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cr3is there a way to set somekind of permission on Field attributes?00:16
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CSWookieAnybody know if there's a function to clear out the utilities registered for a particular interface, and reregister them all?08:54
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zagyI wonder what the best way is to have a write-once field12:48
zagyi.e. one that is written on add and then never again...12:48
zagya readonly field sort of does the trick, but only sort of12:48
mgedminI've used a __setattr__ function that raises if it finds the name in self.__dict__12:49
zagybut I have to specify that somehow in the schema12:49
zagyto give formlib some hint...12:49
* zagy wonders12:49
mgedminok, now I'm confused12:53
mgedminwhat do you want to do?12:53
mgedminhave the field editable in the add form but read-only in the edit form?12:54
projekt01zagy, use z3c.form and set mode='input' or mode='display' if you need to override given schema settings12:58
zagyyes, but I think I know what I'm doing wrong now. The field in fact is read only for instances12:58
zagybut not for the factory12:58
zagyso i'll see12:58
zagyprojekt01: no way :)12:58
zagyprojekt01: if it was a new project maybe ;)12:58
projekt01doesn't __dict__['foo'] = 'bar' work for you?12:59
zagyyes yes, setattr works as well :)12:59
zagyjust looking for some insight to make it "right" and general13:00
projekt01Ok, use that in your z3c.form if you need to write to it13:00
projekt01zagy, don't make your live harder then it is13:00
zagyno I don't :)13:01
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projekt01zagy, are you looking for a ready to use solution which you can use based on schemas? This doen't exist13:03
zagynot really ready to use, just the supposed way13:03
zagyI will change the setting of data in the add form, that'll work just fine13:03
projekt01I recommend z3c.form for this kind of customizing13:04
zagyI know you recomend z3c.form, but I haven't had time to implement the sources support properly13:05
zagyso there is no way to use it right now13:05
zagyalthough I have quite some forms already13:05
zagyit's not that it is a new project13:05
projekt01I see13:06
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tlotzeI found some behaviour of zc.resourcelib which I'm not sure is intended that way...14:28
tlotzeThe lib takes care to apply only to HTML and XML content, so it tests whether the content type (if set) is among text/html and text/xml.14:29
tlotzeHowever, it does so by exact comparison, so it would apply to "text/html" but not "text/html; charset=utf-8".14:30
tlotzeWouldn't a check like content_type.split(';', 1)[0] in ('text/html', 'text/xml') be more appropriate?14:30
mgedmindoesn't zope have any functions for parsing/checking mime types?14:32
tlotzemight be14:32
tlotzeright now it's content_type == 'text/html' or content_type == 'text/xml'14:32
tlotzeSo I just kept the abstraction level intact ;o)14:33
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chaoflowis there a timeline for moving the concepts of to zope.container, what needs to be done, and how could I help?17:13
srichterchaoflow: basically, it should separate the container code from the browser code17:14
srichtermake sure is backward compatible17:14
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chaoflowsrichter: ok - did somebody start coding, yet?17:17
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chaoflowI currently using zope-3.3.1. Is it sane to start separating the code there, or should I focus on the latest zope?17:18
philiKONyou wan tto check out
srichterchaoflow: trunk only, please :-)17:18
srichterit would be a 3.5 task17:19
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elroIs there any way to get the context from an invariant? I seem to be reduced to walking the stack :-(17:21
elroor maybe I am validating in the wrong place?17:21
srichterelro: invariants only get passed in the object that conforms to the interface17:22
srichterelro: it makes no sense to have any other context17:22
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elroRight. Essentially I have a list of possible container names and a list of possible contained names. I need to check that the combination is valid, i.e. somfolder[containername][containedname] exists.17:24
elroso my validator depends on the (context, container name, contained name)17:25
elrowhere should I be validating this with formlib?17:25
srichterelro: I should mention that I am not using formlib17:26
srichterelro: however, you invariant object should have all the info17:26
srichteroh no, it does not ;-)17:26
srichterthat's a feature I added in z3c.form ;-)17:26
elroindeed :-)17:26
srichterin z3c.form the object passed to the invariant has a __context__ attribute that is the object that truly implements the interface17:27
elroway too late to change now. think it might be nasty stack hack time...17:27
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* elro wanders if he can somehow register the context as a utility for the duration of a request17:28
* mgedmin thinks about stuffing it into a thread local17:29
mgedminor ignoring the formlib invariant stuff and adding the constraint checking in the appropriate locations directly17:29
elro(not the pdb window)17:30
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mgedminwhat does 'd' do in pdb?17:33
mgedminah, right17:33
elronavigates down the stack17:33
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chaoflowis there a buildout to get zope from trunk up and running?17:47
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benjichaoflow: zopeproject might be able to do that; I've never used it.  If I were doing it I'd start with something like
benjibut that's just me ;)17:53
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chaoflowbenji: thx17:56
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* chaoflow just found out, that is actually a buildout. that explains a lot :)18:04
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elroIf an adapter can't adapt, what error should it raise?18:11
mgedminit should return None18:12
mgedminthe component architecture will then raise a TypeError18:12
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hazmatis it possible for zope to serve up a favicon.ico file as a resource at /favicon.ico without adding it to the zodb?18:26
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philiKONhazmat: well, you could make it a view for ISite or so18:28
bigkevmcdI suppose you could register a view with that name?18:28
bigkevmcdor what philiKON says :-)18:28
hazmatok that sounds promising, how do you programatically retrieve the resource to return?18:31
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hazmatwould this do it? resource = queryMultiAdapter((self.context, request), name='++resource++favicon.ico')18:32
philiKON++ names aren't part of the adapter names18:32
philiKONand resources don't adapt the context18:32
philiKONthey're context-less18:32
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philiKONhazmat: you do this:18:34
philiKONres = z.c.queryAdapter(request, name='favicon.ico')18:34
philiKONreturn res18:34
hazmatcool, thanks philiKON18:34
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hazmatphiliKON, fwiw its .. return res.GET()18:45
philiKONok :)18:46
philiKONor, you could return res in your browserpage's browserDefault18:46
philiKONreturn (res, ('GET'))18:46
philiKONor something like that18:46
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philiKONbut res.GET() should work18:46
hazmatyup, and its one less layer of indirection ;-)18:47
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lisppaste6chaoflow pasted " version conflict" at
chaoflowwhen running buildout for, I am getting a version conflict (see link above). Any suggestions?19:10
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ignaschaoflow: use KGS19:12
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ignaschaoflow: having index = in my [buildout] section makes the situation a lot more bearable19:13
chaoflowignas: KGS?19:14
ignasknown good set of eggs19:14
ignaseggs that have been tested to work together19:14
chaoflowthx - will check19:15
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chaoflowignas: that didnt solve it. I am trying to work on trunk, if that is of any help19:36
* mgedmin sits back with a bag of popcorn to watch the show19:38
ignaschaoflow: in a minute, busy now19:38
chaoflowignas: of course19:40
mgedminwasn't it that I tried to buildout and completely failed, a couple of days ago?...19:52
mgedminno, that was zope.testbrowser19:52
natea|bostonsrichter: ping19:53
benjimgedmin: I fixed a buildout configuration bug with zope.testbrowser yesterday; I'd be interested if you still have problems with it19:53
ignaschaoflow: i'd just add zope.publisher> to the eggs section19:54
ignasor something like that19:54
ignasnot sure if it will work19:54
mgedminhm, buildout doesn't understand --version19:55
mgedminbenji: I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing19:56
mgedminI've a zope.testbrowser svn checkout19:56
mgedminclean (i.e. svn status is empty)19:56
chaoflowignas: thx - trying it out19:56
mgedminI run buildout with no arguments19:56
mgedminit fails with Error: Couldn't find a distribution for 'zc.recipe.testrunner==1.0.0b8'.19:56
benjibootstrap it and run bin/buildout, then bin/test should report all tests passing19:56
benjiooh; interesting19:56
mgedminso, I must use bootstrap?19:56
mgedminI can't use a buildout I've installed somewhere else?19:57
benjiyou have to bootstrap it, it can be with another buildout19:57
* mgedmin likes pushing the boundaries19:57
benjisounds like it's bootstrapped fine19:57
mgedminI never ran the bootstrap.py19:57
mgedminI'm not sure what you mean by "bootstrapped" here19:57
benjiright, but you used another buildout's bootstrap command19:57
mgedminum, no19:58
mgedminam I supposed to run it?19:58
benjiyou can't get the error you described without a bootstrapped buildout :)19:58
benjia clean checkout doesn't have bin/buildout19:58
mgedminwhat does the buildout script do when I run it without any arguments?19:59
mgedminthere's no bin/buildout, but I see bin/py and bin/test19:59
benjibuilds out19:59
benjiI suggest you run "buildout bootstrap" from some other buildout while your current directory is a fresh zope.testbrowser checkout20:00
mgedminlet's take a step back20:00
benjithen run bin/buildout (from zope.testbrowser)20:00
mgedminI know I'm trying to use it "wrong" because I foolishly insist on using the system python20:00
mgedminI'm just wondering whether this sequence of commands is supposed to work or not:20:00
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mgedmineasy_install zc.buildout; svn co http://...project; cd project; buildout; bin/test20:01
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benjiI don't know, never done it that way.20:01
mgedminfair enough20:01
mgedminwhat do you do?  ./ ?20:01
gstratton__python bootstrap.py20:02
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mgedminfwiw buildout bootstrap; bin/buildout gives me the same error -- zc.recipe.testrunner 1.0.0b8 is just not available from cheeseshop20:03
mgedminwait, it is20:03
mgedminat least I can go to
benjioh!  but it's not available from the KGS20:04
benjithe index for zope.testbrowser was changed recently to point there, and it doesn't have that version20:05
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mgedminaha! so the zope.testbrowser buildout.cfg is wrong20:06
mgedminand can be fixed20:06
* mgedmin is glad his idle experiments brought an improvement to something20:06
benjiremove the b8 and try again20:06
mgedminError: Couldn't find a distribution for 'zc.recipe.egg==1.0.0b6'.20:07
mgedmindo you have a local egg cache that you don't see these errors?20:07
* mgedmin just interested20:07
mgedminactually, now that the config file points to KGS, wouldn't it make sense to remove version numbers from it?20:09
* mgedmin removes the versions = version line from buildout.cfg, and his buildout run succeeds20:10
mgedminall tests pass, yay20:10
mgedminDeprecationWarning: the gopherlib module is deprecated20:11
mgedminthe rest is all shiny20:11
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mgedminhm, buildout in gives me version conflicts... let's see, it doesn't specify the KGS20:17
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mgedminno luck with the kgs either20:22
mgedminmaybe that's because I was supposed to rm -r eggs before retrying with the KGS?20:22
philiKONyou should never have to delete anything20:23
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mgedminWe already have: zope.publisher 3.4.1 but zope.traversing 3.5.0a2 requires 'zope.publisher>'.20:24
mgedminwhat's the reason for this? inconsistent package index?20:24
mgedminwhere did I get zope.publisher 3.5 from?  it's not in kgs20:25
mgedminoh, right20:25
philiKONsigh, i think it's because jukart released new + zope.traversing eggs20:25
mgedminI got it before I told buildout.cfg to use KGS20:25
philiKONwhich depend on a zope.pubisher that's on pypi20:25
mgedminand now that I've cleared my eggs subdir and reran buildout, everything's fine20:25
mgedmintests pass20:26
benjiphiliKON: if you get eggs or distros from one index in your cache and the buildout uses another index, you can get results that are different from what everyone else would see20:26
mgedmindo you think adding 'index =' to each of the individual package's buildout.cfg is a good practice or not?20:26
philiKONbenji: hmm, i suppose20:26
mgedminprobably not for development versions that want to depend on newerr libs20:26
philiKONah, wait, he added index = ...20:26
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* philiKON prefers using extends = ... and versions = versions20:27
philiKONbecause then you really nail the versions down20:27
mgedminplease ignore the specifics of my errors20:27
mgedminI'm trying to discover the Right Way20:27
mgedminwell... the expected way20:27
mgedmine.g. if you've a C package, you can be expected to untar it; then run ./configure && make20:27
mgedminI would like to know what's the right procedure for working with packages from svn20:28
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mgedminokay, with C packages you check out you sometimes have to run ./ or autoreconf or something like that before you get a configure script20:28
mgedminalso, I'm stubbornly trying to do everything with the system python (2.5) with an old an buggy setuptools version installed right into site-packages, just to make things more fun20:29
mgedminso you should ignore me20:29
* mgedmin hides20:30
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tlotzeI just wanted to release a bug fix to zc.resourcelibrary.23:49
*** ccomb has quit IRC23:49
tlotzeSeeing that 0.6.1 was the last tag, last PyPI release and last CHANGES.txt entry, I tagged
tlotzeNow I found that there have been 0.7dev-xxxxx releases uploaded to
tlotzeHow best to proceed? Release 0.6.2 anyway? Remove the tag and just do another 0.7dev-xxxxx release?23:51
benjiI would suggest removing the tag and going to 0.8 (no dev)23:51
tlotzeHadn't there been discussion to stop doing revision-numbered releases from the trunk?23:51
tlotzeWell, I'll do that then.23:51
benjiyep; dev is right out23:51
tlotzeWhy not 0.7?23:51
benjibecause I don't remember how x.y and x.y-dev versions interract; better to just skip the entire mess23:52
benjias a matter of fact; you could go to 1.0 if you feel frisky23:52
tlotzenot this time of the day ;o)23:52
tlotzeseriously, I don't feel in a position to make such a judgement23:52
tlotzeHaven't followed zc.res.lib. development until I found that bug, after all.23:53
tlotzeI mean, if *you* say it's time for 1.0...23:53
tlotzeBut wait, there's a real reason: I think precisely the content-type parameter stuff should be given some tests first.23:54
benjiyeah, certainly needs tests; also did you see Fred's comments?23:55
tlotzeBoth strip() and lower() are in it now.23:56
tlotzestrip was inspired by the contenttype module from the publisher.23:56
benjicool; once tests for the changes are done, a release would be in order; I'm cool with either 1.0 or 0.823:56
tlotzeHm, there having been no tests for the behaviour so far, I'd say I'll do 0.8 now to help my project along, and 1.0 after I've written tests. Fine with you?23:57

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