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run|sonyEnfold Desktop 4.0 is now in beta for developers.  Desktop 4 is now *free* and works with any DAV server.  Hopefully you guys can test it on zope3 dav impl.  Desktop 4 is now mostly async and has a great user experience.03:53
run|sonysorry for spamming but i think its worthwhile03:53
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pomHi all, i need some help:15:28
pomi'm trying to install zope 3.3.1 on debian but i couldn't compile it15:28
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jpcw2002_have you install python-dev package ?15:29
jpcw2002_search python-dev with apt15:30
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pompomI couldn't compile zope3.3.1 on Debian, there are errors , here is the error messages i found :
pompomcould you please help me?15:33
jpcw2002_pompom: to compile zop ondbian you need python-dev package15:36
jpcw2002_is it installed on your machine ?15:36
pompomI got the latest python 2.4 installed15:36
gstrattonapt-get install libc6-dev15:37
koboldpompom: why do you need to compile zope3 on Debian? you could just run apt-get install zope3 ...15:38
pompomZope3 package  is not up to date to zope development15:38
koboldpompom: are you using etch?15:39
pompomgstratton, i'm installing libc6-dev15:39
pompomyes i'm using debian etch15:39
koboldand there is no zope3 backport? strange, let me check...15:39
jpcw2002_maybe libc6-dev will be sufficient15:40
jpcw2002_if not install python2.4-dev15:40
gstrattonlibc6-dev provides limits.h, which was causing the initial error15:41
koboldok, there is no zope3 backport for etch... I'll upload it in a few minutes.15:41
pompomi installed latest c and gcc, thought that it would be sufficient15:42
pompomi mean cpp15:42
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pompomgstratton: it seems to be compiling, thanks a lot :)15:47
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tarekHi J1m, I need to make "upgrades" of buildouts that are in productions but with no web acces. So i need to make some kind of diff to know which eggs are new or have changed to be able to send a small archive.17:18
tarek Is there anything existing in this area yet ?17:19
tareki was thinking about comparing  the download cache folders when they are set, and the .installed.cfg file17:19
tarekbecause it can be quite complex to scan the .cfg and all its combinations17:20
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suptonI have a need in a simple CA application (no web, no zcml) to call a factory for an appropriate implementation component given an interface.  Since factories are named utilities, what is the best practice to register a factory for an interface?  Use IFoo.__name__ as the name for the factory?20:06
benjisupton: a utility doesn't have to have a name (or rather, the name can be the empty string)20:09
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philiKONbenji: but with factories they are...20:10
philiKONs/they are/they do have a name/20:10
suptonbenji: right, but I have an interface object, and I want to create something that implements it without hard-coding my assumption.20:10
benjihmmm factories... it's been a long time since I've used those20:11
suptonmy code reads in JSON data for a complex structure, but doesn't know what kind of object it needs to create.  I get around this by making my JSON decoder an adapter for an already created content object, but it has Object fields that have a schema type declared, so I need to create some 'contained' objects.20:12
suptonso I need a factory to be registered, not for a name, but for an interface.20:12
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suptonI bet that I can use the interface.__name__ for this, but I wonder if I should use something else (e.g. namespace the name using some kind of dotted notation).20:13
suptonso my interface is called IPrintEditionInfo in a package called sdut.content.interfaces - I could use as a factory name either u'IPrintEditionInfo' or u'sdut.content.interfaces.IPrintEditionInfo'20:15
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benjiI slightly prefer the latter20:17
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suptonmakes sense.  thanks.20:19
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* ccomb would like to make a new release of, but23:01
ccombI would like to extract an up-to-date pot file, and merge all the current po files, which are not up-to-date23:02
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ccombSo I must find all packages that use the "zope" translation domain.23:03
ccombshould I i18nextract the whole repository?23:03
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amit_amHi, I just fixed the behavior of and Send them to srichter?23:15
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ccombamit_am yes but he might ask you to commit yourself23:26
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amit_amccomb, yes he asked, but can I?23:41
amit_amccomb, is there anonymous allowed to commit?23:41
ccombamit_am if you are willing to contribute more, you should sign the disclaimer, send it to J1m, ask for commit permissions, and do the commit after checking that all tests pass23:42
amit_amccomb, ok, I'll try.23:43
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ccombamit_am  baiju has informations on this
amit_amccomb, thanks, I'll have a look at this and on this:
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