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replaceafilldoes anybody know if the is working?09:34
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timtereplaceafill: doesn't look like it does09:37
replaceafilltimte, :) ok i thougth it was just me09:37
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ccombHi, is there any recipe that installs an importchecker?10:50
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rockyanyone know the easiest way to add eggs that are included with the buildout (as .egg files) to a buildout's egg listing with buildout.cfg ?16:45
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srichterrocky: I do not parse that :-)17:04
srichterrocky: oh, I think I know17:04
rockyi have a handful of binary eggs located in an extra-eggs dir beneath my buildout17:04
rockyi need to use them in my other parts17:04
srichterI think "find-links" in should work17:04
srichterI have not tried, non-HTTP locations, but it should work17:04
rockywell, doesn't find-links require some sort of index generated?17:04
srichterI think it can operate on a directory17:05
rockyso find-links = ${buildout:directory}/extra-eggs    ?17:05
srichteryeah, try that :-)17:05
rockylol no that didn't work17:06
srichterif not, there is zc.sourcerelease; I am not sure how it works, but it might also have some clues17:06
rockyadded CVSImport to my egg list and then the directory to my find-links17:06
rockycomplains it can't find distribution for CVSImport17:06
srichterohh, I know17:06
srichterfind-links accepts files though17:06
srichteryou would have to list every egg separately, but that should work17:07
rockyno change17:07
J1mfind-links should work with directories.17:07
rockywell... i have szpm.buildout/extra-eggs/CSVImport-0.4_BUILD_r37-py2.4.egg17:08
rockyand find-links has szpm.buildout/extra-eggs17:08
rockyand eggs has "CVSImport"17:09
srichtershould that not be local to the buildout directory?17:10
srichterso just ./extra-eggs?17:10
rockyi use ${buildout:directory}/extra-eggs to be safe17:11
rockyanyways, i tried a full absolute path as well17:12
rockyno change17:12
srichtertry to put the find-links into your instead17:13
rockyinto what ? i don't have one17:13
rockyat the moment i'm just trying to tie together some separate cmoponents17:13
rockythat i have no control over17:13
srichteroh, I see17:14
J1mI wish setuptools/urllib2 have better information about what it was doing.17:16
rockyi just tried a diff egg17:16
rockyand it's working .... which leaves me to believe the other egg i was trying was broken17:16
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ignasJ1m: hi17:35
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J1mignas, hi18:34
ateoh211should I be able to use IBeforeTraverseEvent in zope 2.9 with five 1.4.4 for an object that inherits from SimpleItem?18:36
ignasJ1m: I am not sure whether it's a bug, but it seems that zc.sourcerelease does not work properly if you have buildout installed using easy_install instead of a buildout of buildout18:36
ignasJ1m: I can try looking deeper into it, unless you have any ideas what might be causing problems18:36
J1mno, I have no idea.  It may very well expect there to be a buildout-local bin/buildout.18:37
J1mso does your buildout not have a bin/buildout?18:37
ateoh211I have the subscriber zcml in, I can see the module that contains my handler method compiles when zope starts, but when I traverse the object, it seems that the handler does nothing.   I am trying to test first with writing to a log file, and also by running in forground and printing something.18:38
ignasi think when i use easy_installed buildout to buildout something that has buildout.cfg I don't get a bin/buildout in that directory18:38
ignaswhich I have found strange18:38
J1mYou might want to use the easy_installed buildout just to bootstrap.18:39
J1mFor example, I have a buildout script in my sys path.18:39
J1mI'll typically:18:39
ignasoh, you mean instead of going straight for buildout do buildout bootstrap and then bin/buildout?18:39
J1m- cd to some buildout dir18:39
J1m- buildout bootstrap18:39
J1m- bin/buildout18:39
J1mthe second step installs a local buildout script.18:40
ignasmakes sense, but shouldn't zc.sourcerelease do it that way as well?18:40
ignasi mean - bootstrap buildout and only then do the rest of the stuff18:40
J1mIt actually does the equivalent.18:40
J1mI believe.18:41
J1mYes, since it gets buildout with a buildout egg, it invokes the bootstrap command of the buildout it was build with.18:42
J1mso it follows exactly the same approach.18:42
ignasI see, but why does it fails to find the buildout eggs (unless I buildout zc.sourcerelease instead of easy_install'ing it)18:42
J1mIs your "easy-installed" buildout *really* a buildout installed as a system package?18:42
J1mThere is this really wonky way of installing eggs where eggs are installe din such a way that they share a common source dir.18:43
J1mThe ubuntu packaged eggs install that way.18:43
ignasi am installing it "locally"18:43
J1mThis is insame IMO.18:43
J1mso do you have a buildout directory egg?18:44
ignaspassing the right parameters to easy_install to have eggs in my home dir18:44
J1mHm, then I don't see why buildout should have any trouble finding the buildout egg.18:44
ignas"zc.buildout-1.0.0-py2.4.egg" in my ~/py-lib directory18:44
ignasi see18:45
J1mIt should get that from the buildout distribution's location attribute.18:45
ignasthen i'll try to come up with a straightforward way of reproducing the problem18:45
J1mk, I bet the bootstrap command doesn;t work either.18:45
J1mI'd look at that first.18:45
ignasbootstrap works18:47
ignasi'll just write an email when i'll have precise steps of reproducing the problem18:48
ignaslisppaste6: url19:00
lisppaste6To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.19:00
lisppaste6ignas pasted "The secific error I am getting" at
ignasJ1m: ^19:02
J1mHm, it is interesting that that line number and that source line don't match on the trunk.19:04
J1mBut with the environment it is using, it can't find eithe rthe buildout or the setuptools egg.19:05
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ignasI see19:06
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CSWookieHey all, is there a place I should look to try and figure out where the code that implements a zcml directive is?22:20
benjiCSWookie: gives you the ZCML file that registered the directive and the Python object that is the handler.22:22
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smmorning all22:38
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edgordoni have a catalog index of what interfaces each object implements. is it ok to store a reference to this interface directly, or do i need to convert it to some sort of string representation of the interface?23:34
smI'd like to take zope wikis down for just a sec..23:41
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