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benjithanks, tlotze00:05
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chaoflowI'd like zope.testing.doctest to find doctests in subpackages. Any advice/pointers on that?04:46
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Theunisrichter: ping12:09
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jfrochehello,anyone know a way to tell to zc.buildout that he shouldnt install the depedencies of an egg which is defined in the "egg =" of the buildout section inside the buildout.cfg ?13:48
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srichterTheuni: what's up?14:32
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Theunisrichter: i have a failing test case with z3c.rml14:35
Theunibtw: i've put an egg for reportlab on .... just fyi14:36
Theunii even wonder whether to put it on pypi14:36
Theunibecause the license would allow me to do that14:36
mgedminTheuni: why not contact the reportlab developers and ask them to do that?14:38
Theunimgedmin: i wonder whether srichter tried that already because he noticed that it's not available a while ago14:39
mgedminwell, sometimes it takes some prodding14:39
mgedminI suppose14:39
mgedminespecially when the upstream maintainer is new to eggs14:39
mgedminemailing a patch with a working and some usage instructions (just type python sdist register upload) might help14:40
mgedminat least that's how I got started on eggs14:40
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mgedminsomeone (philikon, iirc) sent me a patch14:40
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srichterTheuni: I think if you send the diff of to the reportlab mailing list, they will adopt it15:05
srichterTheuni: also, putting it on pypi would be perfect15:06
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Theunisrichter: i didn't have to patch anything15:07
Theunii just made an sdist and am using that as an egg15:07
srichtercool, then let's just report this to the mailing list15:07
Theunifirst, can you look at this traceback15:07
srichtersure (though I am still booting)15:08
Theunitake your time15:08
srichterTheuni: I know that one15:09
Theuniis that good? :)15:09
srichterTheuni: it is due to reportlab not being thread-safe15:09
srichterit stores variables in module globals and does not clean up correctly15:09
srichterwhen running all tests, you always get this failure15:09
Theunidoes that mean i can ignore it?15:10
srichterif you run the test by itself it will pass and if you run it with Roger's subprocess mode they will all pass too15:11
Theunithen we should just tell them to register/sdist/upload their package15:11
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tlotzeHm. I just noticed that zope.contentprovider depends on zope.location, and it does so only in order to do something special in one place if a particular object provides ILocation, and nothing if it doesn't.16:04
tlotzeIt seems to me that the import of zope.location could be made conditional and the dependency lifted.16:05
tlotzeThe check would then only be made if zope.location was there - nothing would happen otherwise. Which is fine as ILocation can't be provided by any object if zope.location isn't there in the first place.16:06
tlotzeAny opinions?16:06
romanofskithere is always an option tlotze ;)16:08
romanofskierr... I mean, there is always an opinion tlotze ;)16:09
tlotzeExactly my opinion...16:10
* tlotze considers optional opinioins.16:10
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ccombIs there a reason why the z3c namespace does not appear in the root of the apidoc code browser, while the z3c zcml directives appear in the zcml reference?17:07
srichterccomb: it has to be registered as such17:08
ccombActually I can browse it, but it does not appear in the root17:09
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mgedmineggs :(17:47
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mgedmindoesn't buildout have a command-line switch for specifying the package index url?17:56
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* Theuni stares at the weird zodb mvcc bug19:40
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mgedminsounds like fun19:44
* mgedmin goes back to battle rabid functional tests19:44
* srichter wished he would have such a cool task at hand ;-)19:45
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Theunisrichter: i hate this task.19:50
Theunii just really want to see this bug go way :)19:50
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srichterTheuni: wanna switch? :-)19:50
Theuninot exactlz19:51
Theunigonna be picked up in a few minutes to get some christmas "glowing wine" (searching for the correct word ...)19:52
Theunimulled wine19:52
srichterjust say "gluehwein"19:52
Theunisrichter: btw: the rml-stuff is realllly nice19:52
srichterTheuni: thanks a lot19:52
Theuniwe had the idea today to make a simplified converter for html to rml19:52
Theuniwe're still looking for the holy grail to let people write simple templates (just stick in a few values no conditions nothing) themselves and maybe using a simple fckeditor and some special tags might work19:53
Theuni(templates for e.g. printing a bill, a contract, ...)19:53
srichterTheuni: Roger and I wrote something like that; we can talk aoffline19:54
Theuniit's really fast and we were able to get rid of that ugly twisted/openoffice thing we have :)19:54
Theunihmm. interesting.19:54
Theunii can't talk offline :)19:54
Theunii'll be alone if i go offline19:54
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norro_hi. is there any way to register a view not for classes/interfaces but for a single _object_?23:47
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benjinorro_: you can register a view for an interface, then slam that interface on an instance23:53
norro_how can i do that?23:54
norro_i did find alsoProvides, but no way to "slam" that at runtime23:56

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