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tlotzeOTOH, this is silly. I'll just do the tests now.00:06
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cr3how can I render a zope.schema.List? I have defined a List(title="foo", value_type=Str(title="bar")) and then try to render tal:content="structure widget" and I get: TypeError: iteration over non-sequence06:23
cr3the reasons seems to be that _renderedValueSet is called on a None value06:25
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romanofskimoin :)09:28
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panhow can i sort items in container when i show them in view? for example i have article objet with name and date. articles are in articlefolder (my own container). i want to show users sorted articles by date. should i just get articlefolder.values() and sort it by my own? or perhpas there is some simpler way?12:50
afd_pan: you can do it the regular python way12:51
afd_or index your items in the catalog (especially if it's a big container) and query them with a sortOn parameter12:52
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panafd_: sortOn. i will read about it. thanks.12:53
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lisppaste6dobee pasted "log output" at
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Theunii'm confused and worried about debians packaging/patching of ZODB ...16:40
srichterTheuni: no kidding16:42
Theuninope =)16:43
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hazmathow do you check if z3 is in debug mode?17:14
hazmatprogramatically.. that is17:14
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mgedminyou import something from somewhere and call some method on some object with some arguments17:14'devmode')17:15
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hazmatcool, thanks17:19
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benji_tlotze: what's your pypi user name?18:32
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* benji hates it when people ignore the "This nickname is owned by someone else" message and use my nick.18:33
philiKONbenji: but you can kick them :)18:34
benjiOh, in know. mwa ha ha!18:34
benjiIf it wasn't for the enjoyment I get from the "NickServ(NickServ@services.)- [benji] has been killed" message, I'd really be irritated.18:34
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tlotzebenji: it's tlotze :o)19:05
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koboldTheuni: what is worring you about the debian packaging/patching of ZODB?19:20
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cr3would it be appropropriate to be able to define the custom_widget in a Field defined in an interface? for example: class Foo(Interface): bar = Text(title="bar", custom_widget=MyWidget)19:29
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* philiKON doesn't think so19:31
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benjitlotze: I figured, but didn't want to risk granting rights to a name squatter19:48
benjiyou should now be able to upload the new release19:48
Theunikobold: they are applying some "selected" patches to zodb 3.6 to make it compatible with python 2.5 although we explicitly say "it's not fit".19:54
Theuniah kobold: you're the "they" :)19:55
Theunithing is that you _did_ apply a change that makes zodb 3.8 and 3.9 work with python 2.5 on 64-bit machines19:55
Theunihowever, there are so many things that we did not adapt for python 2.5 that IMHO for a database system this is really scary19:56
Theunievery zodb release including 3.7 explicitly states "ZODB requires Python 2.4"19:56
Theunithat means 2.4.*, not >=2.419:56
Theuniafk for a few minutes ... need food19:57
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thruflohi, I'm trying to save a timestamp or a datetime object as an attribute of a persistent object and then 'unpack' it into a localized datetime (that will display the local time) when requested20:01
mgedminTheuni: as a J. Random User, I'm likely to interpret "requires Python 2.4" as ">= 2.4"20:01
thrufloi'm using self.request.locale.dates.getFormatter('dateTime', 'short')20:01
mgedminI'd suggest adding an explicit "(2.5 or later is not supported)"20:02
mgedminbecause explicit is better than implicit, right?20:02
thruflowhich works for me if I just return a locale formatted
thruflobut if I persist the object returns (as a zope.schema.Datetime) and then read it later on, the time doesn't get converted20:03
thrufloany advice?!20:03
mgedminTheuni: since you know these things, could you confirm that ZODB 3.6 will work with python *2.4* on 64-bit machines?20:04
* Theuni tries20:04
Theunichoose your cpu20:05
mgedmincore 2 duo20:06
Theunihrn. darn. that's the only one that's actually running a 32-bit OS20:06
Theunianyway. i'll try on an intel20:07
mgedmincore 2 duo is an intel cpu20:07
Theunii know20:07
Theunii have a xeon 64-bit around20:07
* mgedmin wishes he asked the sysadmins at the colocation facility to install a 32-bit OS20:08
* mgedmin didn't specify and got a 64-bit one by default20:08
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* mgedmin could run the testsuite himself, but he hoped to hear someone speak from experience about running something like that in production for a while20:08
koboldTheuni: I'm applying...20:09
koboldI maintain zodb indebian, as well as zope and plone20:10
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Theuniok. so is it really an issue that we're not explicit enough in saying "this should not be run with python versions above 2.4" ?20:11
koboldI applied patches from a bug report to fix the 64bit issue20:11
Theuniright. the thing is: it fixes this one issue which tells us that somebody _has_ this issue because he is running the ZODB with Python 2.520:11
koboldso, let's drop support for python2.520:11
Theunion python 2.4 this is not an issue for ZODB 3.620:11
koboldif I just have support for python2.4, can I remove the patch and everybody is happy?20:12
Theuniand i'm just verifying that20:12
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Theunishould be, give me some minutes20:12
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koboldin general, I'm quite disappointed about public blaming for Debian: if nobody inform me, just keep blaming the maintainer, we can't fix things20:12
Theunidont fix it! then we can't blame you anymore!20:13
Theuniin reality: we most times don't know the maintainer and don't notice that this actually happens20:13
Theunithis time we found each other because in launchpad the upstream project (zodb) noticed the tracking in debian so this actually helps20:14
koboldI think this is a good step forward: just ping me if you thing something is broken in debian/ubuntu for zope packages20:14
koboldI'm on this channel, usually, so I'm informed about wrong things we do in the distribution20:14
Theuniok, great20:15
Theunii'm not developing on debian/ubuntu myself, so i personally won't notice, but others might and might report bugs, then i'll remember20:15
koboldnow, I'm willing to do anything you think is right on the debian package, so just let me know what is the right thing to do to have the best package in the distribution20:15
Theuni(i don't have any, right now, except: stick to the supported python versions ;) )20:16
koboldgreat, I'll revert the patch and drop support for python2.5 this evening.20:17
Theunikobold: ok. all tests pass for python2.4, zodb 3.6 and intel 64-bit20:19
Theuniincluding the example that the reporter of the bug posted20:19
Theuniit's really a python2.5 issue that is solved in the versions of zodb that officially support 2.520:20
koboldack, I'll write it in the changelog, thanks for your support20:22
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ccombACTION has been trying for two whole days to display a single add form using z3c.form without success. I always get a different ComponentLookupError. I thought it was possible to use only z3c.form in the beginning, but I end up importing everything (z3c.pagelet, z3c.template, z3c.layer, z3c.formui, z3c.macro). If I try to display a simple pagelet, I get a IContentTemplate ComponentLookupError. If I try to display an add form, I get an21:31
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nouriccomb: Are you including z3c.form's configure.zcml?21:39
ccombIs it possible to use z3c.form alone with an old-style macro-based browserpage, provided I use a skin that provides IFormLayer ?21:39
nouriccomb: You don't need all of z3c.pagelet, z3c.template etc.  z3c.form works fine by itself.21:39
ccombnouri: yes I do, both configure.zcml and meta.zcml21:39
nouriccomb: To answer you other question: yes21:40
ccombok that's a good news because I don't feel able to learn evereything at once :)21:40
ccombWhat is frightening is that z3c.formdemo uses eveything. It would be nice to have a separate demo for each package. That would help understanding the purpose of each one.21:43
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srichterccomb: well, for newcomers its a matter of learning macros or learning pagelets22:10
srichtersince I ma not developing with mnacros any more, I chose to implement the demos using pagelets22:10
srichter(actually, a secondary goal of z3c.formdemo is to show some of the new UI development patterns)22:11
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tlotzebenji: if I'm to upload a zc.resourcelibrary release to PyPI it seems it would have to be something after 0.8 after today's mail discussion which seems to indicate that whitespace shouldn't be stripped after all.23:24
tlotzeBut - in order to test this meaningfully, zc.publisher would have to see a new release as well.23:25
benji"test this meaningfully"?23:25
tlotzezope.publisher I mean23:25
tlotzeWell, testing case would imply things like teXt/html23:25
tlotzewhich are explicitly allowed by RfC 2045 as I found out today23:26
tlotzebut the publisher will complain about that23:26
benjiah; so I'd just do the tests that we can do now23:26
tlotzeso right now the test has a note that we skip capitalization in the major type23:26
tlotzebut I'd like to change that to be in accordance with the RfC.23:26
benjiIf the publisher can't generate particular output, it doesn't make much sense to test for it23:26
tlotzenot nice, but it will do23:27
benjianother question is "how do we remember to come back and fix this once the publisher is fixed"...23:27
tlotzeSeeing the rate of change in zc.resourcelibrary, I'll make it 0.8.1 then.23:27
benjiI'd suggest an issue be filed about this.23:27
tlotzeI can do that too, just not in time for the zc.resourcelibrary release.23:27
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benjiI don't think it has to do with the rate of change, but that this is a bug23:28
tlotzeI mean 0.8.1 as opposed to 1.,023:28
benjiwhere "that" is fix the publisher?23:28
tlotzeI've identified the part where it's too tight about case23:28
tlotzeAlso, zope.publisher.contenttype has some stripping that should be dropped.23:29
tlotzeBy not in time I mean that I don't feel comfortable changing something as central as the publisher and uploading it to PyPI on the spot.23:29
benjimakes sense23:30
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tlotzebenji: I've just released zc.resourcelibrary 0.8.1 to the PyPI.23:52
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malthephiliKON: on I did a lot of refactoring and added support for attribute-style access to dict entries; I think this feature is a strong argument for doing away with TALES.23:57

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