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malthetlotze: I thought about adding concatenation, hashing (twice: once to check for duplicity, once for caching purposes) to zc.resourcelibrary; I looked at z3c.resourcecollector (recently developed at the snow sprint) and I'm not sure it's on the right track.00:01
tlotzeHm, I'm afraid I'm not deeply enough into that to give you an answer off the top of my head. I can put it on my list of things to look at, though. It's a long list, BTW ;o)00:03
maltheright; actually I was going to just do it myself00:04
maltheunless you have the time ....00:04
tlotzeHm, if I may suggest something... just go ahead :o)00:04
malthetlotze: but I'd like to not plug in to the publisher00:05
tlotzeI mean, it's not as if I was some sort of champion of that package or something. I haven't even done much on it, some check-ins some time ago probably...00:05
tlotzeOK, plugging into the publisher sounds intriguing. Can you support that with some code? Maybe I see something...00:07
maltheit's there00:07
maltheit's nasty00:07
ignashow do I properly remove + unregister a local utility?00:07
tlotzeAh, so you want to plug out of it, so to speak00:07
maltheit should really be conditional I think00:08
maltheif you do proper 2-phase rendering, it can be done correctly with a content provider.00:08
tlotzeOK, I'll take a look at it tomorrow morning on the train. Too late for me today.00:08
maltheappreciate it00:09
ignasJ1m: are you there?00:12
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ignasI am trying to unregister a local utility that is a Catalog00:33
ignaswhich leads to a could not find IIntId utility error00:34
ignasI have traced it to the attempt to reindex the siteManager object due to an IObjectRemoved event00:34
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ignaswhile reindexing - getAllUtilitiesRegisteredFor(ICatalog) call returns the Catalog that I am trying to remove00:35
ignaseven though i have unregistered it and am just trying to 'del' it00:35
ignasnaturally a call to getUtility(IIntIds, context=cat) fails, because the catalog in question has no __parent__ anymore00:36
ignasbecause well - it's in the middle of being removed from the site manager00:36
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ignasso - what might I be doing wrong? and what would be the right way to solve the problem?00:36
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J1mignas, ayt?01:11
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ignasJ1m: yes01:15
J1mignas, you are falling victim to over-general subscribers.01:15
ignasi see01:16
ignasit seems that reindexDocSubscriber is registered for everything01:16
ignasexcept for the INoAutoReindex objects01:16
ignasi have worked around it by setting __parent__ and __name__ of the Catalog to None01:16
ignasto muffle all the events01:16
ignasbut I am not 100% sure it is safe to do that01:16
ignasbecause I don't know what other subscribers are fired when you remove something from the siteManager01:17
J1mIt doesn't really matter.01:17
J1mYou should remove *this* subscriber and add one that is more selective.01:17
J1malternatively, you can blacklist some types/classes with INoAutoReindex, which seems very reasonable to me.01:18
J1mThe general subscribers are kinda convenient for getting started.01:19
ignashmm, i guess classes like site manager should be excluded by default, but adding that to either or the component registry adds an unnecessary dependency01:19
ignasso i'll probably have to add it to my application01:19
ignasthough isn01:19
ignasisn't it better to not register the reindex and index subscribers at all, and allow users of Catalog to register them when they need them01:20
J1mBut after a while, you generaly want to be more specific. The INoAutoReindex seems like a nice interim tool.01:21
J1mI don't understand what you are talking about.01:21
J1mIn zcml. I think you can just mark classes to exclude with INoAutoReindex.01:21
ignasI understand, but that solves this problem only for me, and I was thinking of a way to solve it to others too.01:22
ignasWithout that declaration removal of Catalog is more or less impossible ...01:22
J1mThat's the problem, sometimes trying to solve something generally just creates general problems. :)01:22
ignasmakes sense :)01:23
benjiThat's generally the case. ;)01:23
ignasthanks for the solution01:23
ignasi'll just add it next to the catalog zcml include01:23
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ignasby the way - maybe you know whether iterating using storage.record_iternext(next_oid) yields objects that have not been "garbage collected" too, or only the accessible ones01:25
ignasi am removing an object in one evolution script and still getting an interface not found error in the next evolution script that traverses through all the objects using record_iternext01:26
ignaseven though the interface was stored only on the object that was deleted01:27
Theunifrom the top of my head the interface for record_iternext only says `current` objects. it doesn't talk about garbage collection. i guess that your experience is unfortunately congruent.01:30
ignasTheuni: thanks for teaching me a new word ;)01:31
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ignasi guess i'll have to remove the interface in the next iteration01:34
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astoonHi all. Someone knows why grokproject/paster not working xml-rpc ?14:37
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astoonI'm sorry, I wanted to say, zopeproject.14:48
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astooni.e. every time I try to connect to XML-RPC with zopeproject appear processes - zombies15:24
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tlotzemalthe: ayt?22:49
ignasJ1m: fyi - the catalog removal was my mistake apparently, I have passed wrong arguments (2 arguments switched places) to unregisterUtility call, thus leaving the Catalog still registered before removing it. And didn't check for the value unregisterUtility returns ...22:52
* ignas kind of expected to get an error if there is no such utility in the component registry22:54
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