IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2008-02-06

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ekimus_I hope it's ok to ask starters questions here: the zmi displays the first browser:page directive by default right? - and browser:defaultView is e.g when the first directive has permission="zope.ManageContent" and I want another view for permission="zope.View" - is that correct? (talking about configure.zcml in the python package)01:33
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pyqwerHmmm, I'm still trying to solve my problem with my unproxied Zope3 objects. Bad things happen here: I reduced my application to a bare minimum, still no luck. Then, suddenly, out of nothing, objects are proxied, then I click on my links in my app and they are unproxied again.11:22
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pyqwerTried to recreate the Zope3 instance, everything, I just don't know what to do to get the proxied objects back.11:23
pyqwerMaybe this is some weird Zope/Python bug? I'm currently using Python 2.4.4, maybe I should switch to 2.4.3 or 2.5?11:24
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baijumJ1m, in the README.txt of zc.buildout links to some recipes are pointing to , I an going to change it to PyPI pages, is it OK ?15:41
lisppaste6baijum pasted "Buildout recipe URLs" at
baijumHere is the diff ^^^15:42
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baijumJ1m, if it's ok, please commit it15:48
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* J1m didn't actually look at the diffs :)15:51
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J1mwait, me commit it?16:06
J1mwhy me?16:06
srichterhe he16:06
J1msrichter, is there a document that has the recommended procedute for testing "core" components?16:07
srichterJ1m: I outlined it in an E-mail once, but I do not have a Wiki16:07
srichterLet me find the mail and put it out there16:08
srichterit boils down to checking a new release against the KGS16:08
J1many chance you can add a wiki page and link to it from philipp's page?16:08
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J1mcool, I suspected you has something failrly straightforward worked out.16:08
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srichterright, the initial setup takes 5 mins, but after that it is pretty easy16:09
J1mYesterday, I tested a change by running the trunk tests, but lots of trunk tests fail.16:09
srichterJ1m: btw, which "philipp's page"do you refer to?16:09
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J1mthe one, who's url I don't know, that says how to release eggs.16:10
srichterok, I thought that was just a txt file in the repo16:10
srichterI can do that though16:10
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J1mCSWookie, will paste it soon.16:10
CSWookie*checkout*/Sandbox/philikon/foundation/maintaining-software.txt, J1m16:10
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srichtermmh, those files should really be on the Wiki16:11
srichterI'll do it16:12
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pyqwerDoes someone know if/why queryMultiAdapter() removes a Security Proxy?16:30
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pyqwersrichter: I'm still trying to fix that security proxy here and it seems, I'm unable to do that on my own. Do you have some time to spare? I'm also willing to pay for that (although my budget is low)...17:11
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srichterI will make a short announcement to the ML as well22:42
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J1mHm, I guess this is hard.22:45
J1msrichter, so some tests will fail, right?22:45
srichterJ1m: yes :-(22:46
srichterJ1m: mainly because some teardown does not seem to work right22:46
J1mI wonder how this is better than running the tests in the trunk.22:46
srichterthe set is larger22:46
srichterand it is up-to-date22:46
J1mso let me see if I understand.22:47
J1mIt runs the test runner for each package with a given kgs.22:47
J1mIf someone wants to make a change, it's not clear how they test the change without making a release.22:47
J1mWe want them to run this test before making a release.22:47
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srichtereasy enough22:48
srichterjust specify the package as a develop egg22:48
srichterI can document that as well22:48
srichterthe process can definitely be improved22:49
srichterwe could have a command called something like "test-develop-egg /path/to/package"22:49
srichterso far my primary objective has not been to make it as easy as possible, but have something working so that I can do releases in the first place22:50
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