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Theunisrichter: you there?15:16
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toutpthi there15:29
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toutpti m trying to install a minimal python , and install libs with zc.buildout. I m trying to install PIL, but without success. PIL seems to be installed at develop-eggs, but is not used by instance15:31
benjitoutpt: If you're using the main PIL distribution, it will never work; it doesn't play nice in a distutils world; try PILwoTk (add to your find-links)15:32
toutptthx benji15:34
toutptwhen i m adding a parts section, that use zc.recipe.egg, what i need to make my instance use this egg ?15:37
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benjitoutpt: instances aren't really what you want to think about; you want your app to use that package, therefore you need to add a requirement for it in your apps setup.py15:56
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srichterTheuni: on and off16:02
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Theunisrichter: hmm?16:22
Theunii think the problem solved itself16:23
srichterTheuni: ok16:23
Theuniit was about the bug i just filed regarding translations in the source widgets. i discussed it internally and am convinced that the patch is the right thing todo.16:23
srichterTheuni: btw, how close are to a ZODB 3.8.0 release?16:23
srichterTheuni: yeah, we have not yet tested the I18n stuff of z3c.form too much yet16:23
Theunisrichter: IMHO we can make an RC of ZODB 3.816:24
Theunii was hoping that jim would make one16:25
srichterTheuni: I have been lobbying him, but he was not too responsive ;-)16:26
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TheuniI don't like to make that release myself, so ...16:36
Theunilooks like we have to buy him some christmas gift to persuade him :)16:36
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ermannognanhi can someone help me to correct a very simple PAS plugin for Zope? I've weritten it today.. it's my first plugin, zope eats it but doesn't disply it in acl-users plugin! i pasted plugins here:
ermannognanIt's very simple... please HELP ME!16:49
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Theuniplease don't shout16:55
Theuniactually this is the wrong channel16:56
Theunithe PAS is for Zope 216:56
Theunithis is the zope 3 developer channel16:56
ermannognanok.. thanks16:56
TheuniIt might be that some people here know what PAS is, but i'm afraid the chances are low.16:56
Theuni(actually we know what PAS is but most people eventually never dealt with it.)16:56
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jpcw2002ermannogan: i'don't play with pas but line 4617:02
jpcw2002is null is suspect for me :-)17:02
ermannognank thanks17:02
jpcw2002i think is None would be beter17:02
ermannognani learnt py today... oops!17:03
jpcw2002you're welcome17:03
jpcw2002is None or maybe ==''17:03
spythonhey! When i do tal:content="view" I get a bus error.. I know this code is useless but shouldn't it generate a system error or something instead?17:05
mgedminyou should get a RuntimeError (stack overflow), I think17:06
* Theuni barks at the tests in
spythonwhen i ran it, it executed another function (view/userTags) over and over until I got the bus error17:09
spythonwhat do you guys get with tal:content="view"? :)17:12
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amit_amtal:content="view" in the template of an custom widget returns something like this in braces: lDateInputWidget 'form.widgets.viewstart'17:19
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mgedminwhat does bus error mean?  you ran out of ram?17:20
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spythonmgedmin: dunno, the page just loads for a while and then I see "Bus error" where i ran ./bin/runzope17:21
amit_amin an addform i get a runtimeerror: maximum recursion depth exceeded...17:22
spythoni run this in the template of a simple BrowserView17:22
benjispython: what OS is this?  The Python recursion depth limit has to be tuned so as to not exhaust the stack on each OS (as they have different stack sizes and overhead)17:22
spythonI run Mac OSX 10.4.1117:23
benjiI expected it was a BSD flavor.17:23
benjiin that case, a bus error is equivilant to a recursion depth exceeded error17:24
benjiIOW, don't do that :)17:24
spythonfor systems that get Runtime error instead, does is also kill the zope server?17:27
benjiyou can tune the recusion depth limit to get a runtime error as well, if that's what you want17:28
spythoni don't really care, I just run some testing on this machine :)17:28
spythonwould it be good idea for zope to act as kind of safety net for systems like mine? In the case of content="view" i mean.. since no one in their right mind would write this on purpose17:29
benji"consenting adults"17:30
mgedminI'd say it's python's responsibility rather than zope's17:30
ccombHi, is there someone that can register/upload the new for me? (or allow me to do this?)17:30
mgedminis there a zope 3 faq?17:40
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mgedminQ: my zope crashes with a bus error on Mac OS X -- A: look for a stack overflow in your code17:40
mgedminmaybe it's not a frequent question, but it's an interesting bit of information17:40
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spythonyes :)17:42
ignasmgedmin: yes there is a zope3 faq17:43
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spythonmgedmin: are you adding it?18:04
spythonor should i do it :O18:04
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mgedminspython: feel free, I'm currently busy18:09
spythonok, maybe later, work just finished18:09
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amit_amsrichter: hi, I corrected the tests now in z3c.form.browser. But maybe I'm wrong: I changed the behavior of the widget. The left list (source) is now the full list minus the selected items (right list, target).19:31
amit_amhe's gone19:31
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amit_amsrichter: hi, I corrected the tests now in z3c.form.browser. But maybe I'm wrong: I changed the behavior of the widget. The left list (source) is now the full list minus the selected items (right list, target).  (Sorry for sending this again)20:05
srichteramit_am: ok, if the tests pass, then you can assume it is working20:05
srichteramit_am: it would be good to add additional tests to test the JS better20:06
amit_amsrichter: yes,20:06
srichterusing testbrowser.real would be good here20:06
amit_amsrichter: ok, but not today/tonight20:07
srichteramit_am: that's fine :-)20:08
amit_amsrichter: what do I have to do, to check in? I just created an account on Next step?20:09
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srichteramit_am: send Jim a contributor agreement20:09
srichtermake sure you send him version 1.120:09
amit_amsrichter: ok20:10
srichteramit_am: I am very glad you are becoming a contributor; I am looking forward seeing a lot of checkins from you20:10
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amit_amsrichter: I'll do my verybest... :_)20:11
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* benji thinks amit_am's smiley needs a nose job.20:17
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jsadjohnsonDoes anyone know how to provide content in a different context?21:09
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jsadjohnsonI have a container in one context and want people to see it someplace else.21:15
jsadjohnsonFor example /CRM/News -> /CRM/AcmeCorp/News21:15
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rcraftonWhat is the best way to assign a role to all users?21:35
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ignasrcrafton: zcml? i think pricipals.zcml had something that does that in it21:43
rcraftonYah. I was hoping to do so in zcml. We've tried assigning the role to zope.Member, but it didn't seem to work.21:44
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J1mTheuni, ping22:13
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jsadjohnsonThe answer is z3c.proxy.22:57
jsadjohnsonWe figured it out thanks to projekt01.22:57
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