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ChrisWhey all - where do the zodb tools such as fsrefs, fstest, etc exist nowadays?02:15
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pyqwerHi, does someone know if a class protected by some permission is still protected when a view access it?12:52
pyqwerI have here a view that modifies an attribute of a content object without having permissions, so I'd assume Zope should raise an error - but it does not...12:53
srichteryes, a view receives the context with security proxy around it12:57
pyqwersrichter: Strange, so it seems, there's either no proxy or something's wrong with my permissions...12:58
srichterpyqwer: you might want to have a look at z3c.securitytool; it should be pretty helpful12:59
pyqwersrichter: Ah, interesting - never heard of that but I'll have a look.12:59
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srichterpyqwer: Daniel does not want to publicize it yet too much, because he is not quiet done with it yet12:59
pyqwerAnother short question: Do you know how to get all views for a content object and filter out all views that are not accessible (no permission)?13:00
pyqwerI'd like to display some menu links based on that info.13:01
pyqwerProbably it's some queryUtility() thing - but of what interface?13:01
srichterpyqwer: a content object has many more views than you realize13:01
srichterI would strongly suggest registering menu items explicitely13:02
pyqwerOk, that's the other option I currently do now.13:02
srichterbut you can use getAdapters((IContent, IMyLayer), zope.interface.Interface))13:02
srichterresult will be a list of two-tuples: ('name', adapter)13:03
malthepyqwer: you could also just do the lookup without calling the factories.13:03
srichterpyqwer: use apidoc to see how many views are registered for any type of content interface13:03
malthei.e. globalsitemanager.adapters.lookup(13:03
pyqwermalthe: Ah, interesting.13:04
srichter(you spend more time filtering out the ones you do not want than anything else)13:04
pyqwersrichter: Ok, didn't think of apidoc, but that's a good option.13:04
pyqwerBut you made a point with the filtering issue, so perhaps, I'll do the menu by hand as it may not really save time.13:05
pyqwersrichter: Btw., I read that you're somehow frustrated about your role in the Zope3 release cycle - I just wanted to personally say thank you for your work and effort. :-)13:06
pyqwerI appreciate that a lot.13:06
srichterpyqwer: well, I am not even supposed to be involved in the release cycle anymore ;-) I am just doing it, so it gets done.13:07
srichterpyqwer: how do you use Zope 3 these days? tar ball or eggs (KGS or just PPIX or pinned versions)13:07
pyqwersrichter: Ummm, well, I have to admit - tarball as I'm facing still some difficulties and don't want to take the next burden with Eggs...13:08
pyqwerAlthough it may be easier in the end...13:09
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afd_is there some tool that shows the contents of the catalog like the z2 catalog? I'm interested in seeing what gets indexed for each object...13:39
goschtl_Hi i got a error see here --> I think this is dead simple but i donĀ“t see it.13:43
srichterpyqwer: fair answer; you prove my point that more people than the most core developers know still use the tar ball and depend on it13:46
pyqwersrichter: Yes, and I expect to stay it that way until there's a webpage that describes how to install Zope the "Egg-Way".13:48
srichterpyqwer: you shuld send those comments to the zope-dev list as user feedback13:49
pyqwerI'm no core developer but I can't really make out the "best" way to install zope (buildout (complicated), zopeproject, well etc.) Therefore I just download it from the page...13:50
pyqwersrichter: Yes, I can post that comment to the mailing list.13:50
pyqwerBtw - things are strange here: I deleted all my <class class=...> statements and my application continues to work - how can that happen?13:51
pyqwergoschtl_: Did you really look at the right configuration? (I think auth/configure.zcml)?13:53
pyqwergoschtl_: I can't see any error in that, too.13:55
goschtl_pyqwer: yes i pasted the configure in my auth dir.13:55
afd_pyqwer: <class> statements are about security declarations and extra interface implementations... some parts of your app might work without these, but not all (probably)13:56
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pyqwerHmmm, I need to simulate a request for authentication via z3c.form, looking like this: pau.authenticate(TestRequest(form.widget.login='admin', form.widget.password='falsch'))15:24
pyqwerBut this does not work as Python thinks, I have a class "form" with 2 subclasses (form.widget.login) - how would I handle that?15:24
pyqwerAh, got it myself, I simply need to give **{'form.widgets.login' : 'admin'} as a parameter...15:28
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pyqwerafd_: Thanks for the hint - I found out that my content is not proxied at all - when I do a "canAccess(context, name)", it works.15:48
pyqwerIs there something I need to do to let Zope3 proxy my objects?15:48
afd_pyqwer: that usually happens automatically15:48
afd_you're probably dealing with a proxy and not know it15:49
afd_usually when you try dir(obj) in pdb for a proxied object you get an empty list15:49
pyqwerNo, I don't. Because (according to philikons book) a type(myobj) should return something like "", but in my Case it returns "MyClass".15:49
afd_I understand15:50
pyqwerMaybe I did something wrong in the authentication?15:50
afd_what do you mean?15:50
srichteryeah, check whether you are authenticated15:50
srichterrequest.principal will tell you that15:50
pyqwerWell, I'm not authenticated. (at least, request.principal provides IUnauthenticated...).15:51
pyqwerWhen I'm authenticated, objects are still not proxied, but it works, as canAccess() tells me.15:52
pyqwerSo, maybe I have to somehow configure a default checker?15:52
CSWookiepyqwer: What permission do they require?  Are they trusted adapters?15:58
pyqwerCSWookie: Hmmm, don't understand, what is "they"?15:58
CSWookiepyqwer: The objects that are not being proxied.15:59
pyqwerMy objects? They are quite simple objects, in my special case it's a site object.15:59
CSWookiepyqwer: That you want to be proxied.15:59
pyqwerRight, it's a site object, which I retrieve with getSite().15:59
pyqwerMy site has some attributes which should be protected.16:00
pyqwerIt is defined like this: class FYMSite(SiteManagerContainer, BTreeContainer)16:01
pyqwerAh, perhaps when using getSite() my object is not proxied?16:01
pyqwerAnd the only object that is proxied is my "context" object?16:02
CSWookiepyqwer: I'm not sure.  I know just enough about the security machinery to be dangerous at this point.16:03
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pyqwerBut, no, that's not the reason: I tried a simple "<span tal:replace="python:type(view.context)" /> in my index.html-view of my site and it shows me that my site is not proxied here, too.16:07
pyqwerThe whole <class class=...> definitions are completely ignored, I can delete them and the behaviour of my app does not change at all.16:08
pyqwerI'll try to install zope-3.4.0c1, maybe that helps...16:09
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pyqwerHmmm, it did not help. Can someone give me a hint where to start digging into the Zope3 souce code?16:20
srichterpyqwer: I would look into zope.traversal first, since most of the security proxy wrapping happens there16:25
pyqwersrichter: Ok, thanks, I'll dig into that at first.16:25
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SubdinoI've triggered a bug in zope 2.8.8 transaction._transaction19:11
Subdinofirst of all, yes my code is not considered as "normal" zope usage, but transaction does not behave in a reasonable way19:12
Subdinothe bug is triggered when trying to register an instance inheriting from TM class after an exception was raised in _commitResources19:13
SubdinoTM._register calls transaction's register, which appends the TM instance before calling join19:14
Subdinojoin raises, but the raise is caught in TM._register19:14
Subdinonext call to TM._register does not cause any more call to join, so it does not raise, so "self._registered = 1" is executed19:15
Subdinoand at this point, there is a TM instance which thinks it's registered (so it won't be registered untill self._registered is set to 0)19:15
Subdinobut no transaction knows about this TM instance19:15
SubdinoI believe that 2 things must be done:19:16
Subdinofirst, either transaction's register must check transaction status before doing anything, or it must call join before doing anything19:17
Subdinosecond, either it must be advised to check _registered value after a call to TM._register, or it must not catch exceptions19:18
Subdino(or at the very least, it must not catch TransactionFailedError)19:18
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ignasJ1m: by the way - the buildout-source-release apparently fails, because it thinks that the installation of setuptools on ubuntu is a "development version" of setuptools, so it does not download the egg into the eggs-dir ...19:46
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ignasJ1m: manually easy_installing setuptools>=0.6c7 works around the problem19:46
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J1mignas, interesting. :(20:02
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CSWookiesrichter: Are you there?22:44
CSWookiesrichter: I've got a change I'm planning on releasing to, and J1m said you had some reccommended procedures for updating a core package vs. a regular one.22:45
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ignasJ1m: it seems that zc.sourcerelease does not work with eggs installed in the site-packages of a virtualenv python installation :/23:50
ignasJ1m: I have tried installing zc.sourcerelease zopeproject and zc.buildout into my sandbox created using virtualenv.py23:52
ignasand then using buildout-source-release on my project, and the final tarball lacked zc.recipe.egg :/23:52
ignasI assume it's because the recipe was available in the site-packages of the virtual python created by virtualenv.py23:53
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