't know that existed18:56
mgedminphiliKON: that sounds so trivial...18:57
* mgedmin has no idea how to create an egg-info dir and what's supposed to be inside18:57
philiKONwell... ;)18:57
mgedmindebian has virtual packages where you can say "yes, I have package foo version X.Y.Z installed, thank you very much"18:57
mgedmindoes setuptools?18:57
nouriIt doesn't, but I just had the same idea18:58
philiKONwell, you could do what i suggested, or you could create essentially empty eggs18:58
* mgedmin still thinks setuptools is reinventing Debian, badly18:58
philiKONand supply them in your own download location18:58
nourimgedmin: I agree18:58
philiKONa debian that works on all platforms mind you18:59
mgedmin"that works"?18:59
* mgedmin is not so sure18:59
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ccombthis seems similar to deb packages, it is not, you don't assemble several deb packages of different versions on the same system for different purposes19:00
ccombjust like buildout is at a different level than scons19:01
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ccombAfter 1) and 2), I should then 3) add <include package="z3c.form" /> in zcml19:04
ccombthat's all?19:04
philiKONexcept that 1) was wrong19:04
philiKONit should be in's install_requires19:04
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ccombbut I get : ConfigurationError: ('Unknown directive', u'', u'widgetTemplate')19:06
ccombI'm probably ommtting some obvious thing, but I wonder what19:06
philiKONyou probably need to load z3c.form's meta.zcml as well19:07
ccombahhhhh, that's the 2nd time I do this error19:07
ccombthanks in advance I'm sure this is it19:07
ccombI will stick a big post-it on my panel19:08
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* ccomb should also add to his post-it to load the meta zcml BEFORE the other one...20:02
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