IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2007-12-07

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norro_the answer seems to be directlyProvides. thank you00:04
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philiKON_norro: no00:07
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norro_philiKON_: okay. thank you00:07
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nouriHow do I have zope.pagetemplate.PageTemplateFile translate properly?02:29
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timteis there a zcml directive that just runs a certain function?16:21
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Theunibenji: what are you doing to my svn that it doesn't ignore those lines! =)16:57
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benjiIt's my only super power, the ability to make people's subversion client fail from quite far away.16:58
* Theuni goes off for decades to find something to counter benji's super power16:59
mgedmineasy_install kryptonite?16:59
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AisteTheuni! :)17:10
swehsrichter: Got a problem with z3c.rml. I want to put the page number at the bottom of each page but it seems as if the <pageNumber/> directive does not work? Can you tell me something about that?17:14
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srichterprojekt01: hey, we are working on cmap18:48
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ccombtell me if I'm wrong, the "macro:" tales expression in z3c.macro is exactly what replaces the @@standard_macros view ?19:08
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tarekHello J1m, in zc.buildout, in the find-links, if i have an https://xxx that needs a authentication, it raises a 401 error. Is there a way to ask for user/login at the prompt19:56
J1mThere is a lovely extension to buildout that does https.19:58
J1mI think it reads from a file.19:58
J1malthough it might prompt. I'm not sure.  I haven't used it myself.19:58
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J1mjodok probably knows.19:58
jodokhey J1m19:59
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jodoktarek: yes. we have a recipe for that19:59
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jodokyou specify a file ~/.buildout/.httpauth that holds the credentials20:00
tarekah cool ! thanks J1m and jodok20:00
tarekthat's exactly what i need :)20:00
jodokits on svn.zope.org20:00
tarekdoes it prompt or its in the file, clearly readabl ?20:01
tarekoups i didn't read all the lines :)20:02
tareki've seen that pysvn has a callback feature to be able to prompt for the login on https20:03
tareki'll digg on this20:04
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tarekjodok, in my case, http_error_401 returns None. so i guess  if res.code>=400: is not enough in the AuthHandler20:27
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mcdoncwhy would someone upload to pypi that depends on zope.publisher> which never got uploaded there20:40
benjiIt's a plot to take over the world.20:45
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mcdoncbenji: if so, it's going badly ;-)20:47
J1mmcdonc, ca you tell who did it?20:47
J1mmcdonc, can you tell who did it?20:47
* J1m tries20:48
benjiTheir use name was "The Brain".20:48
mcdoncJ1m: i dont think pypi will tell me but i think jurgen kartnaller tagged zope.traversing-3.5.0a2 ... sorry, it wasn't an upload of a dev egg, it just depends on a dev zope.publisher egg20:49
J1mIt says the index maintainer is jukart.20:50
J1mdid we remove this before?20:51
mcdoncno, this is a new one20:51
J1mjodok, can you mention this to Jurgen?20:52
J1mIt would be nice if the index prevented this. Oh well.20:52
jodokjukart is on his way :)20:53
*** jukart has joined #zope3-dev20:53
mcdoncJ1m: yeah, it would be20:53
jodokJ1m: mcdonc: here he is...20:53
J1mmcdonc, what do you think we should do about this.20:53
mcdoncJ1m: create a different kind of index that knows about deps20:54
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J1mI wonder if we should release a ne zope.publisher egg or remove this zope.traversing egg.20:54
* jodok thinks that the entire eggs stuff is a complete mess right now20:54
J1mjukart, you released a package to the cheeseshop that depends on a package not in the cheeseshop.20:54
jukartJ1m: did I changed the dependency or was the dependcy already there20:55
J1mI suspect the dependency was already there.20:56
jukarthm, so how can I know it is not there ?20:56
mcdoncjukart: i think the reqt. was already there but it cant be satisfied by the index20:56
J1mjodok, you're right, but we're trying to clean it up.20:56
mcdoncjukart: the only way to find out is to try to install it after you're done basically20:57
mcdonc(via easy_install, advisably)20:57
jukartmcdonc: which I did, so from where did I got the package ?20:57
jukartis it on ?20:57
jodokJ1m: we often would like to correct these things - but then we have e.g. no access to pypi20:58
jodokright now you need to get access on launchpad, pypi,,...20:58
J1mjodok, all you have to do is ask.20:58
mcdoncjukart: fwiw, sometimes these things are undetectable if you're using buildout or a different index20:58
J1mmcdonc, they can also be undetectible with easy_install unless you also use easy_install wity a clean environment.20:59
J1mThey should be detectible with buildout if you don't use a shared eggs directory or a download cache.21:00
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mcdoncthe dance should be "virtualenv testenv; cd testenv; bin/easy_install thething" to test21:00
jukartJ1m: I got the package from, the only way to make sure this will never happen is to shut down and put erverything at one place (pypi)21:00
J1mbuildout run with -U will cause it to ignore your user defaults which should cause it to ignore any sahred directories.21:00
J1mjukart, right, but you also have the option of releasing to
J1mI'm not criticising btw.  We're all still figuring out the right way to do this.21:01
mcdoncjukart: it's no big deal, pypi is a bit of a mess... we catch it with an automated builder21:01
jukartwhat's the right way then, I'm always confused where to put the eggs21:02
J1mIf you are going to release to PyPI, then you need to be able to install the package from just pypi.21:02
jukartI would prefer to upload to because I don't need to ask for permissions on every single package21:02
J1mIf in doubt, I suggest releasing to
J1mThere ya go. :)21:03
mcdoncjukart: if you do need to release to pypi, i'd suggest releasing it then doing "virtualenv testenv; cd testenv; bin/easy_install thethingireleased"21:03
mcdoncand if it don't work, delete it ;-)21:03
J1mWe'll want to release final releases to the cheeseshop, but then we need to make sure they are installable from the cheeseshop.21:03
jukartJ1m: only final releases, everything else goes to ?21:04
J1mmcdonc, I suppose you could test before uploading by using  his dist directiory as a find-link.21:04
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J1mjukart, it probably depends on the package.21:04
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J1mHonestly, I'm not sure that packages like zope.traversing need non-final releases.21:05
mcdoncJ1m: i didnt know you could do that... /me tries21:05
J1mThe issue really is that anything we release to the cheeseshop should be installable from just there.21:05
jukartof course21:05
J1mIf you make a fix but can't upload it to the cheeseshop, maybe you could make a release to your own repo, so you can benefit and create a launchpad issue asking someone else to test it.  Hoepfully, once we have things more stable, this shouldn't be as much of an issue.21:07
J1mIn any case, I don't think I'd release alpha packages to the cheeseshop.21:08
jukartthat's what I did before I got permission on pypi21:08
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J1malso, imo, a package shoudl never have a release status that is more mature than the least mature status if it's dependencies.21:09
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J1mIn this case, I wonder why we don't just make a zope.publisher 3.5.0 release. :)21:10
mcdoncJ1m: you can do it with find-links to dist i think but you need to spell a dependent package as the thing you're installing21:10
J1mFor these tiny packages, I really don't see much point in alpha and beta releases.21:10
J1mmcdonc, That's odd.21:11
jodokJ1m: mcdonc: what about making a list of people that are allowed to upload eggs and add them to all eggs?21:12
mcdoncJ1m: no, sorry, i'm wrong, it works if you do bin/easy_install -f dist theproject-im-testing21:12
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J1mTheuni, ayt?21:13
jodokand then assign 20 eggs to each of these people - and move them to pypi21:13
jodokafter that we're done21:13
J1mtlotze, ayt?21:14
*** thruflo has quit IRC21:14
TheuniJ1m: here21:14
J1mTheuni, zope.traversing depends on zope.publisher 3.5 which was released by tlotze and zagy.21:15
mcdoncjodok: i suspect things will still go sour, it's more a technology problem (the index accepts uploads of packages that have dependencies that cant be satisfied by itself) than a responsibility problem (even if you know a lot about how it's supposed to work, and have good intentions, you can still screw it up)21:15
J1mI'm wondering what is preevnting a final release of zope.publisher 3.5.21:15
jodokwe'll we're touching eggs if there are bugs. and release news eggs afterwards.21:16
* Theuni looks21:16
J1mIf nothing is, maybe we can just release the darn thing to pypi and solve this particular recuring problem.21:16
mcdoncactually it wasn't zope.publisher the last time, it was iirc21:17
* jodok needs to leave - bbl21:18
J1mso maybe we can find some volunteers to handle uploading to pypi21:18
Theunidunno. the change that zope.publisher and zope.traversing introduce is mainly the skin support for xmlrpc. was that decided on whether to rip out or leave in? i didn't work on that and can't remember the outcome.21:18
J1mand maybe set up a queue on that other people can upload eggs to.21:18
* jukart needs to leave too, need to drive jodok home :)21:19
J1mTheuni, I don't rememvber either.21:19
J1mbye jukart21:19
*** jukart has quit IRC21:19
J1mI'm thinking that features we haven't agreed om shouldn't be on the trunk.21:19
*** jodok has quit IRC21:19
J1mand shouldn't be released.21:20
Theunias we both don't know the details those packages probably need to stay on hold for a few more days21:20
Theunii'll raise this on monday to make sure this doesn't get dropped again21:20
Theunizagy isn't around for the weekend21:21
J1mThen I guess we should get a zope.traversing release that doesn't depend on that release of zope.publisher  -- maybe ripping out xmlrpc skin support if necessary,21:22
*** MJ|dinner is now known as MJ21:22
J1mI'm not volunteering abyone btw. :)21:22
J1mI'm just trying to figure out what should be done if there was a volunteer.21:22
*** dobee has joined #zope3-dev21:22
Theunino that's alright. I think that if we decided to take it out again zagy did plan on doing it but didn't get around because he was busy.21:23
Theunii remember that we talked about the unfortunate way this took initially and should clean it up.21:24
Theuni(we = zagy, thomas, me)21:24
Theunibtw: debugging zeo disk cache code makes my hair fall out ;)21:25
*** agroszer has quit IRC21:26
* TresEquis is thinking again about replacing the ZEO disk cache with memcached21:27
* J1m knows what to get Theuni for Christmas.21:29
Theunia wig?21:29
J1mOne thing that would be nice to do in zodb 3.9 is make the zeo cache pluggable.21:29
Theuniyour judges don't have those fancy wigs, do they?21:29
Theuniabout pluggability21:30
Theuniwould using zope.component become ok at some point?21:30
J1mso Theuni, wrt xmlrpc skin support, taking it out wouldn't prevent us from adding it back later.  It would just address the current problem.21:30
J1mTheuni, no, do your's?21:30
Theunino, are those the british that (still) have that?21:31
Theunithe higher courts have fancy red robes though =)21:31
J1mI'm sure I could get one in a theater shop.21:31
Theuniactually i have some reasonable glue here to get my hair back on21:31
J1mI've actually been grovelling around in the cache code recently.21:32
J1mI want to strip versions out that code.21:33
Theunii was reading it today trying to reconstruct how alans server came into that keyerror21:33
J1mI also want to increate the block size data to 64 bits to allow caches >4G in size.21:33
Theuniinterestingly i found that the code wasn't touched for more than 2 years21:33
J1mWas Alan using a persistent cache?21:34
Theuninot according to the configuration he posted21:35
Theunithe second traceback there where three things coming together21:35
J1mWe really should add file locks to prevent simultanious access to persistent caches.21:35
Theuni(or maybe too depending how to read the log) 1.) a failure in the second phase of the commit 2.) the keyerror in the cache21:36
Theunithe failure in the second phase was related to the cache as well21:36
* Theuni wonders whether to warm up some mulled wine21:38
*** quodt_ has joined #zope3-dev21:41
* J1m heard that mulled wine, applied to the scalp, promotes hair growth21:42
TheuniAlthough it only might increase sales for shampoo companies. :)21:45
*** yvl has joined #zope3-dev21:46
TresEquisWhen you want hair that hangs down, down to the ground, ..... ROGAINE21:47
Theuniwhat? :)21:47
TresEquisshe's alright, she's alright, she's alright ..... ROGAINE21:48
Theunidefinitely time for mulled whine then21:49
J1mI try not to mull whines,21:50
Theunihmm. those people that slam dying pigs on garbage cans are back.21:50
TresEquisThe Clash?21:51
Theunii knew that was an awful typo21:51
TheuniDoes The Clash make money with it?21:51
*** yvl has quit IRC21:52
*** jodok has joined #zope3-dev21:53
TresEquisDoes any major-label act make money after they quit touring?21:53
J1mElvis makes money and he's dead.21:54
Theunino, he isn't.21:54
Theuni(well, he is making money. he isn't dead though. *G)21:54
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TheuniI remember that ALF proved that the King's around driving a truck.21:55
benjiOf course Elvis is 72 now.21:58
*** quodt has quit IRC21:58
Theuniwhich means he drives very slow?21:59
benjiBig white caddy, very slowly.21:59
Theuni(caddy -> vw golf?)21:59
Theunioh no. that was a translation mistake.22:00
Theunia shopping cart?22:00
Theuniah. indeed.22:00
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* benji watches as Theuni levels up in American slang.22:01
*** ktenney has joined #zope3-dev22:01
TheuniI'm level 20 with a blue cursing-stone and a bewitched geek amulet.22:02
* Theuni strolls off to listen to the Otherland sequel.22:03
TresEquisBig white caddy:  like having Andre the GIant carry your clubs?22:08
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tlotzeJ1m, Theuni: I'm there now.22:17
J1mtlotze, see the discussion above wrt zope.publisher.22:18
tlotzeI'm reading it right now.22:18
*** yvl has left #zope3-dev22:18
tlotzeJ1m: there are things that I'd like to change about both zope.publisher and zope.traversing but I'm fine with them being released and the changes going in later.22:20
tlotzezope.publisher should adhere more closely to RfC 2045 in its handling of MIME types (capitalization and whitespace). I promise not to break it again by overlooking None values ;o)22:21
tlotzezope.traversing has this ++etc++ traverser which could do with a more componentized way of treating names. It shouldn't have to refer to, for instance.22:23
*** schwendinger has joined #zope3-dev22:24
J1mtlotze, agreed -- and mistakes happen22:27
tlotzeYes, I know. It's just that it was such a beginner's mistake that I'm still angry at myself about it... ;o)22:28
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