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srichterJ1m: Theuni: do you think we can get a ZODB 3.8.0 final release out in the next week? I would like to make a Zope 3.4 final release before Christmas18:57
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ccombbtw, may I make a new release of or should I ask someone?19:02
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srichterccomb: you can do it19:09
ccombok,  If I find some time I also wanted to add some tests involving gettext (msgcmp,  and  msgfmt -c on every po file)19:11
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J1msrichter, I have no idea.  I defer to Theune.20:12
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ignasis it possible to make buildout prefer a source egg over a binary egg?20:18
ignaslxml binary egg is broken, and i'd like to make my buildout download the source one20:19
srichterJ1m: I am pretty sure all bugs are fixed; it is a matter of cutting the release itself20:20
mcdoncdid jukart say it was ok to remove the zope.traversing release that depended on a zope.publisher that wasnt uploaded?20:21
mcdonc(i hope so, it's still busted at the moment)20:21
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srichtermcdonc: if it is part of the 3.5 series then it should be ok20:23
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mcdoncsrichter: its an alpha release of zope.traversing (3.5.0a2) that depends on zope.publisher> (which cannot be satisfied right now)... it may become ok but right now it's busted20:24
mcdonci think it's probably a good idea to delete it20:25
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J1mI think Theuni and friends were going to make new releases of zope.traversing and zope.publisher that removed the experimental xml-rpc skin support.20:31
ignasJ1m: is there a way to make buildout download a source egg if both source and binary eggs are available?20:34
ignasi seem to be unable to find it in the documentation20:34
J1mignas, not currently.  It's a feature I've been thinking of adding, as well as the converse.20:34
ignasi see20:35
ignasare there any possible workarounds?20:35
mcdoncJ1m: ok, i'll whine in a couple of days if that doesnt happen20:35
ignasexcept for asking srichter to remove lxml binary linux egg from KGS20:35
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J1msrichter, linux binary eggs should never never never (did I say never?) be in an index.20:52
J1mneve never20:52
J1mreally never20:53
amit_amhi, is this a bug: z3c.formdemo, 'all widgets', selecting via arrows something from the 'tuple'-widget (second last widget), clicking 'apply' and the selection is gone.20:56
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srichterJ1m: +1, so what am I supposed to do? :-)21:08
mgedminremove the binary eggs from the KGS?21:10
mgedminignas claimed that lxml had a binary egg in the KGS21:10
mgedminbut I don't see it21:10
srichterok, I can do that21:11
srichterit would be good if someone could provide a patch21:11
srichterbecause we want the Windows releases to come through21:11
srichteramit_am: sounds like a bug to me21:14
amit_ami'm looking into the template21:15
srichtermcdonc: I would love to see those releases being gone21:15
srichteramit_am: I don't think it is the template, because it is the same as for list21:15
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amit_amform-widgets-tupleField should be form.widgets.tupleField in the hidden Input-Field21:16
amit_amthe name attribut is wrong21:16
srichterahh, good catch :-)21:17
srichteramit_am: wuold be great if you can check in a fix21:17
srichteramit_am: don't forget to add an entry to CHANGES.txt21:18
amit_amups, didn't contribute 'til now21:18
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amit_amsrichter: replace all view/id by view/name  in of z3c.form did it.21:48
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J1msrichter, don't add linux binaries to the KGS -- or filter them out.21:52
J1msrichter, in fact, I would filter out any binary releases other than windows.21:53
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srichterJ1m: okay, I will add this, if I do not get a patch :-)22:01
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srichteramit_am: can you send me a patch? or even better check it in yourself (adding a test is needed of course)22:02
J1msrichter, I guess you didn't explicitly add the linux binary -- you just got it via pypi.22:03
J1mI guess we also need to remove it from pypi and tell whoever uploaded it not to do that again.22:03
amit_amsrichter, I don't think this replace-thing is a good solution...22:03
srichterJ1m: yes22:03
J1mexcept I don't have any control over lxml.22:04
srichterJ1m: I think several of the Linux binaries are from the time peoiple p[layed around22:04
srichterI know I uploaded several but stopped doing it a while ago22:04
J1mphiliKON_, do you have any control over lxml?22:05
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J1mI sent a note to Martijn.22:47
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* ignas is very confused, apparently - search in pypi is finding an old version of lxml22:58
ignasnew version has no linux binary22:58
ignascompiling the new version on my pc22:58
ignasdoes not work22:58
ignasand - which i should have know i guess - eggs that get build by setuptools get renamed to the appropriate platform name22:59
ignasso a source egg will look like a binary egg after it's installed22:59
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ignasand the error is (it seems so) caused by me compiling my own libxml223:04
ignasi am really sorry for all the confusion23:04
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pigeonflightpypi seems broken23:11
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pigeonflightand that's breaking my buildouts23:11
pigeonflightNo local packages or download links found for zope.publisher>
pigeonflighterror: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('zope.publisher>') (--always-copy skips system and development eggs)23:11
ignaspigeonflight: use KGS23:13
ignasindex = in [buildout] section23:14
ignasin your buildout.cfg23:14
ignaslocks you with fresh enough versions of zope3 eggs23:14
ignasthat are stable23:14
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ignaspigeonflight: and if you absolutely need newer versions - read zope-dev mailing list, they had a discussion about the issue23:15
ignasI think the fix would require you setting up a requirement on a lower version of zope.traversal23:16
ignasin your buildout.cfg23:16
* pigeonflight goes to try grokproject..... ...... again23:16
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