IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2007-12-12

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regebroHuh? What does this mean:  exceptions.TypeError: Required specification must be a specification or class.15:39
regebroI try to adapt two interfaces...15:40
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regebroBut when I use the implementation class instead of the interface it works.15:40
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dobeebenji: ayt?16:05
dobeeregebro: i think you derived your interface from a non interface type16:06
regebrodobee: Well, not me in that case, it's not my interface. :)16:07
regebroWell, specifying the class instead works, so that's OK.16:07
dobeeah ok, it may also be an implementation class that derives from an interface class16:08
dobeei had this too16:08
regebroIt's funny that the specifying the class that implements the interface works, but specifying the interface doesn't work.16:08
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regebroI love the component architecture.16:35
regebroOnce you get used to that way of thinking it's just so great.16:36
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mgedminregebro: pastebin the code that raises your error?16:40
mgedminI usually get it when I swap the order of arguments16:40
regebromgedmin: That didn't make a difference. The code is simply: adapts(ATEvent, IExecutable)16:41
regebrono sorry. THAT works.16:41
regebroadapts(IATEvent, IExecutable) doesn't.16:41
mgedminhow is IATEvent defined?16:41
regebroSo it's probably as dobee says, there is something that doesn't derives from Interface somewhere in the IATEvent hierarchy.16:42
regebroIt's a big interface hierarchy, i can't be bothered to check through it.16:42
mgedmintype(IATEvent) is what?16:42
regebromgedmin: <class 'Interface._InterfaceClass.Interface'>16:44
mgedminsounds reasonable16:44
regebroyeah, very strange.16:44
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TheuniJ1m: ping.17:17
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TheuniZagy and I have hit a problem with the afterCommitHook (as reported in #137739)17:19
Theuniand we need some feedback on how to proceed.17:20
TheuniMy guess actually is that we should have (after|before)AbortHooks (symmetrical to (after|before)Commit)17:21
run|homeTheuni: i would say +1 to that17:21
Theuninote: you can implement those hooks using data managers already but they are a bit more complex than just a hook17:23
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timteregebro: I got the same error not that long ago, but it was for IATFile, so I did like you and used the class instead17:29
regebrotimte: Yeah, there is something fishy with ATContentTypes, evidently.17:30
J1mTheuni, I hate the whole idea.17:32
J1mI have no great desire to dig in my heels.  But I have very little sympathy for this feature.17:32
J1mGiven that you have questions, this is not something that shoudl be done for 3.8.17:33
J1mTheuni, I like the observation about implementing these with data managers.17:33
J1mI like that a lot!17:33
J1mTheuni, ayt? I don't want to spew for nothing. :)17:34
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LeoRochaelhi, when on a long running batch process, and trying to conserve memory, should I call root._p_jar.cacheGC() then root._p_jar.cacheMinimize()? or should I call it the other way around?17:35
LeoRochaelhmm, according to my question makes no sense at all...17:53
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amit_amsrichter, made 2 patches yesterday, one for, one for
amit_amthe tests of z3c.formdemo was ok20:28
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srichteramit_am: cool20:31
amit_amthe widget now shows in the left list only those items, not selected.20:32
amit_amshall I send you the patches via mail?20:32
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srichteramit_am: check them into the trunk; I'll review the checkin20:42
srichteramit_am: don't forget to add a CHANGES entry20:42
amit_amsrichter, I don't think I have the permission to checkin20:43
amit_amsrichter, I should have a look at, about all those processes20:45
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jodokJ1m: is there a way to pack zodb on a zeo using a different directory to store the temporary file? my zeo partition is running out of space and i don't have double space to pack it...21:28
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J1mjodok, no.21:37
jodokJ1m: because it moves the file, right? i suspected that21:38
J1mIt renames the file.21:38
jodoko.k., too bad. thanks21:38
J1mIf you put the temporary file on another fs, it would have to copy that back and it would take too long.21:38
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pyqwerDoes someone know how to find out what interfaces a class provides? One way is MyClass.__implemented__.interfaces(), but perhaps, there's a simpler way?22:19
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pyqwerpyqwer: Ah, got it: zope.interface.implementedBy(MyClass)22:32
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toutptwho what a strange bug i m on. My recipe install a parts directory. at uninstall it failed, but it try to remove /home/lost+found23:44
toutptreally strange23:44
J1mhehe, ya23:48
J1mis there something funky in .installed.cfg?23:48
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regebroYou know what I hate with Zope3? Especially with Grok in addition?23:53
regebroIt makes you feel really productive.23:53
regebroAnd then when you have to get back to Plone, coding feels like walking in Jello. :-/23:54
MrTopfHm, Zope3 so far hasn't made me very productive ;-)23:54
MrTopfI just keep wondering how something is supposed to work on every corner23:54
MrTopfmight be the same though when working with Plone as a Plone newbie23:55
regebroWell, true.23:55
MrTopfand honestly for me it's really a bit too overengineered23:55
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MrTopfor academic, whatever you want to call it23:55
MrTopfotoh I now checked out Django, Pylons and TG and there it's of course easier but you have to do a lot yourself23:56
regebroAlthough with Plone you wonder why it doesn't work.23:56
MrTopfso not really sure what's better23:56
regebroMuch is a matter of taste, of course.23:56
regebroWell, gotta go to bed. See y'all!23:56
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MrTopfof course.. just wondering if one couldn't build something like a CMS on top of one of these frameworks23:56
MrTopfbut then again the question is at which point it might be as complex as Z3 or Plone23:57
MrTopfwell, cya ;-)23:57

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