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TheuniHmm. Interesting.13:51
TheuniIt looks like the principal role manager (and it's brothers and sisters maybe too) doesn't store (local) grants correctly when the object is not located13:53
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mgedmindoesn't store or doesn't use?13:56
mgedminlocal grants were always problematic with objects that weren't proerly attached to the containment root13:57
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Theuniit looked like it stored them but after the transaction commit they were gone. i need to have a closer look a bit later. i solved it for now by reordering.14:03
Theunireordering code.14:03
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mgedminmaybe you've got nonpersistent objects somewhere?14:09
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Theuniat least not that i know of. and definitely not those that I assign permission maps to14:12
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ChrisWhey all, if I register an <adapter for=".somemodule.SomeClass *" provides="SomeInterface", why would getAdapters((SomeClass(),object()),SomeInterface) not return an adapter like that in its list?16:39
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* ChrisW watches the tumbleweed float past...17:04
mgedminok, we give up17:12
mgedminwhat's the answer?17:12
mgedminI would like to know why your problem happens too17:14
ChrisWdo you agree that it does happen?17:14
mgedminI've never tried17:14
mgedminI've never used getAdapters17:14
mgedminwhat does it do?17:14
ChrisWwell, no errors17:15
ChrisWjust no adapters are returned :-(17:15
ChrisW* is supposed to be a catch all17:15
ChrisW"adapts to anything"17:15
mgedminwhat if you try getMultiAdapter((SomeClass(), object()), SomeInterface)?17:15
mgedmindo you get an error, or do you get your adapter?17:15
ChrisWhang on, will try in a sec17:17
ChrisWjust trying to ascertain whether it's zcml or zope.component that's broken17:18
ChrisWcomponentlookuperror :-(17:19
mgedmincan you reproduce it from a python prompt17:20
ChrisWjust writing a 2nd mail to zope3-users now17:20
ChrisWjust mailed list17:23
ChrisWusing calls to provideAdapter results in the same problem17:24
J1mI can't think of any reason off hand why it shouldn't work.17:33
ChrisWI'm wondering if this is a bug in zope.component that was fixed17:34
ChrisWI'm unfortunately tied to Zope 2.9.4 for this project :-S17:34
J1mwhy, are you using a very old version?17:35
J1mah, well you can try it against the trunk.17:35
ChrisW'cos the project uses Zope 2.9.417:35
ChrisWwe tried to move to 2.10, but I think Plone broke that effort :-(17:35
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tarekhi J1m18:52
tareki have a strange behavior with find-links and download-cache18:52
tarekif i add a link to a svn for an egg18:53
tareklet's say:18:53
tarekfind-links =18:53
tarek    http://svn..../my.package/tags/0.1#egg=my.package-0.118:53
tarekthis will create a 0.1 folder in the download cache folder18:54
tarekso I need to do :18:54
tarekfind-links =18:54
tarek     http://svn..../my.package/tags/0.1#egg=my.package18:54
tarekto make sure it works18:54
tarekif the same package is recalled somewhere else, in the dependency, won't that be a problem ?18:56
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J1mtarek, svn links are an abomination.19:12
J1mI find those links to be problematic in lots of ways.19:13
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tarekJ1m, yes.. and I can't picture the exact "path finder" yet (not sure how to say that in english)19:31
tarekbut what i have found is that the -0.1 prefix will make the buildout fail19:32
tarekbecause it is extracted in a "0.1" folder19:32
tareki'll make a full example in a ticket i guess it will be simpler19:33
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harobedI try to use z3c.form but I always ComponentLookupError: ((< object at 0x947f34c>, <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance URL=http://localhost:8080/post1/@@edit.html>, < object at 0xb70a262c>), <InterfaceClass z3c.form.interfaces.IWidgets>, u'')21:24
harobedI know it's about z3c.form.IFormLayer but I don't know I can I plug it21:24
harobedI've tested in debug mode, with z3c.form.testing.TestRequest it's work21:25
harobedbut with zope.publisher.testing.TestRequest I've previous error21:25
harobedI'm lost :(21:26
harobedI've try that :   <interface21:26
harobed      interface="z3c.form.interfaces.IFormLayer"21:26
harobed      type="zope.publisher.interfaces.browser.IBrowserSkinType"21:26
harobed      />21:26
harobedbut it don't work21:27
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harobedOk, I found my mistake21:52
harobedI need to create a new Skin with IFormLayer and IDefaultBrowserLayer21:52
harobedthen use this new skin with ++skin++mynewskin/...21:53
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toutpthi got a pb with zopeproject, it doesn t work at all22:11
toutpterror: Installed distribution zope.publisher 3.4.2 conflicts with requirement zope.publisher>
toutpti don"t know how to restrict version on the setup.py22:12
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ccombtoutpt you should first try to replace the find-links in buildout.cfg with:
toutptwell i m trying this ccomb, thx22:18
toutptfor it takes the 3.5.322:19
toutptthe error is the same22:20
ccombyou probably  have to bootstrap the buildout again22:22
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ccomb("buildout bootstrap", then "buildout")  It should then only take the versions of the KGS, listed here:
ccombbut = 3.5.322:25
ccombzope.publisher = 3.4.1 in the KGS so it should be ok22:26
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ccombno it doesn't work22:31
ccombI still get zope.publisher-3.5.0a1  instead of 3.4.122:32
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toutptcatalog, error, container session testing are all in 3.522:33
ccombI don't know how to automatically force all the versions to match those of the kgs22:35
toutptthe worst is that i cant doing install22:35
toutpti have always this error22:35
ccombI think if you already have downloaded a more recent egg, it will always take this one22:39
toutpti m always remove the site-package (i m using virtualenv just after zopeproject)22:41
* ccomb will end up formatting his whole disk to be sure...22:41
ccombI just did it too and it's broken22:42
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ccombtoutpt I could finally make it work by specifying in the buildout.cfg22:55
toutptwell, but just after invoking zopeproject ccomb, i didn't have buildout script, i m supposed to execute setup.py23:07
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ccombI had to call zopeproject with --no-buildout, then modify buildout.cfg, then buildout23:09
toutptyes but the script bin/buildout doesn t exist23:09
ccombah yes, you should have an easy_installed buildout for this to work23:10
ccombI don't know how to generate a bootstrap.py23:10
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toutpti m doing python install --prefix=.23:10
toutptto install all requires listed in the setup.py23:10
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toutptwhat is kgs ?23:26
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ccombtoutpt the Known Good Set defines a set of versions that work together23:32
toutptwell, i m trying gocept.zope3isntance recipe, i m a bit lost23:34
toutptbetween buildout and setup.py23:34
ccombI'm also lost on many points of these tools :(23:35
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angrymgI doubt there are more than three or four people in the world who aren't lost23:45
angrymgand they wrote the tools23:45
toutpti have finaly find a way of doing that give me zope3 working ccomb: i m doing my zopeproject --no-buildout, next i m doing my virtual env to get python env in the same place, finaly i m invoke easy_install zc.buildout, and execute buildout23:51
benjitoutpt: you want to use both virtualenv and buildout?23:52
toutptvirtualenv is just here to adding a lib folder and bin/python file23:53
toutptbuildout do the rest23:53
toutpti have a minimal python in my workspace, without packages except virtualenv23:54
ccombactually bin/python can be created by buildout itself, but using virtualenv with buildout would have saved me a lot of time finding out why the version of zope remained 3.3.1 while I was using a full 3.4 buildout...23:55
benjiactually it sounds like using a clean python would have saved you a lot of time... right?23:56

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